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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 42

2022-06-14 03:54:48Publish Time: 1,283 views
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Chapter 42: Stone Soldier Army

"Ka La!"

"Ka La!"

"Ka La!"

Unlike the newbie trial, Yun Xi didn't have enough time to prepare for it. After the trial started, a crowd of stone soldiers rushed out from the palace. They didn't even give him one tenth of a second to prepare.

With such little time, Yun Xi had only roughly observed the location the palace, the height of the volcano, and the distance between the final tower and himself.

Last was to choose weapons.

In the newbie trial, Yun Xi could only choose the newbie iron sword.

However, this time, he had other choices.

The first option was an iron sword, which Yun Xi was very familiar with. It was obviously the newbie iron sword which followed him while he was killed by the green hippo for 120 times, but was finally thrown away in front of the dark forest because he had to escape from Hua Huo at that time.

Not only this, he also obtained an armor. It was a pretty tattered cloth armor, but it was still better than nothing.

The last one was a sizeable, soft wooden shield. They were all the initial equipment Yun Xi had found beside the bonfire in this round of the star trial.

However, before Yun Xi decided which weapon was suitable for him, the crowd of stone soldiers had come to him!




These stone soldiers looked human, but they treated Yun Xi like their sworn enemy, rushing forward at him.


The newbie trial left Yun Xi a wrong impression that the bonfire area was an absolutely safe area. Before he even picked up his sword, he had been chopped down by countless weapons, and then his whole body was trampled into minced meat.

The second trial, his death count: one.

After killing Yun Xi, the stone soldiers walked in a circle along the bonfire, then returned to the palace with satisfaction.

Ten seconds later, Yun Xi revived at the original place.

"Ka La! Ka La! Ka La!" Just as the stone soldiers walked back into the first palace, they immediately behaved as if Yun Xi stirred up their hornet's nest, rushing toward him again.

This time, Yun Xi learned his lesson. He put on the cloth armor and held the newbie iron sword in his hand. As for the shield, he hesitated for a while but did not pick it up.

After all, Hua Huo's seed didn't teach him skills for using the shield.

After the time of a few breaths, the stone soldiers had come for him again.

"Come on!" Yun Xi had prepared for a cruel star trial. He stepped forward, rushing towards the dozens of stone soldiers with great courage.

One hit. By using the Quicksilver Motion and Flying Swallow Sword he learned in the valley, Yun Xi took the lead in killing one of the stone soldiers.

At the next moment, dozens of weapons chopped at Yun Xi's body.

Three seconds later, another pool of blood stains appeared on the ground.

Ten seconds later, Yun Xi revived at the bonfire again. He helplessly looked at the stone soldier army rushing at him from the distance again.

Oh no, this wasn't what he expected!

To fight one on one was completely unlike fighting against many!

Even Hua Huo hadn't had the opportunity to fight against over thirty enemies. Moreover, they were not some weaklings, but elite warriors.

By his estimation, the weakest one among them was at the top level of the 1st rank, and the strongest enemies were at the top level of the 2nd rank. All of them had the strength to fight with Yun Xi one on one, not to mention they were rushing forward at Yun Xi trying to kill him together.

When they gathered together, they were even more dangerous than the 3rd-ranked green hippo.

At least, the green hippo's moves were full of flaws that could be caught by him. However, even if he could kill one of the stone soldiers who were transformed from the participants in the village, how is it possible for him to kill them all?

This was the first time that Yun Xi experienced the power of an army.

"No, no... are you kidding me?" Yun Xi revived again while holding the newbie iron sword in his hand. He looked at the palaces in the distance, counting the number of his enemies and showing a forlorn look on his face after that.

"How is it possible to kill them all?"

"The difference between the newbie trial and a formal trial is too big!"

Once again, Yun Xi felt how heavy and hot the star's love for him was.

"I won't give up! Even if you're the geniuses of the White Lotus Sword Domain, I will step across your corpses to see my princess!"

Yun Xi gnashed his teeth in anger. Relying on his iron-like will he practiced during the Limit Practice, his Flying Swallow Sword and Quicksilver Motion, Yun Xi took the initiative to rush toward the stone soldier army.

The first attack of the Flying Swallow Sword!

Yun Xi didn't save any of his strength. By relying on his speed, Yun Xi took the advantage to kill one of the weaker stone soldiers first.

A ball of green soul flew out from the stone soldier's corpse. It naturally flew into Yun Xi's body and improved his physical strength a little.

The second attack of the Flying Swallow Sword! After measuring the angle, Yun Xi brandished his sword. This time, he killed three stone soldiers together.

However, his luck ran out. Before Yun Xi used the last attack of the Flying Swallow Sword, the Assassin's Sword, various weapons had smashed down from the sky aiming at him from all directions.

Those childes of noble families, who were drawn into the trial by the stars and transformed into stone soldiers, weren't ordinary people.

If they didn't have enough power, how would they dare to take the test of the Sword Palace, which was conducted by the twin witches?

The stone soldiers who were killed by Yun Xi were the weakest among all the participants. They were just 16-years-old, but they were also at the top level of the 1st rank.

"Chi!" Before Yun Xi had the chance to feel his improved after his body absorbed the soul, he had been slashed through, torn apart, and cut up by weapon after weapon.

Green soul light-spots flew out from his body and flew back to the palace. Yun Xi observed that these souls were returned back to the stone soldiers again.

So that was what the rule was.

After killing his enemies, he still needed to absorb their souls. And once he was killed, the souls would fly out from his body and return back to their original bodies again.

This also meant that Yun Xi couldn't improve himself by killing the weaker enemies again and again.

That was reasonable. Equivalent exchange was the basic rule of the world. If he could improve himself by killing the soldiers again and again, the star's trial would be just a joke.

So there was just one stupid, but simple method he could choose. This was also the road the star's trial pointed out for him.

Becoming stronger bit by bit, activating his potential by wandering between life and death, and finally conquering the seemingly unconquerable road of trial!

There wasn't any shortcut. On the road to the great tower where the imprisoned princess was, he had to sprinkle countless blood. No matter what quest he chose, the road leading to the princess or the road leading to the heroine, he had to pay with the price of blood!

"Come on, let's start fighting!"

In the face of the aggressive stone soldier army, Yun Xi yelled.