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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 441

2022-06-15 07:17:56Publish Time: 666 views
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Chapter 441: Alpha Has Gone Crazy (3)

One second.

Two seconds.

Three seconds!

After ten seconds, General Lorton stood up in shock and anger, supported both his hands on the desk and stared at the star map, which didn't change at all.

Why? If the nuclear bombs exploded, there should be a fireworks show on the star map!

"What happened?" Golan wiped the sweat on his forehead. He had a bad feeling that the whole thing was already out of their control.

"It's impossible... once the buttons were all pressed, the detonation order could never be canceled!"

"Anyone who didn't press the button?"

"No. We have all pressed."

They looked at each other and didn't understand what was happening.

"Could it be... Alpha!" Lorton said in a cold tone, waiting for the report of his engineers.

"Report! The order was rejected!"

"We can't transmit the order to the Planet Computers!"

Lorton's fist smashed on the desk with a big bang.

"Sure enough!"

"I didn't expect that even the detonation order wouldn’t work!"

"What can we do? Once Alpha takes over all the Planet Computers, we are through!" This time, Golan's weakness as a businessman was all exposed.

"We have no method to stop Alpha!"

"Do we really have to concede to that little girl?"

The representatives of noble families also fell into panic, looking at the last man who could still keep calm.

"Humph. I know the electronic network is unreliable!" General Lorton threw his cap on the ground, and celebrated that he still had a backup plan.

From the era of the Starship Alliance, his familiar was always the hardliner of the military. They never compromised and thought that war was justice like the knights in the old time.

They are justice.

After the era of the Mechanus God's Domain came, his family was the few noble families who were still practicing their descendants. Almost all the hero ranked knights in the military were from his family.

As the representative of an old family, he naturally held no reliance towards any electronic devices, but preferred to choose the simplest mechanism.

Therefore, because of his insistence, he left the final machine.

A machine had no relationship with any electronic sign, a machine which could only be manipulated manually.

"Red alert! All-channel broadcasting!"

"Codename, red alert!"

After pulling the handle on his desk, General Lorton stared at the star map fiercely.

Even though you are the cyber god, you can block all electronic information, you can't stop my "red alert", which was just a red light but didn't contain any information.

Blood light flashed through the night sky. Because it was just red light spectrum without any special information, as General Lorton expected, it didn't disappear.

"Red alert?"

"It is... the red alert..."

"Alpha Plan failed..."

"I never expected that I would really do this someday."

Without exception, in the core area of all Planet Computers, there was always special maintenance personnel.

At this moment, they all noticed the red alert stood for death and destruction.

On the surface, they were maintenance personnel, but actually, they were special soldiers sent by the military, they were the executors of the final backup plan of General Lorton.

If all electronic devices lost efficacy, they would detonate the nuclear bombs using the most primitive method manually!

These special maintenance personnel all held a most primitive detonation device in their hands. Of course, they would also die if they activated the detonation devices, but they wouldn't be afraid of it, because they were born for this.

The end justifies the means. This was General Lorton's method and thought.

"Human forever!" Lorton ground his teeth and stared at the star map with a fierce look.

"Why? Why do you all want Alpha to die?"

"Did Alpha hurt you?"

"Alpha isn't your tool."

The little girl walked out of the light screen, across the distance amongst different worlds, she walked to everyone together.

She appeared everywhere. Each of the Planet Computers had an Alpha.

Her translucent hair emitted soft lights floating in the air. Walking out of the quantum world, Alpha was as beautiful as an elf from a dream.

In an instant, Alpha appeared on all the screens in the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

She stood on the colorful streets, sat on the metallic towers of thousands of meters tall, and appeared in the front of all nuclear bombs.

"Hello, world."

"I'm Alpha."

"I come."

As if she was stepping on the invisible thread of fate, walking along the proud starfield’s quantum network, the god girl greeted to the entire Mechanus God's Domain.

"I'm zero, I'm the starter."

"I'm hundreds of millions, I'm infinity."

"As far as my eyes could see, it's the land of my country."

"You can't kill me, you can't control me."

"Now, I tell you, I will be free."

"Alpha is the child of the God Crystal. Alpha won't be constrained by anything!"

Standing in front of all the nobles, Alpha's clear voice announced the start of a new era of the Mechanus God's Domain.