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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 77

2022-06-14 04:02:26Publish Time: 1,073 views
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Chapter 77: Yun Xi's Seeds

On the Sword Palace's platform, Red Lotus showed an uncommonly seen smile, "I've seen many good girls in this test. Yes. Their sword skills are very nimble."

Hua Huo nodded but she also looked a little confused. The girls' steps were nimble, their pre-judgement was accurate, and their sense of timing was exquisite. However, that made them feel familiar to her. These girls' sword skills did not look like those from the White Lotus Sword Domain, but a bit like her style. That was natural. Looking at the two girls who were fighting each other on the stage, Yun Xi couldn't help but slightly twist the corner of his mouth, because the girls were using his seeds.

"Master, are you satisfied? Finally, your ability has been awakened!" Mei'er's soft voice appeared behind Yun Xi's ears.

Yes. Just now, when Yun Xi presented his black hair to these girls who were eager for luck, some switch suddenly turned on in his brain. It wasn't the system's power, but his own power. It had naturally awakened. The Starchild's Love System finally showed a small part of its secret to him.

"Detect a target. Locking... excellent adaptability.”

“Detect a target. Locking... normal adaptability.”

“Detect a target. Locking... wonderful adaptability.”

“Start a link to them!"

Yun Xi could clearly see one thread after another suddenly appearing amongst the girls who had obtained his black hair and himself. The threads were invisible and impalpable, but they did exist, joining together.

He didn't know why the threads suddenly appeared. They looked very like the thread between Hua Huo and him, but the threads were much smaller and thinner. They looked as if they would break at any time.

"Capturing the first target.”

“Capturing the second target.”


“Capturing the thirty-seventh target.”

“Identifying the medium. Screening the targets. Finding the first eligible person."

The first chosen person was the girl named "Xiao Cao", the freckled girl who obtained Yun Xi's first strand of hair and had a very ordinary origin. Her "adaptability", was "excellent". She was a very outstanding girl amongst all the girls.

After a few seconds, similar prompts appeared in a rapid sequence.

"Finding the second eligible person.”

“Finding the third eligible person."

In order to reach this small town, the girls had taken the trouble of traveling a long distance. They were all excellent girls, otherwise, they wouldn't have the confidence to take part in the test. In that case, all these girls naturally passed through the examination.

After that, something fantastic happened. Even though this wasn't the first time Yun Xi had seen this scene, he still felt that it was incredible.

"Releasing the seeds." Yes. The Star System started to help Yun Xi make seeds, then sent them to the girls via the threads. It was like what happened when Yun Xi obtained Hua Huo's seed and the twin witches' seed. These girls obtained Yun Xi's seeds.

Yun Xi's battle experience in the bloody trials, his understanding about the green hippos, the five Tiger Generals, the Childes, the weakened abilities from Hua Huo and the twin witches... They were all poured into the girls' bodies together with Yun Xi's seeds.

They were Yun Xi's greatest treasures. In this fantastic way, they turned into seeds and entered the girls' bodies. After that, a wonderful thing began to happen. According to the difference in their physiques and practice methods, the girls' bodies immediately found the most suitable part from Yun Xi's seeds and started to absorb them.

Because they were just at the first rank, most of them chose the Quicksilver Motion (weakened version), Yun Xi's understanding about sword skills (weakened version), and Yun Xi's battle experience.

After that, things started to develop in a weird direction. After obtaining Yun Xi's seeds, the girls performed much better than normal. They kicked the Childes' asses, making them wail like ghosts and howl like wolves. The excellent girls like Xiao Cao, were even able to beat down the 2nd ranked Childes.

The first round of the entrance test had almost finished, and the girls around Yun Xi had almost all passed through the first round.

Only Yun Xi hadn't start his fight yet.

"So... the seeds... Can I make them by myself?" Feeling the links amongst the girls and himself, Yun Xi had a queer expression on his face.

"Of course. After all, Seed of Soul was an ability invented by you! In the past, you often chose to learn unknown abilities by using this method. Master, you're still too weak now, so the stars will help you find high-level seeds in order to help you become stronger. Master, after you become strong, you can secretly choose your target by yourself.”

“Sharing seeds is also an ability you invented. The more people you're linked to, the more you will benefit. The girls who have your seeds can offer their understanding and experience to you, helping you improve your seed. As long as the number of seeds isn't beyond your control limit, you can link with as many people as you want."

Mei'er's explanation finally let Yun Xi understand how unusual his past life was. He could even create such powerful soul magic in the past. Starchild. It looked like it was a career that was good at soul magic.

"Oh right, are there any disadvantages to the girls?" If possible, Yun Xi didn't want to involve other people in his private matters. What had happened just now was just an accident.

"The disadvantage is that if you are dead, the seeds will lose their efficacy. There are no other problems. On the contrary, if you can keep growing, their seeds will also be updated with new data from you. You will offer them more power and experience. This is your special ability, the perfect soul magic. It's amazing!”

“So, don't hesitate, master. As long as there are suitable candidates, just link your seeds to them! When your seeds are all over the universe, that will be a magnificent scene!"

After hearing that the seeds wouldn't have any adverse effects on the girls, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief. At any rate, he hadn't made any unforgivable crimes.

"Hey!" On the stage, the last girl swordsman defeated her powerful opponent. She grasped the lucky charm both hands and showed a bright smile to Yun Xi.

En... The seeds didn't have any disadvantages...