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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 418

2022-06-15 07:14:51Publish Time: 662 views
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Chapter 418: The Fateful Three Chess Pieces

"Pa!" Yun Xi put down his 57th chess piece.

"Ah!" Urd emitted a sound that contained both pain and pleasure. Her body shivered, controlling the avatar of the one-eyed old man to respond to Yun Xi's move.

"Pa!" Yun Xi put down his 58th chess piece.

"Ooo!" Verdandi ground her teeth, trying her best to keep elegant when putting down her chess piece.

"Pa!" Yun Xi put down his 59th chess piece.

"No! No! Don't come over to me!" Skuld really cried. Her hands couldn't help but, uncontrollably they followed the route of Yun Xi's chess pieces.

It was not a game, they were just the dolls dancing as they followed Yun Xi's moves.

As for Yun Xi, he still knew nothing about this.

In his eyes, he only saw the God of Wisdom striking back at his chess pieces using the most suitable copying style.

Finally, he found a chess player whose understanding of Star Go was at the same level as him.

"Awesome... he is strong... Mei'er, do you see it? This is the 6 star points!" Yun Xi praised.

He felt that they were connected on the chessboard.

He didn't need to say anything, as long as he put down his chess piece, the God of Wisdom would respond to him following the orbits of stars.

For the first time, he realized that Star Go could be played in this manner.

"No... stop!" Looking at the chessboard, Urd felt as if it was swallowing her intellect, making her indulge in the pleasant sensation.

Sweat broke out all over her body, spreading an alluring smell into the air.

Slowly, her breathing became heavy. As her chest rose and fell, her mind became blank. She couldn't think or remember anything, an instinctive impulse was urging her to do something.

As for what the thing was... it was too embarrassing to say!

For the first time, she saw such a terrible attack method on the chessboard. She had no strength to resist it.

What was it? The game on the chessboard could even affect their true bodies?!

No, stop, stop!

"No... I can't stop. It's bad. Sisters, Urd, Skuld! Wake up!" Verdandi tried hard to ignore the strong pleasant sensation in her body, trying to awaken Urd and Skuld.

Unfortunately, she was hardly able to save herself.

"Skuld isn't innocent anymore, I will become a bad child!" Theoretically, Skuld had the strongest resistance to this allure, but she could also barely withstand it. Her watery eyes looked around blankly, and her toes trembled, curled and loosened from time to time.




Yun Xi continuously put down three chess pieces. He felt they were the most smooth three steps he had ever played.

To the three goddesses, these three chess pieces became the final blow to their bodies.


The first chess piece broke Urd's fragile mental defense.

"Whoa!" Her body bent down, almost slumping on the chessboard.

"Pa!" The second chess piece broke Verdandi's last defense.

Her smooth long hair flopped over her shoulders, and in her clenched fist, the nails almost broke the skin in her palms. Her body shivered and announced her failure.

Silence was the last resistance she could make.


The third chess piece announced the degeneration of the last line of defense, Skuld.

"Whooa! I'm broken! I'm broken!" Skuld didn't know how to hide her true emotion. She felt confused about the strange reaction of her body.

Her teeth tightly bit her braid, and her pupils became lost in the shudder of her body.

As the only goddess who could observe the future, her soul was far more sensitive than her sisters, which meant that she felt the strongest stimulation from the soul.

Her heart was still too innocent, so she couldn't indulge herself in it like Urd, and didn't know how to hide her true feelings in silence like Verdandi. She had no resistance to the pleasant sensations from the deepest side of her soul.

After putting down the three chess pieces, Yun Xi was surprised for a moment, because he felt three distinct auras from the God of Wisdom.

This was the first time he felt three auras from one person at the same time.