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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 81

2022-06-14 04:02:58Publish Time: 1,070 views
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Chapter 81: Instant Kill

After the end of the second round, everyone surprisingly found out that there were nearly thirty female swordsmaidens entering the third round. In the past, they were like ornaments in the people's eyes. No one had expected that they could seize nearly 30% of the quota.

"That's just bullshit!"

"Impossible! Impossible! Someone come tell me that this isn't real!"

"When did the female swordsmaidens of the White Lotus Sword Domain have such brilliant sword skills?"

If the result of the first round could be regarded as a coincidence, now, two rounds had finished and about 30% of the victors were female swordsmaidens. No one believed that it was a realistic result.

According to the past record, most of these female swordsmaidens shouldn't have even passed through the first round of the entrance test. After two rounds, there should only be a few female swordsmaidens still remaining on the stage. If it wasn't because the White Lotus Sword Palace often intentionally recruited a few girls to balance the sex ratio of the new disciples, it wouldn't be surprising to discover that none of the female swordsmaidens had passed through to the second round.

In the mortal rank, males had greater advantages in physical quality over females. Only until the hero rank would this situation start to change.

"Humph. Don't look down upon us!"

"We're not weak! Besides, our lucky goddess is blessing us!"

Several vivacious female swordsmaidens made faces at the male swordsmen camps. However, their youthful faces also looked a little confused. It seemed that this test was really different from the past. They were all hard working female swordsmaidens. They could easily feel the difference when they brandished their swords. Their physical qualities had not been strengthened. However, when they stood on the exam area, they would naturally enter an excitable state. In this state, their steps would become nimbler and the speed of brandishing their swords would also become faster. The most important thing was their fantastic pre-judgement ability. They felt that they could see through their opponent's moves before their opponents even started moving.

For the first time, battles became so easy for them. They even began to enjoy the process. They felt as if their swords suddenly had souls. These were the only words they could find to describe their changes. Due to that, their mediocre sword skills had a sudden but massive change.

"We've really become strong."

"En. I also feel like that. You’re not in an illusion."

"I felt that I suddenly understood many things."

"It must be the effect of Mei's lucky charm. Thank god."

The girls were immersed in the joy of becoming strong and peeped at Mei from time to time. The more frequently they looked at the mysterious black-haired girl, the more active and vibrant the seeds in their hearts would be. They felt that something was growing in their hearts, waiting for the right time to break through the soil.

"Mei..." Xiao Cao offered Yun Xi the most basic sword skill experience and had the strongest bond with Yun Xi. Her behavior was most obvious. She had brandished her sword over a million times. Even if she faced death, she had the confidence that her hands wouldn't shake. But now, she crossed her two hands together with a shy look.

"En? Only my Quicksilver Motion hasn't reached perfection?" Yun Xi didn't realize that the girls were looking at him enthusiastically and shyly. He was focusing on continuing to improve his sword skill. His Flying Swallow Sword had reached its perfect version. If his Quicksilver Motion also reached perfection, he would be able to practice Hua Huo's most terrifying sword skill: Sky Flying Sword (10% version).

Yun Xi had been looking forward to practicing this god-like sword skill from a long time ago. Even though he could only learn its 10% version, that was still enough for him to be invincible amongst mortal rank people.

Soon afterwards, the sword master's voice came from the Sword Palace's platform.

"The third round begins!"

"Number eleven VS Number thirty-six!"

"Number forty-seven VS Number thirty-five!"

The girls came back to earth from the joy of passing through the second round. Now, they stepped onto the stage again. However, their eyes looked more confident. Their steps had become lighter. Every girl secretly took a glance at Yun Xi before they stepped on to the stage, then their eyes brightened up with confidence.

“I can win!”

“I must win!”

“Because we are blessed!”

After that, they crushed all their opponents. At first, the people still felt surprised, as their bodies shivered. Finally, they became callous, with their bodies stiff like wood and their mouths opened wide. They witnessed the girls defeating one male swordsman after another with their own eyes.

Amongst the first rank swordsmen, no one was a match for them. Even these 2nd ranked male geniuses were also defeated. Their failures were so fast and unexpected, which even made them start to wonder about the meaning of their lives. Childe Yun He was the only one who still remained as the last honor of noble families' camp. His Yun He Sword Skill was so exceptional that he blocked his opponent's every attack and successfully passed through the third round.

At the end of the third round, Yun Xi met another old acquaintance. Childe San Quan, the strongest in personal strength amongst the three Childes. He had three careers, he was a swordsman, taoist priest, and alchemist at the same time, and had the spirit weapon "Five Animals Fan Sword".

"I know you're the initiator. You caused this whole change. What did you do?" Childe San Quan waved his fan sword, staring at Yun Xi. Especially at Yun Xi's chest and his flawless black hair. After that, he looked down at Yun Xi's feet and his exotic black dress.

"Well. Very well! I haven't seen such a high-quality maid in a long time. Do you want to come and swear your loyalty to me?"

Who do you think you are?! Yun Xi looked at him with disdain. Amongst the three Childes, you're the most cunning and frivolous person. In the trial, you always looked down upon other people. If Hua Huo didn't remind him, Yun Xi would think that Childe San Quan was the hidden boss amongst the three Childes. But in battle, he was actually impressive to the eye but of no use.

No matter if it was the mysterious archer in red or Childe Yun He, they were actually stronger than Childe San Quan. Only Childe Si Nian wasn't likely to defeat him very easily because Childe Si Nian was too honest and didn’t know how to deal with tricks. The best way to defeat Childe San Quan was to beat him down before he used any underhanded tricks.

"Shuffle!" Yun Xu used Quicksilver Motion to increase his speed. His running was graceful like a sheep on the prairie, making him instantly cross dozens of metres.

"Well, it may not a bad idea. Let me play with you for a while. You will soon understand the true power of our noble families..." Childe San Quan waved his fan sword and started to deploy some stuff on the exam area.

At the next second, he saw a flying swallow.