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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 62

2022-06-14 03:57:29Publish Time: 1,169 views
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Chapter 62: The Primal Fire

Inside the stainless white radiance, White Lotus guided Yun Xi's hands to put the Star and Moon Ring on her hand, declaring to the world their brave oath.

"Today, I hold his hands and tell all the people in the world.

"From this day forward, I'm going to be a couple with him.

"For rich or for poor.

"For better or for worse.

"Like the stars shining in the infinite night sky.

"Our hearts linked together, never to be separated.

"We wish for love, we want to stay together. If our tenderness can suffuse the world, that would be fantastic.

"No, not only so.

"For you, I'm willing to become the eternal flame to bring light to the world!"

That was the girl's decision. For the sake of her lover, she volunteered for that.

The world was filled with darkness and despair. Countless dead souls were wandering in the nightmare. They couldn't rest. They couldn't sleep.

Therefore, she would become the light that would light up the world, to be the initial fire!

"Boom" Between earth and sky, a huge White Lotus bloomed. Then a layer of crimson fire surrounded White Lotus.

White Lotus and Red Lotus combined together in such a weird way. At the last sanctuary of the world, they lit the column of fire, shining throughout the sky and earth.

The red sky and black earth ushered in light again. One after another, bonfires appeared in all the corners of the dark world. The world was lighting up.

Even the fire couldn't change the true nature of the dark world, it just brought a slender hope.

Yun Xi could barely see the puzzled souls going towards those bonfires from the void. Then they transformed into human figures, gazing at their own two hands in confusion.

Though they didn't have memories of their pasts, but also represented the hope of the world.

They were ashes birthed from fire, wandering souls corrupted by the dark world. The tower of fire lit up by White Lotus and Red Lotus supported them so that they could be born in the bonfire.

The destiny of the world had changed.

The world, which was supposed to fall in perpetual darkness, would sing a song of blood and fire again.

After losing all their memories and returning to the world from the bonfire, those undead had to explore the world and fight against the terrible monsters born from the dark side.

The flame kept burning; the fighting would never end.

"This... what's this..." Unlike the newbie trial, Yun Xi clearly felt the reality of the world.

If the stone soldiers, the Green Hippo and the male Fiery Dragon were opponents the stars summoned from the nearby regions around the small village.

Then the dark wave which swept across the world and the undead who were returning to the world from the bonfire, were undoubtedly also a part of the world.

And White Lotus, as the person who lit the primal fire, was a very special being to the world.

"So... this is a real world..." Yun Xi vaguely remembered that Mei'er had said that the trial world was a dream world the stars helped him link to. However, the current situation told him that it wasn't just as simple as a dream.

The dark and the fire, the bonfire and the undead, and the primal fire lit by the witch. Yun Xi had a feeling that it wasn't the end between the world and himself. It was probably just the beginning.

Looking down from the top of the Great Tower, the place lit by the primal fire, here was just the edge of a vast continent. The dark forest and the Great Tower were just two infinitely small parts of the world.

At a distance, there were majestic mountains and imposing old castles. In the horizon, there were some indiscernible objects that linked the sky and the ground.

"Little Xi!"

"White Lotus!"

As Yun Xi eyed the vast area, the fighting between Hua Huo and Red Lotus started again!

His strong childhood sweetheart and the perhaps stronger Red Lotus waved their weapons at the same time, running towards Yun Xi who was gently hugging White Lotus in his arms.

"Sorry, sister."

"He's the only one I won't give up to you."

White Lotus made a naughty smile towards the resentful Red Lotus and Hua Huo, then used one of her fingers to draw a seal in the air.

"One person, one city, one heart, one wall!"

A rhombic wall suddenly appeared in front of Red Lotus and Hua Huo. That was a God's Skill Yun Xi had once glanced at in the seed of the twin witches - Void Seal.

However, at that time, a "sword" appeared in the void, but this time, it was a "wall".

"Boom!" A flame two times more violent than before blasted out.

"Swish! Swish!" Following that was a big crossing sword attack. Hua Huo's two-handed sword bounced off and cracked.

"One person, one city, one heart, one wall!"

When it came to attacks, White Lotus was inferior to her sister. However, if we were talking about defence, then she was undoubtedly the best.

The twin witches, one used a sword and another one used seals. One was expert in attack and another one was expert in defence. When they teamed up, they had no weakness.

Hence, when Red Lotus found that her sister blocked her attack by using the Wall of Heart, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Her gentle, graceful, and innocent sister was resisting her! In other words, herself!

No, this couldn't be White Lotus's fault.

It was all the bastard prince's fault! This damn dream! This cursed world!

"Little Xi, be careful, I'm not going to preserve my strength!" After seeing White Lotus hugging Yun Xi, Hua Huo's killing intention rose suddenly and sharply.

"Burst Gauge!"

Tremendous blood power, far more terrible than the male Fiery Dragon, burst out from Hua Huo's body. If anyone still claimed that Hua Huo was at the 3rd rank now, that person must be blind.

Even a thousand green hippos were nothing when faced with the current Hua Huo.

Another skill and power that Yun Xi didn't know of. Hua Huo, how many God's Skills were you still hiding?!

"Don't worry. We're blessed by the world, my prince."

"Behold, the glory of the stars is shining on us!"

White Lotus and Yun Xi were acting intimately. They hugged each other, revelling in the fairytale-like atmosphere.

Oh, the world was so wonderful and the flame was so warm here!

If this moment could last forever, what a wonderful dream it would be!

"Oh, the stars are coming..." Yun Xi raised his head. Looking at the tardy lights of the stars, Yun Xi breathed a sigh of relief.

"Hong!" Hua Huo went into her super mode. She broke three layers of the Wall of Heart by one hit and rushed towards Yun Xi.

The three meter tall flame spirit turned into a flash of red hot light and also flew at them with anger.

At that very moment, the lights of the stars dropped and covered Yun Xi.

The first formal trial came to an end.