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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 73

2022-06-14 04:01:54Publish Time: 1,136 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 73: Cute Girls

"Well... Alright..." Yun Xi had never heard about this tale. However, the girls' eager eyes were too much for him to take - Even though he wasn't a real black-haired girl. Before he wore the maid's black uniform, he had common black, short hair. He didn't know what the Killing Princess's maid's uniform had done to him, making his hair suddenly grow down till his waist.

Waist-length hair, flat chest, slender feet and snow-white skin. Was this what the Killing Princess looked like when she was alive? In Yun Xi's imagination, the exiled princess, the girl called "Killing Princess"... was girl who had beautiful black, long hair, was brandishing her giant demon sword fighting on one after another battlefield in that appearance in the past.

"Take this." Although Yun Xi felt weird, he still plucked out a strand of hair and handed it over to the girl in front of him. He felt a slight pain. This meant that it wasn't a disguise, but real black, long hair. Did he really become a black-haired girl in other people's eyes?

Even though he had seen his current appearance in Hua Huo's mirror, he had still thought that the doll-like, black-haired girl couldn't be real.

"Thank you! I will value it for a lifetime!" The freckled girl held Yun Xi's hair firmly. She looked pretty excited. It was easy to see that she wasn't born in a rich family. Her freckles made her feel inferior when faced with the noble girls.

Yun Xi's black hair brought out her confidence, making her hidden youthful dynamism burst out. Everyone could easily detect her change after she obtained Yun Xi's hair. Without an inferiority complex and nervousness, she looked like a sunflower blossoming towards the sun, so bright and cheerful.

The tale was true!

The strongest female swordsman.

The most beautiful black-haired girl.

The girl who had both characteristics had incredible magic in her black hair. She could bring good luck!

"Me! I'm the second!"

"No! It's me! I was here first!"

"Mei, I have prepared to make the lucky charm!"

After seeing what change had manifested in the freckled girl, all the girls circled around Yun Xi with excitement.

"There's no need to rush. I will give everyone my hair!" Yun Xi felt both funny and annoyed when he looked at the girls who wanted to obtain one of his hairs.

It was just a fairy tale. Why are you so serious?

Fortunately, there were only dozens of girls here. If everyone thought that his black hair contained magic and asked him for his hair, he was afraid that he would be bald!

He didn't want to be bald at all!

"Yes. Everyone, please form a line and remember your number," Soon afterwards, some noble girls came out to keep the order. After all, they were good at dealing with these kind of situations. Their families had trained them from their childhood.

If a girl didn't show enough talent, she couldn't take part in the Sword Palace's entrance test. The noble girls who lived comfortable and luxurious lives only wanted to marry rich husbands and wouldn't waste their time practicing sword skills.

In order to take part in the test; although they were noble families' children, these noble girls also had put in great effort that was more than the civilian girls imagined.

"I'm the second!" The second girl who obtained Yun Xi's hair was a noble girl. She bit her fingers, cheering like a child who had obtained the most precious treasure in the world.

"I'm the third," The next girl was a noble girl too. She looked more restrained than the second girl, but she still couldn't hide her smile.

Were girls the kind of creatures that liked lucky charms so much? Yun Xi plucked his hair as he looked at the girls. Once again, he realized how different females and males were.

That was just one strand of his hair. Why did they look so excited?

Soon afterwards, Yun Xi realized that not only the girls wanted his hair.

"What? They want my hair too?" Looking at the servants coming from the noble family camp, Yun Xi felt surprised.

"Yes. Childe Yun He wants your hair. He can pay any amount of money to you." Said one of the servants.

"Wait, you can't keep everything for yourself! Childe San Quan is also interested in your hair. Please sell a hundred strands of your hair to me!"

"Hey, hey! I'm first! Dear Miss, just state a price! Childe Si Nian will never make a counter offer!"

Yun Xi was at a loss at first. After a while, he took a deep breath with his fingers intertwined.

"Get out of here! No one wants your filthy money!"

"How dare you ask for Mei's hair by using such a vulgar method! Is your master really educated?"

"Childe Yun He is an idiot!"

The girls were angry. They scolded the servants till they escaped away.

"Puff..." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief. He was going to get angry, but the girls had helped him refuse the servants. He looked at the female swordsmaiden with gratitude.

"Don't worry, Mei. You have our backing!"

"Humph. Three Childes? But our Mei is not inferior to them!"

"I heard a rumor that Childe San Quan was an illegitimate child!"

"Speaking of Childe Yun He, I heard that he wasn't weaned till twelve years old. He had a team of wet nurses!"

"Childe Si Nian needs to eat ten pounds of beef every day. Tut-tut, it's no wonder that he is stupid like a cow!"

The girls talked about the three Childes' shameful past one after another. They didn't even forget to laugh at the dark history in their childhoods.

"Thank you." Yun Xi looked at the girls around him.

According to the black strands of hair he had presented to them, there were a total of thirty-seven girls. Because the entrance test was held by the twin witches, the test was extremely difficult. The people who hadn't reached any rank had almost all given up.

Compared to the male camp, which had hundreds of people, the thirty-seven girls were the most outstanding girls in the whole White Lotus Sword Domain. Most of them came from far away areas. They had practiced their sword skills since their childhood, so they can finally have a chance to take part in the test. Most of the girls were still at the first rank, but they had courage and confidence. Whichever they were, noble girls or civilian girls, they had the same goal. They were cute, hard working, innocent, and courageous. They were stronger than Yun Xi imagined.

Girls were always so attractive and incredible.