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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 69

2022-06-14 04:01:22Publish Time: 1,159 views
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Chapter 69: Helpless Choice

"Little Xi, how is it? Do you think that it's suitable?" Hua Huo circled around Yun Xi, clicking her tongue in wonder.

Yun Xi opened his mouth. He wanted to say no. Of course, this was not the answer. The Killing Princess's black maid's uniform looked perfect on his body!

Even the smallest part of the uniform was suitable for his body, as if it was tailor-made for him.

"Ah..." Yun Xi wanted to say something, but suddenly found that his voice had changed.

Where did his male voice go?

What the hell was this euphonious voice now?

Did the Killing Princess's maid's black uniform even disguise his voice?

"Don't worry. It's normal to be a little uncomfortable at first. After all, it's the greatsword maid's legacy," Hua Huo patted Yun Xi’s shoulder. She looked quite pleased with Yun Xi's current appearance.

"Ah... Cough... What happened to my voice?" Yun Xi heard his own voice, feeling that his life had taken a wrong direction.

"No problem, it's all because of the greatsword maid's legacy," Hua Huo gazed at Yun Xi's chest, then said, "The greatsword maid is a restricted high-level career in the Western God's Domain. Whichever it is, voice or appearance, its owner must be at the first level. The people who are unqualified can never be a greatsword maid. Little Xi, you are very suitable for this career. Just keep practicing!"

I was a man! Why did I have to be a greatsword maid?! Yun Xi looked at his mischievous childhood sweetheart, crying in his heart.

"Besides, in this case, you can always stay together with me. Don't you want to stay with me?" Hua Huo acted cute. Her beautiful eyes gazed at Yun Xi with expectation. I don't want to separate from you. I don't want to see any bitches taking you away, just like they did in the dream. Even though I know I am acting recklessly, I still want to keep you by my side.

Originally, she had prepared to pay a lot for this, because she was going to distort the greatsword maid's legacy. Even if she had the Sky Flying Bloodline, she still had to pay a heavy price.

After all, that was a crime against morality. It was all about love. She liked Yun Xi. She wanted to stay with Yun Xi forever. She couldn't stand the possibility that they would live far apart from each other. She was jealous of him and worried about him, so she committed this crime.

"Hua Huo..." Yun Xi lapsed into silence. Even if she had made ten thousand mistakes, the glory shining in her eyes made it hard to refuse her. Hua Huo's dedicated love was too bright, making him feel ashamed for his plan of escaping this domain.

Did he really have to stay with Hua Huo? But the key issue was that there was a terrible Apostle searching for him throughout the Sky Sword God's Domain!

"Can this black maid's uniform really hide my identity?" For Yun Xi, this was a vital question that had a bearing on his own life.

"This is absolutely no problem. Even though in the eyes of 7th ranked warriors, your current appearance is absolutely a cute girl!" said Hua Huo.

"The greatsword maid's legacy is more incredible than your imagination! Since you've passed the test of the Killing Princess's legacy... " Speaking of which, Hua Huo showed a puzzled expression, then kept saying, "In that case, no one could discover your true identity through your appearance and behavior."

Hua Huo looked a little shy. "In fact, even I myself can't identify your real identity now. Your disguise is absolutely perfect. As long as you don't take off the Killing Princess's dress, no one can discover your true gender and identity!"

So, this dress could help him escape from the Apostle's searching? After hearing Hua Huo's promise, Yun Xi's eyes brightened up. This may be a solution. Rather than escape to some remote and unknown sword domain, maybe it was a better choice to hide his identity by wearing the greatsword maid's uniform.

If he chose this way, as long as he didn't reveal his identity, his appearance should perfectly cheat anyone's eyes. If he chose to escape, there was actually a great chance of being caught by the nameless Apostle. It should be regarded as his last choice.

Now, there was another choice in front of him - even if the choice was so shameful. His childhood sweetheart even had the top-level legacy of Western God's Domain, what exactly was her true identity?

"Oh, right. Since you're going to hide your identity, why don't you change your name too? Yun Xi, Yun Xi, Little Xi..." Hua Huo began to think of a decent, feminine name for Yun Xi.

"Mei. How about this name? You can still call me 'Little Xi' as my nickname." Yun Xi sighed, finally accepting his destiny of wearing the Killing Princess's dress. His dark history was enacted all over again. It was still the same girl who forced him to wear women's dresses.

Sometimes, history was surprisingly similar.

"Mei... It sounds good! Little Xi, from now on, you're my greatsword maid: Mei! The name makes me think of a snow-white blossom!" Hua Huo excitedly looked at Yun Xi, who looked so cute while wearing the black maid's uniform.

Hua Huo, so you have such poor tastes... Yun Xi found that Hua Huo was excitedly looking at him, but that only made him feel that his future was a dark one. He had no interest in wearing women's dresses. It was better to say that he resolutely objected to wearing them. He didn't even want to remember his dark history of being forced to wear the wedding dress.

However, this was the only option he could choose. About his plan of escaping from this domain... Hua Huo was gazing at him! How would it be possible that he could successfully escape her eyes? As a result, he finally had to be disguised as a maid!

"Well, Little Xi. It's time to take the Sword Palace entrance test. Believe me, you will be a bombshell! Don't worry about those stupid aristocratic children... How could they be in the same class as you! You're the greatsword maid chosen by the Killing Princess's legacy! Just go ahead and beat all of them down!" Hua Huo puffed out her small chest and proudly looked at her childhood sweetheart.

No, I don't want to be a blockbuster at all! To be seen by all the townspeople, wearing the maid's uniform and taking part in the Sword Palace entrance test... What a terrible torture it was!

For the first time in his life, Yun Xi doubted whether he was cursed by his fate. The stars, please tell me that this is all just a dream! After I wake up, everything will return to normal! Why was his childhood sweetheart so mischievous?! What exactly happened to her and encouraged her to make such a desperate decision?!