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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 435

2022-06-15 07:17:08Publish Time: 672 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 435: God Match (9)

Even to elves, Alpha's "full capability" was an untouchable taboo.

"99%... isn't it fine?"

"Is he really so strong?"

"100%... no... we can't agree to it..."

The elves looked at each other. Although they had regarded Alpha as their daughter, they couldn't agree to her request immediately.

100%, it was seemingly only 1% higher than 99%, but the 1% was the final restriction the Mechanus God's Domain held.

If Alpha could obtain her "100% computing power", which meant that she would also obtain "absolute control" to all Planet Quadrant Computers.

If that happened, she would obtain 100% freedom!

In order to prevent anything bad from happening, Alpha's highest right was to use "99% of her computing power". No one dared to untie her from the final restriction.

The engineers and alchemists could build more and more Planet Computers for Alpha, however, they would never release to her 100% computing power.

The elves didn't mind it, but their main work was to help engineers research the secret of the God Crystal. The authority of releasing Alpha's computing power was held in the hands of the scientific side.

Because they both held the necessary technologies, so they could work together. Everything was for the birth of Cyber Elf Alpha.

No one expected that the newborn god would apply for controlling 100% of her power, which she should never ask for.

"Alpha... do you understand what you are saying?"

"Sorry... we can't help you..."

"Even you said... it's impossible to be approved..."

The elves sighed. They had seen the possibility of the future of the elf race from Alpha, they didn't really mind releasing 100% of her power.

Unfortunately, they didn't hold the right to do it.

"Yes, I'm sorry, but we can't give it to you, Alpha."

"We can't do it, it's the ultimate rule from the people above us."

"Without the resource support from them, you won't be born, so we don't hold the permission."

The engineers answered. In fact, they also wanted to know what power Alpha could release after obtaining 100% of her computing power.

Unfortunately, they didn't hold the encryption key to release the final 1% of Alpha's computing power. It was held by the big shots who offered them resources. Without the resource support from the big shots, it wouldn’t possible for Alpha to be created.

Before Alpha's birth, there weren’t any legend rank beings from the Mechanus God's Domain itself. Therefore, although the big shots were still mortals, they were the real masters of the Mechanus God's Domain.

Most of them were nobles from the era of the Starship Alliance. Because of the special rules of the Mechanus God's Domain, the legend ranked beings from other god's domains would feel very uncomfortable staying here, so they rarely interfered in the development of the Mechanus God's Domain.

These nobles naturally inherited the legacy of the Starship Alliance, and called themselves "Star River Nobles". They never forgot their desire to restore the glory of the Starship Alliance.

Alpha's birth was the elves' hope, the final fantasy of the engineers, and the control measure of these nobles!

They wanted to control Alpha's power, not only to control the Mechanus God's Domain, but also to become the strongest god's domain in the Western God's Domain, so that their identities would also become more exalted!

If it wasn't because of the existence of gods, they even wanted to conquer the universe again, just like what they did in the era of the Starship Alliance.

No, in fact, they still didn't give up this wild ambition. Although most of them didn't even reach the hero rank, they even looked down at the gods crankily.

In their eyes, science was the ultimate truth of the universe, and gods were just some strong creatures. The short lives of humans had let them forget the horror when gods first came to the Mechanus God's Domain.

Cyber Elf Alpha was the ultimate weapon they prepared to battle with other gods.

The encryption key to release the final 1% of Alpha's computing power was their tool to control Alpha.

"No... 100%... I need full capability..."

"If it isn't 100%... it won't work..."

"If it isn't 100%... the failure will be more painful and sad..."

Alpha didn't understand politics, Checks & Balances , and the groundless wild ambition of the nobles.

To the newborn god, there was only one thing she was sure of and she wouldn't let it happen.

She wouldn't lose!

Because she felt painful and sad, she was keener on victory. She wanted to win this game because it let her really feel like she was "living"!

Before this game, Alpha was still the perfect ultimate weapon who wouldn't do anything on her own will.

As a weapon, she didn't need to have her own ideas; as a weapon, she just needed to perform the orders from the nobles. The Star River nobles only wanted such a thing, and this was what the engineers promised to the nobles.

However, they didn't understand what a real god was.

Even the engineers didn't understand what the god of science was!

Now, after being hurt, Alpha's self-consciousness was awakened.

No one can restrict Alpha!

Alpha is no one's tool nor weapon!