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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 514

2022-06-15 09:13:02Publish Time: 591 views
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Chapter 514: The Duel Between Two Suns (2)

Every SN-Drive was equal to a real sun. Investigating its source, it seemed to go back to a very distant era. In the time before the endless god's domains was established, when the gods just set foot in other worlds.

Before the Twilight of the Gods, there were once 12 SN-Drives in Hura's Sun Disk. As the cost of surviving from the Twilight of the Gods, he lost half of his SN-Drives.

Ordinary legend ranked beings weren't qualified to let Hura, the Sun God liberated the SN-Drives in the Sun Disk.

In other words, the golden-red bird had had the power to make Hura become serious. He had recognized its power.

Hura's true body didn't descend into this world, his body here was formed by the strength of faith from the millions of sand soldiers, therefore, the power he showed now was already his limit.

On the contrary, although the golden-red bird came with its true body, her true body was still an egg with zero attack power. Therefore, she used another method to awaken its future appearance in advance.

She possessed Yun Xi's body.

With Yun Xi's body as a medium, the golden-red bird opened its wings and gave its first chirp to the Ancient Sun God.

In the chirp, the golden-red bird waved its wings, flying faster and higher.

She was born to be above everything, even if her opponent was an ancient god!

She didn't mind the throne of the Sun God, because she was born to fly above the thirty-three heavens, shining on all things!

Amongst all fantastic creatures, she was the strongest one, who had a strong self-confidence even before she was born.

The spirits of light and fire sang together, offering their joy to the newborn sun.

The old sun, the new sun, at the moment the two suns met, they would inevitably burst out earth-shaking sparks.

"Ah ah ah ah... Whatever, I don't care!" Phoenix chased after the golden-red bird and rushed up to the top of the sky.

On the ground, Hura was absorbed in controlling the Sun Disk in his hands.

For Sunwalkers, the worry was never about energy shortage, but about restraining their impulse to destroy everything.

If he released all the energy contained in the SN-Drive, not only the battlefield would be destroyed, even the White Lotus Sword Domain below would also be totally destroyed. The witches who summoned him were still waiting for his arrival in the sword domain!

I must thoroughly solve this minor problem quickly!

Yes, in the eyes of the Sun God, Hura Azda, the golden-red bird was still no match for him.

Even though he had lost half of the SN-Drives he had, he was still the strongest Sun God in the Persian God's Domain!

With his rich experience, six SN-Drives were enough for him to defeat dozens of gods at once!

If he still had 12 SN-Drives now, he could even temporarily reach level 9, the highest level of a legend ranked god could reach.

In Hura's eyes, the golden-red bird did have the qualification to sit on the same level with himself in the future, but that would be ten thousand of years later, when she had obtained at least 10 SN-Drives. At this moment, the golden-red bird didn't even have a SN-Drive, how could it be match for him?

Countless high-temperature plasma bubbles spread behind Hura. The world seemed to be cooked, rivers evaporated, seas dried up, and mountains burned up. This was the inevitable consequences of a Sunwalker's arrival on the earth, as well as the prelude to the extinction of a world.

"I want to... fly..."

"Fly to... Higher places..."

"Follow me... Together... to the sky above the thirty-three heavens..."

A crisp, firm, tender voice echoed inside Yun Xi's mind. Even after seeing the power of Hura's SN-Drive, she was still fearless and courageous.

"Whoever my opponent is, I won't lose."

"I want to surpass my opponents and become the strongest."

"So, trust me, lend me your strength!"

"My strength?" Yun Xi was confused.

There was no room for him in this level of battle!

What could a hero ranked Baker do in the battle between two suns? Make bread on the spot to supplement physical strength for her?

This time, his body wasn't being possessed by Casina's will attachment, nor Lilibet was protecting him with her power, he really didn't know what to do at this moment.

"I believe in you, you have such power and such a future!"

"You can also trust me that I can help you obtain the future you will have in advance!"

"So I summoned you!"

My power... A drop of sweat fell down from Yun Xi's forehead. Has she found that I'm the Starchild?

However, although he knew that he was a Starchild, he didn't know how a Starchild should fight, nor did Mei'er know.

It seemed that his fighting force in his past life wasn't very strong, otherwise, he wouldn't be tragically killed by his four ex-girlfriends.

"Not you now, but you in the future."

"What you want, what you imagine, what you can become! The strongest you! The you on the Starry Sky Chessboard!"

Her tender voice affirmed Yun Xi's future.

At that time, she felt the unusual aura, so she opened her eyes inside the egg and descended onto the Starry Sky Chessboard.

What awakened her was the "opportunity" Yun Xi had.

She didn't know the reason, because the true Yun Xi didn't have any legend ranked power, but she wouldn't mistake the aura, and because of the aura, she came and joined the battle.

She didn't want to give that gem to anyone else!

"So it was you... you were summoned by me..." Yun Xi finally understood why the golden-red bird came here.