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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 506

2022-06-15 09:11:58Publish Time: 602 views
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Chapter 506: Sunwalker

Millions of sand soldiers raised the strange weapons in their hands and sang the praises of their god, the guardian of their race, the great king of the desert, the god of the sun, Hura Azda.

When the soldiers were still alive, the first sentence they heard when they opened their eyes was "Hura Bless me!", and then they were baptized by the priests and became a believer of the Sun God.

From birth to death, they listened to the voices of the priests and fought steadfastly for their god. After death, they would come to the Sun God and become his immortal sand soldiers.

The more devout they were, the stronger sand soldier they could transfer into after their death.

"Those who do good get a reward for good, those who do evil get a reward for evil." After good people died, beautiful girls would descend and lead them to heaven.

However, if they were evil people, female ghosts would drag them into hell and let them suffer in perdition forever.

The soldiers Hura needed would be selected from the Judge’s Bridge, and Hura would grant them undead bodies and let them become members of his sand soldier army.

The more sand soldiers Hura summoned, the stronger he would become. Usually, his sand soldier army was strong enough to sweep away millions of enemy troops alone, therefore, Hura hadn't had any fight with any beings for a very, very long time.

However, his opponent this time was Phoenix, a fantastic creature whose identity wasn't inferior to him.

She held not only the rule of "fire", but also the concept of "eternity".

All attacks were meaningless to Phoenix, because she was an immortal bird who wouldn’t die!

Phoenix was the only fantastic creatures known in the endless god's domains that couldn't be killed by any methods, her existence itself stood for "eternity".

Her regenerative capacity was much stronger than Hydra, who had nine heads and nine lives. Even though Hura was a Sunwalker, it felt tricky when facing such an opponent who couldn't be killed.

During the war that had lasted for more than ten hours, he had successfully hit Phoenix's heart, head, and body more than once. Phoenix's whole body had even been crushed by his golden scepter, however, she could always recover herself in a flash as if nothing had happened.

"Witness the Sin of the Sun!" As the evening approached, Hura Azda finally decided to get rid of Phoenix.

"The Sun Disk, appear for me!" The golden scepter was inserted into the desert under Hura's feet, and there, countless fireballs began appearing in the sky.

A golden fireball appeared in the middle of the sky, and with countless black spots flying in the fireball. After it appeared on the battlefield, the temperature around it began to rise at a terrible rate.

It was a God Weapon, the Sun Disk! It wasn't a common god weapon that could be obtained by a common hero ranked humans, but a weapon that really belonged to a god!

All over the sky, unnatural fire clouds appeared in an unnatural way.

One cloud after another gathered together and flew to him from ten miles, a hundred miles, or even thousands of miles away.

The original bright sunshine became dim again, and the grey clouds fell heavily to the ground as if they were going to crush the earth.

Rotating, rotating, it seemed as if there was an invisible mixer in the sky, all clouds in the sky started rotating at an incredible speed, which looked as if a huge flame furnace was being ignited.

In fact, that was what was happening. The Sun Disk was a miniature incarnation of the sun, which was also named "SN-Drive" in some god's domains. (SN-Drive, Sun Nucleus Drive)

"I'm not afraid!" Because she knew that she wouldn't die, Phoenix always chose the same tactic in battle.

Whoever her opponent was, she just needed to rush up and beat them down!

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... Rest in peace..." Hura closed his eyes. There were gold-red fragments flying around his fingertips, which looked surprisingly similar to the Kryolite sacrificed by the twin witches.

All of a sudden, a brighter figure appeared in the middle of the sky. His body was brighter than the sun, emitted golden lights and illuminated the entire world.

When this figure appeared, a strong aura spread and announced his dignity to all beings in the world.

All the sand soldiers knelt down and presented their highest respect to the great existence in the sky.

It was Hura Azda's real body, the Sunwalker, a real supreme Sun God!

When he opened his eyes, there were countless golden lights shining out of his eyes. His hair was as bright as the real sun.

In a flash, it looked as if there were countless hot suns emerging out in the sky.

He held a small, golden Sun Disk in his hand, aiming at Phoenix with no emotion in his eyes.

Only the black particles that were constantly emanating from the Sun Disk in his hand announced what an ominous thing this god weapon was at the moment.

It's an astronomical phenomenon called "sunspot". A sunspot was powerful enough to destroy a planet completely. At this moment, the number of sunspots twining around the Sun Disk had already exceeded 3,000.

Compressing a sunspot into a black particle, it was already a power that was beyond all hero ranked beings' imagination.

This was the ability of a legendary god, the power of the Sunwalker.

"Rest in peace, Phoenix." Hura shook his head at Phoenix who was rushing at him, throwing the sun disk lightly towards her.

The golden Sun Disk turned into a magnificent golden track, cut through Phoenix's body and lighted her feathers.

Instantly, countless sunspots exploded and annihilated Phoenix's body, destroying the entire battlefield.

Continuous explosions of sunspots almost decomposed and annihilated everything in the void, endless solar storms swept through the entire space.

The end of the world!

The power of the Sun Disk could only be described in this way, that was the power of the Sunwalker.