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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 466

2022-06-15 09:06:37Publish Time: 693 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 466: The Secret Eyes

In the morning.

A light golden beetle was lurking under the leaves. The six golden dots on its shell were emitting beautiful lights.

If Yun Xi was here, it would feel somewhat familiar, as if he had seen this little beetle in a special place at a certain time.

At this moment, the holy beetle was watching the scene in front of it, recording the images of the two people in its eyes.

"Oh... I'm too weak..." Although she had entered the world of the hero rank, Lulu was still the little rabbit.

She was devout and virtuous, loyal and sensitive. That day, she ran to the Apostle of the Water God and told him her heartfelt feelings, that was the biggest advance in her life.

She had no resistance to the Apostle.

So she was disheveled and breathless now.

"Oh, I'm going to be late for class!" After wearing her clothes, Lulu hummed a jaunty ditty and left their secret basement.

The golden beetle also opened its wings and flew to its master quickly.

In the Sword Palace, the tutor was giving a lesson of Western sword skills.

Hua Yue squinted her eyes and checked the video over and over again.

"It's... surprising..."

"I underestimated her... that little rabbit..."

"I didn't expect that she would be the first!"

The holy beetle hid behind her clothes and absorbed her vitality to recover itself. The golden lines on its shell became brighter and smoother now.

Compared to the loss of a little vitality, Hua Yue was satisfied with the beetle's efficiency. It was a servant from her family. Even in the entire Western God's Domain, it was a rare holy-type creature.

If it wasn't for her White Golden Rose Bloodline, she wouldn't have any chance of obtaining it.

After using it, Hua Yue realized its value.

It wasn't just a rare holy-type creature, it could also change its appearance freely, and could also record the scene it saw.

Its only flaw was that it couldn't record sound, but the video it recorded was perfectly clear. For instance, from the video Hua Yue had watched dozens of times over, she could even see the transparent thread of saliva on Lulu's lips.

Of course, she didn't watch her intentionally.

She just let the holy beetle watch the medicinal field and Lulu, in case that any accidents happened.

As the team leader, she had the responsibility to protect all members of the Starwing Knights and smooth the relations between civilian girls and noble girls.

Although she was the absolute leader of the noble girls' camp, however, she was also the leader of the entire Starwing Knights, she was voted for by everyone, including the civilian girls.

As their team leader, she thought that she should pay attention to the topics and wishes of her team members.

Lulu's medicinal field was the final hope of half the girls of the Starwing Knights. So she sent the holy beetle to watch the medicinal field and protect Lulu.

Don't judge the holy beetle's combat power from its small size. In some sense, its strength was even stronger than Hua Yue. Its speed was so fast that a human couldn't see its trace of flying with their naked eyes, and with a flash of golden light, it could easily pierce through a well-armed knight's plate armor.

She didn't expect that she would see any troublemaker but saw the scene she shouldn't see.

"Replay it again..." Hua Yue ordered the holy beetle in a serious tone. In the video, Mei appeared and suddenly, Lulu cried. Mei walked to her, held her in her arms and kissed her lips.

What did they say?

Why did Mei walk to her naturally and kiss her?

Why did Lulu cry and fall into Mei's arms?

"Pause!" She paused the scene at the moment when Lulu stood on her toes and kissed Mei positively.

The scene of two girls kissing each other was as beautiful as a fairy tale. Even the medicinal field behind Lulu smelt the fragrance and blossomed White flowers.

"It's strange... why?"

"Mei didn't say anything!"

Firmly remembering the scene in her mind, Hua Yue blushed.

Mei was practicing the "Closed Mouth Zen", she knew it. Lulu was cultivating the Dragon Plants from morning to night, she knew that too.

What happened between them that could make Lulu fall?

Besides, wasn't Mei's kiss too skillful?

Her moves and her smile looked as if she had done it many times.

When did that start?

Why didn't I notice it?

When did they become so intimate?

As the leader of the Starwing Knights, how could I know nothing about it?

"I... love... you..."

"You... are the... only..." From the shape of Lulu's mouth, Hua Yue gradually figured out what Lulu whispered.

"I will protect... this secret..."

"I will be your little rabbit forever."

"Do you want to taste the rabbit today?"

Then was the face-blushing intimate time, the important information that made Hua Yue watch dozens of times without winking.

"Secret... what's the secret?"

"Mei... she likes the genre of Lulu?"

"It seems that Lulu knows something we don't know."

"Oh, I didn't notice that Lulu's feet are so beautiful!"

The holy beetle buzzed in confusion. Its small brains couldn't let it understand the reason why its master watched the video over and over again.

"Hum, store it up, name it 'The secret time of the little rabbit'."

"It's a secret, I won't tell anyone."

"As an excellent lady, the leader of the Starwing Knights, I will keep all secrets of my team members."

"So, let's watch the video again..."