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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 56

2022-06-14 03:56:41Publish Time: 1,226 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 56: The Dawn of Victory

"Whooooooh!" Sitting beside the bonfire, Hua Huo's little finger drew a circle on the ground round and round.

"My Little Xi is corrupted. You were bullying me!"

Her beautiful cheeks were fully blushed to the root of her ears.

If you looked carefully, you would find that in her dewy big eyes, there was excitement and agitation.

Because the relationship between Yun Xi and her had a rapid advance just now.

To Hua Huo, it was a great advance. Unlike all their kisses in the past, this time, Yun Xi's kiss had a special meaning.

Ah, what a wonderful world! She decided to keep this dream firmly in her mind. She must kept it in her mind! She didn't want it to become fuzzy like the dream she dreamt last time!


"Ta!" Among the big burly stone soldiers, Yun Xi jumped up. However, his eyes kept gazing at the dangerous archer in red.

Just as he expected, at the moment he jumped up, the white-haired archer in red shot an arrow at him. The arrow rotated like a black hound jumping in the air. If he got hit, it would definitely cut through his body.

"Now!" Yun Xi held the newbie iron sword horizontally in front of himself and blocked the bloody hound-like arrow in time, then jumped out of the encirclement.

Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack!

The nimble sword light flashed among the crowd. The sharp strengthened blade of the newbie iron sword cut off the 3rd-ranked enemies' heads one after another.

This time, the speed of Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack didn't reach the limit that Yun Xi could reach. However, it was way more easy and smooth than any Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack he used before. The connection between his two moves was near perfect.

"Chi!" At the very moment Yun Xi just finished his Flying Swallow Sixfold Attack, the second sniper arrow was shot at him. This time, it was a lightning speed arrow and was shot at him through the crowd. If Yun Xi didn't kiss Hua Huo just now, he wouldn't have been able to dodge this arrow.

"Ding!" Still, at the critical moment, Yun Xi's focus reached a new height. He blocked the arrow, and using the impacting force of the arrow, he used Quicksilver Motion to step back, breaking away from the battle.

Step back. This was what Hua Huo's seed taught Yun Xi after its high-speed growth.

Temporarily stepping back wasn't equal to escaping, but for the sake of accumulating stronger power for the following attack.

It was extremely attractive to play one's power to the best and dancing the blade of battle. However, Yun Xi wasn't Hua Huo. He wasn't able to do that.

So, by combining it with his own characteristics, he decided to challenge his opponents and also grasped the dominant right in his own hands at the same time. That should be the best tactic.

Now, after kissing Hua Huo, Yun Xi finally grew to a degree that was able to do this.

3% growth degree. That not only improved Yun Xi's physical fitness, but also made his understanding of battles reach a new level.

For the first time, he tried to let Hua Huo's talent fit his body and change his battle style.

In the past, he was too reliant on the power of Hua Huo's seed; it could even be called as 'superstition'. He thought that, as long as he could play the power of the seed to the limit, he would never be defeated -

Till he met the terrible archer in red. He finally understood that Hua Huo and him were different.

When Hua Huo was at the 2nd rank, she could pass this through the bridge and no one could stop her. However, he couldn't.

The thing he could do was different from Hua Huo.

Admitting it made him understand Hua Huo's power much more and absorb the properties of Hua Huo's seed in the meanwhile.

Hua Huo could turn into a flying sword to kill the giant dragon, to kill everything refusing to obey her.

As for him, the thing he could do now was - Flying Swallow!

"Triple attack!" The sharp blade of sword flew in the air like a flying swallow. It shot down an arrow and cut off three high-level stone soldiers' arms at the same time.

He didn't need to give them critical attacks every time. He just needed to cut down their battle power bit by bit.

As long as he could control the rhythm of the battle, he could finally obtain victory!

The kiss with Hua Huo was the kiss from the goddess of victory that could bring him the dawn of victory!

"Ka La! Ka La!" In the face of Yun Xi's sword, the last stone soldier's body also toppled down to the ground. A smile appeared on Yun Xi's sweaty face.

He did it! Now, in the entire third district, there was only the last three red stone soldiers and the archer in red, who were standing at the end of the bridge.

The archer in red didn't give Yun Xi time to rest, but took the bow and adjusted the arrow, then shot to the sky.

"Come on!" Yun Xi rushed to the last enemies on the bridge.


"Cough!" Bruised, Yun Xi dragged his tired body to return to the bonfire.

"Little Xi!" Hua Huo lovingly looked at Yun Xi. After walking through the bridge, Yun Xi didn't step into the square immediately, but walked back to the bonfire.

The last enemy, the archer in red, was more powerful than Yun Xi's expected.

Double Arrow, Shattering Arrow, Spiralling Arrow, and Tracking Arrow. Just in order to go to him, Yun Xi's body had been covered with blood.

The most desperate thing was that this guy's close combat ability wasn't any inferior than his archery. After sublimating Hua Huo's seed, Yun Xi still fought with him for over a hundred turns, then finally beat him down by using his enhanced newbie iron sword.

If it was said in a rude manner, perhaps among all the people Yun Xi'd seen, the archer in red was a person who was only second to Hua Huo. If Yun Xi didn't have the enhanced Hua Huo's seed, he was no match for him.

The thing which finally determined the winner was the gap between their weapons.

As Hua Huo said, the archer's two swords were made up of stainless steel, but it was still inferior compared to Yun Xi's newbie iron sword which had been enhanced to its limits.

After defeating the tough archer in red, Yun Xi was exhausted. He had to return to the bonfire to take a rest.

"Plop!" After walking back to the bonfire zone and feeling the warm fire again, Yun Xi directly stumbled into Hua Huo's arms.

Yun Xi was too tired. Though it was just a trial in a dream, but it still exhausted Yun Xi's mind and spirit.


He heard a familiar song around his ears. It was so soft and peaceful. Was it a cradlesong?

Had the battle finished?

No, not yet!

Yun Xi opened his eyes, then saw his childhood sweetheart's smiling face and heard her soft song.

The position was right above himself.

"Little Xi, are you awake?" Hua Huo put Yun Xi's head on her knees. She softly wiped Yun Xi's forehead, gazing at him with her tender eyes.

"En. The trial's not finished." Laying on Hua Huo's knees, Yun Xi smiled at his childhood sweetheart with confidence.

Sure enough, you are my goddess of victory, Hua Huo.