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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 453

2022-06-15 07:19:32Publish Time: 641 views
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Chapter 453: New Era

"A Cloud in the Sky, who is he?"

"Even Cyber Elf Alpha can't defeat him, what a monster he is!"

"When did the Sky Tower develop such a strong chess player?"

No one could deny Alpha's strong, terrible Star Go strength, after all, she was an unprecedented 7 star points chess player.

However, such a 7 star chess player was defeated by "A Cloud in the Sky". A crushing defeat!

Countless legend ranked beings studied their game, which was destined to be recorded in the history books.

Everyone wanted to know how Alpha was defeated. Did they misjudge the players again?

Each chess player who was defeated by Alpha could only smile bitterly when remembering her attack.

Her attack and defense around tengen with "A Cloud in the Sky" made their eyes brighten up. They never expected that the battle would be so fierce after putting the first chess piece onto tengen.

When Alpha used the Sea of Chaos, even Black Mage was dumbfounded. Compared to Alpha's Sea of Chaos, his Sea of Chaos was like a child's game.

Until they saw the decisive moment, seeing the stars falling from the sky.

Starburst. No one doubted the true strength of "A Cloud in the Sky" after seeing that.

Just like what Alpha thought, other Star Go players were at the same level, she was at the higher level, and Yun Xi was at the highest level, a place where they could never touch.

Even the people who didn't understand the rules of Star Go would be shocked by the splendid scene of Starburst on the chessboard.

At the legend rank, there could be a more fatal attraction from the collapse of all stars.

It was an unparalleled strategy on the Starry Sky Chessboard. Unlike other strategies whose goal was to eliminate the opponent's chess pieces, Starburst was a power that could totally clear the entire star map on the chessboard.

Even Alpha's 15000 times legend ranked computing power could do nothing in the face of Yun Xi's Starburst.

No word could be used to describe how great this strategy was.

Therefore, "A Cloud in the Sky" enjoyed an unparalleled treatment in the next games.

Yun Xi's thirty-fourth game.

Before the game started, he heard a cry from his opponent.

"A Cloud in the Sky! You! You are the person who defeated Cyber Elf Alpha!"

"Yes, it's me." Yun Xi looked at his opponent. It was a 3 star points chess player, just like himself, named "Master Shin".

"You... you... it's you!" Master Shin looked at Yun Xi's confused face as if he was looking at a monster. His body was still trembling after seeing Yun Xi's Starburst, and now, he faced the "monster" directly!

"Pleased to meet you!" If it was the game of Go, it wasn't necessary to play the game, because both of the chess players would know that it would be a one-sided crushing game.

However, they were at the Starry Sky Chessboard, the highest stage of the wisdom in the endless god's domains!

Not all people, not even legend ranked beings were qualified to take part in this stage.

Even if he couldn't win, the truth that he could step onto this stage was already a supreme glory.

All Star Go players were the top wise people in the endless god's domains, including Norn the God of Wisdom, Orfina the Ruby Dragon, and Black Mage, no one was an exception.

Each turn of the game on the Starry Sky Chessboard could help them understand the secret of stars. Nowhere else was better than this place to observe the orbits of stars.

Therefore, every time the Starry Sky Chessboard opened was a great chance.

Maybe he would concede after doing everything he could, but he wouldn't give up before he had tried everything!

Even though he was facing a person who even defeated Alpha, the unprecedented 7 star points chess player.

Therefore, as a 3 star points chess player, Master Shin was overwhelmed by the unexpected favor, but he wouldn't be shy to have a try at challenging the strongest chess player.

"Pa!" Yun Xi won the game of guessing odd and even, he put down his first chess piece on tengen.

"Tengen!" Master Shin's eyes brightened up.

Now, no one still dared to say that "putting the first chess piece onto tengen" would only appear in teaching games. Maybe only strong chess players like "A Cloud in the Sky" could call it "teaching game".

Could other people's tengen and “A Cloud in the Sky's” tengen be the same thing?

It was ridiculous!

"Pa!" This time, Master Shin also put his chess piece at a place close to tengen.

Yes, he knew it. He would lose, and become an inconspicuous name in the battle record of “A Cloud in the Sky”.

However, he would see the miracle personally, and become a part of the miracle. He was already satisfied with this result.

He wanted to know how Alpha, the "monster" who defeated him was defeated by this stronger "monster".

If possible, he also wanted to see the Starburst again. It would become the biggest glory in his life.

He would lose, but he would do his best, adding his color of life for this game!

It's so great to play with the strongest Star Go player who is destined to be written into the annals of history!

"Hum?" Yun Xi could feel the changes contained in his opponent's chess pieces.

He couldn't see Master Shin's face through the star lights, however, he could clearly feel his emotion from his moves.

At this moment, Master Shin was in a very special mood.

He was devout, dedicated, and somewhat holy.

Not only so. A part of Master Shin's power was absorbed by the Starry Sky Chessboard and naturally flowed into Yun Xi's body.

The power wasn't being absorbed by Teacher Casina's projection but entered his mind.

Even though it was just a part of the power of Master Shin's projection, it was still a pure, real legend ranked power.