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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 473

2022-06-15 09:07:33Publish Time: 649 views
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Chapter 473: Jealousy

Before meeting Ling Ling, Mei Lan could not believe that such a favored woman really existed in the world.

Mei Lan didn't see Ling Ling spending too much time on practicing her sword skills. She spent more time enjoying delicious food than practicing, but her sword skill was still among the top three of the Starwing Knights.

She wasn't smart at all, but she could be another secretary trusted by Hua Yue. Even "learn not and know not" was too light to describe her. She was just a complete idiot!

All the nutrients she ate must have all concentrated in her enviable breasts.

What is a natural winner? That's a natural winner!

But this kind of brainless fool was still loved by almost all girls of the Starwing Knights. Was there any reason for that? Mei Lan could hardly understand it!

"What should you do? Did you have some sort of trouble?" The more she looked at this SSR, cough, Ling Ling, the more Mei Lan felt that life was unfair.

Although she didn't like this "mascot" of the Starwing Knights, she had to be patient to solve problems for her, which was her duty as the secretary of the Starwing Knights.

All kinds of work, as long as it was about the Starwing Knights, she had to keep her hands on it. For this reason, she even took the initiative to undertake many tasks that could easily be assigned to others.

Originally, it should be the housekeeper sent by Hua Yue's family to manage the Starwing Knights, whose management level was undoubtedly professional, but Mei Lan was reluctant to let others interfere in the affairs of the Starwing Knights.

The affairs of the Starwing Knights must be solved by the members of the Starwing Knights!

Maybe it was a kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder. Mei Lan knew that her desire for control was too strong, but she wanted all these things to be done perfectly.

Her love for the Starwing Knights was so deep that she even had a spirit of dedication.

So even though she didn't like Ling Ling and even felt that she was her natural enemy, she would still help Ling Ling without hesitation if Ling Ling was in trouble.

As the Secretary of the Starwing Knights but not just the "mascot" of the Knights, she must have such a sense of mission and responsibility.

However, according to Mei Lan's understanding of Ling Ling, her so-called troubles were basically that she put too many peppers in noodles in the morning, or too few peppers in the noodles, or should she also put sugar or salt into the noodles.

With her poor brain capacity, she couldn't have more worries.

"Whoop, whoa... Mei Lan... Mei Lan... I'm not able to get married anymore!" Contrary to Mei Lan's indifference, Ling Ling's enthusiasm and heartlessness were inherent.

Now she met the greatest trouble in her life, so she came directly to Mei Lan, who was also a secretary.

"Can't get married? What do you mean?" Mei Lan thought that Ling Ling had finally learned some new tricks. She speculated about the possible reasons.

Is it because her cooking was so terrible that no one wanted to eat her food, so she stealthily switched out other people's foods and caused large-scale food poisoning?

Or did she accidentally add unknown herbs to the pot and cause an unknown explosion?

Or did her nasty breasts inadvertently seduce an ill-disposed noble disciple which led to massive bloodshed?

Whatever they were, they were all the things that were possibly caused by Ling Ling. After all, she was too clumsy and unsuspecting, which would naturally get herself into trouble.

Had she not been born into a noble family, she would have been abducted countless times. Mei Lan even thought that only a piece of golden butter bread could lure her in and let someone kidnap her.

"I... I... I was kissed by Mei..."

"Mei... Mei... Mei... " Ling Ling looked at her close friend with tears in her eyes and told her that unprecedented, shocking news.

"What!" Mei Lan took three steps back in succession, looking at Ling Ling with shock in her eyes. She looked at Ling Ling from her head to her feet, and then paying special attention to her full breasts, stammering, "Mei? You mean Mei?"

"Yes, Mei is strange today. Suddenly, she grabbed my hand and took me to the medicinal field. Then, she..." Ling Ling's face suddenly turned red and covered her red face with her hands.

"Whoa... I can't get married, I can't get married anymore!"

"Tell me in detail what happened!" Mei Lan felt like a thunderbolt exploded in front of her.

Her heart was roaring, roaring!

Why? Why? Why is it always Ling Ling?

Humph! She just has a pair of full breasts but has no brains. Why could she always keep a step ahead in all things?!

"That... That... That's..." Ling Ling's face was as red as a ripe apple. She quietly approached Mei Lan's ear and murmured, telling her the whole thing.

"Oh my god!" Mei Lan had to cover her mouth to keep her composure.

It wasn't just kissing, they had done more than that!

They even, they even... Mei Lan couldn't help but stare at Ling Ling's full breasts with a fierce look.

Was it all because of this pair of breasts? Damn it!

SSR! It's terrible. It's terrible!

Even Mei, who is so quiet and steady, has been hurt by this weapon too?!

She didn't believe that Mei would do "that" to this "brainless mascot" for no reason at all!

Sure enough, the crux of everything was that pair of "weapons". Not only men but also women would feel jealousy of that pair of "weapons" which was representing the wonderful future of life and the source of breeding hope.

"Mei Lan... What should I do?" Ling Ling looked at her closest friend with tears in her eyes. In her eyes, Mei Lan was always the good secretary of the Starwing Knights, who could always help her solve her troubles neatly.

"Never mind... You like Mei, don't you?" Mei Lan took a deep breath and restrained her impulses to beat Ling Ling even more senseless, who took her undeserved gain for granted.

Why are the differences between people so great?

She knew how many members of the Starwing Knights would feel raging jealousy for what happened to Ling Ling.

Mei Lan was sure that "to be intimate" with Mei was a dream that every member of the Starwing Knights had ever had, because Mei Lan herself was one of them.

She didn't remember how many nights, she was tightly embracing the black hair charm and immersed herself in the girl's fantasy world.

Ling Ling, I’ll make sure again that you are my enemy!

You lucky, damn SSR!