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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 481

2022-06-15 09:08:37Publish Time: 673 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 481: Profound Conspiracy

Under Childe San Quan's confident gaze, Qumran hesitated for a while, then told him its annoyance.

"Oh... oh... I see... you like that golden dog..."

"However, its master didn't let you get close to her, and killed you..."

"You want to revenge, you want to seize back your golden princess from her."

Childe San Quan looked at Qumran's painful face and lost in thought.

Is there any way that I can let this stupid dog obtain the heart of his dream lover?

It can't be just a common yellow dog since Qumran, the prince of the black demon dog race has taken a fancy to her by the first sight.

He also knew the maid well. She wasn't easy to deal with.

The Starwing Knights had become famous in the Sword Palace, and the black-haired maid indeed had an unfathomable power.

She even killed a hero ranked black demon dog with ease! If it wasn't because my master, the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, this stupid dog would have turned into ashes.

It took my master a lot of efforts to revive it, I can't just see it looking for death again and do nothing. My master's power is still incomplete, his god power can't be wasted on this stupid dog again.

"You are no match for that maid." Childe San Quan said calmly, "At least, it's impossible before you enter the fourth stage."

"Roar!" Qumran said angrily, "Then let me evolve into the fourth stage! I think I can meet the requirement of evolution after eating a hundred hero ranked humans!"

"Impossible. Even in the entire Sword Palace, there are not a hundred hero ranked humans. Moreover..." Childe San Quan pointed to the sky.

"Casina the Battle God is right in the White Lotus Sword Domain. If you dare make any trouble, even my master, the great evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli can't save your life again."

"Ga..." Qumran's burning anger faded away as if Childe San Quan's words were a basin of cold water.

Even though it was the prince of black demon dogs, its combat power was far stronger than common hero ranked beings, however, Casina the Battle God was at the same level with its ancestor, Cerberus! She was the monster Sky Sword of the Sky Sword God's Domain!

"What... what can I do?" Qumran lay on the ground, its tail wagged weakly.

"Don't worry, violence is always the final method to solve the problem." Childe San Quan looked at Qumran with satisfaction.

Fortunately, it is stupid and impulsive, at least, it knows that it should hold a heart of reverence to the beings at a higher rank.

It still has the value of being used.

"How to Feed Stud Dog", "The Main Points of Training Dogs", "The Experience to Train Bulldog", "The Birth of a God Dog"... a lot of books flashed through Childe San Quan's mind.

Although none of them was about how to train a black demon dog, there was something in common.

In order to help Qumran develop its talents and obtain an army of black demon dogs, it was a must to meet Qumran's ridiculous wishes first.

"Let me think... let me think..." Childe San Quan rubbed his temples with his two fingers. He tried to combine all the information together.

This was a special, great ability he just obtained from the great evil god, Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli: Logical Inference.

Theoretically, the more information he had obtained, the more perfect conclusion he would draw. Of course, "absolutely right" was just an unattainable goal, just like "the truth of everything".

He didn't need to have a 100% accurate conclusion, but a solution that could help him solve the problem.

He couldn't find an optimal solution, but this ability could offer him a near-optimal solution.

As long as his moves were close to "perfect", he would obtain a greater advantage as time went by.

Of course, this ability would also draw a wrong conclusion sometimes, however, it was mostly because the initial information was wrong, it wasn't his problem.

Now, input all information.

Party A: Qumran, the prince of black demon dogs, the descendant of Cerberus.

Party B: An unknown golden dog, the pet of the mysterious maid, Mei.

Party A is willing to do anything to obtain Party B, he even had sacrificed his life once.

Party B's master hates it and will never allow it to get close to her, and has the record of killing Party A.

Judgment: the discrepancy between Party A and Party B is irreconcilable, and it's impossible to kidnap Party B by force.

Conclusion: find a solution that doesn't need any violent means.

"Got it!" Childe San Quan snapped with a confident smile on his face.

"Master Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, please use your power to change our black demon dog prince's appearance."

"I have a good plan, and I need the help of your god power."

"Baa!" The white alpaca knocked on its hoof. A circle of black light appeared and covered the black demon dog.

"Yes, this is it."

"If you want to go to the human world, you must look like a human first."

"Hum, almost exactly like that." Childe San Quan looked at Qumran's body shrink from 3 meters tall to 1.8 meters tall, and specially paid attention to an "indescribable" part of Qumran's body with a satisfied look.

"What's wrong with this weak body?!" Looking at his new body, Qumran shouted with discontent.

It was the prince of the black demon dog race! It was a horrible hunter, a fierce dark beast, why did it become a weak human now?

Where are my paws? Where are my sharp teeth? Where is my strong, beautiful, sexy tail? Where are my bone shells?

Without these, am I still the prince of the black demon dog race?

"Be patient, for your own sake." Childe San Quan remembered the books in his mind and thought what plot in the books could be used in reality.

"You Are My Past Life Prince", "Handsome CEO and His Cute Maid", "Having a Love Affair Stealthily", "Even the Prince Has Married the Princess, I Will Take Away Him Unscrupulously!"...