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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 404

2022-06-15 07:12:59Publish Time: 622 views
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Chapter 404: 1+1


The green Sanctuary of Wind was three times larger than the Black Death Hexagram, it easily blew off the dark air on the star map. The shadow of the god of death behind Black Mage cried and was deported from the chessboard immediately.

In the face of the Sanctuary of Wind, Black Mage's Black Death Hexagram turned into ashes in the blink of an eye.

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!

Black Mage gazed at the chessboard. He repeated Yun Xi's moves over a thousand times in his heart, but still couldn't find how this situation formed.

This star map biased toward dark type, this was also the reason why he was so confident.

What happened?

How did the Sanctuary of Wind form?

Am I really defeated?

What the hell was happening?!

Black Mage had played Star Go many years, and he was defeated by many people many times. He accepted to be defeated by Orfina the Ruby Dragon, Norn the God of Wisdom and even Cyber Elf Alpha, however, he couldn't accept what happened this time!

The game with Cyber Elf Alpha made him wonder what the meaning of his life was, this game with Yun Xi made him wonder if he really knew how to play Star Go.

He understood how Cyber Elf Alpha defeated him, it was because of her overwhelming computing power.

However, he didn't understand how he was defeated by "A Cloud in the Sky" at all!

There wasn’t any battle, competition, or trick, everything went smoothly just like he thought, then he suddenly found that he had lost.

Weird. It's too weird!

Black Mage never met such a style and such an opponent before.

This was Yun Xi's style of play Star Go, this was his unique genre of Star Go!

Yun Xi only put down his chess pieces by following his feelings. He didn't need to calculate at all.

Black Mage could calculate the change that would happen in the next 30 rounds, calculating 1 teraflop per second.

Cyber Elf Alpha was more terrible. She could easily calculate all the changes that would happen in the next 100 rounds, calculating 1 petaflop per second.

As for Yun Xi's computing power... he still felt headaches when seeing the mathematical books such as "Nine @@@@@Chapters on Mathematical Art" and "Geometrical Principle".

Why could Yun Xi win? The reason was simple.

When Black Mage tried to set his proud Black Death Hexagram in the chaotic area, Yun Xi had seen the hidden Sanctuary of Wind on the chessboard.

Yes, Black Mage was right, the Sanctuary of Wind wouldn't be formed within 50 rounds, till after the 54th round, the trace of the hidden Sanctuary of Wind would appear.

From the chess piece he put on tengen, Yun Xi sensed the aura of the Sanctuary of Wind!

From the beginning, he was disposing the Sanctuary of Wind. His instinct told him that the Sanctuary of Wind was the biggest "ko" that could be formed on this star map.

When Black Mage's Black Death Hexagram formed, Yun Xi's Sanctuary of Wind was waiting for him to activate 30 rounds ago. He was just bored waiting for the coming of the wind.

Actually, Black Mage was already defeated 30 rounds ago. He already couldn't stop Yun Xi's Sanctuary of Wind from forming at that time.

To Yun Xi, it was as simple as "1+1". In his heart, Star Go was really easy that even a monkey could understand its rules.

If Black Mage knew Yun Xi's thought, he would definitely spit blood in anger!

You can read the star map and naturally understand that the embryonic form of the Sanctuary of Wind would form after 50 rounds? You can see the orbits of stars by using your naked eyes?

Oh dammit, if I can do it, why do I need to increase my computing power?

The orbits of stars followed countless rules of the world, every second and minute the changes that happened to a star was astronomical!

Only legend ranked beings could withstand the overwhelming calculation to predict the orbit of stars.

Even gods couldn't see the traces of the star map with their eyes. It had nothing to do with computing power. It was simply impossible!

His style... was already beyond "legend"!

If Black Mage's computing power was 100, Cyber Elf Alpha's computing power would be 10,000 or more, Yun Xi's computing power would be only 1 or less. However, he could win, because they were not comparing the same thing.

In the eyes of the Black Mage, he saw countless computing formulas when he looked at the stars.

In the eyes of Yun Xi, he only saw a beautiful star map formed by stars, and he naturally knew how to make it become more beautiful by moving the stars.

In Black Mage's mind, Starry Sky Chessboard was a stage of showing wisdom, a competition of computing power.

In Yun Xi's mind, it was a matter of nature, because he just tried to arrange the patterns on a picture to make it become beautiful.

This was the reason why Black Mage froze after seeing Yun Xi's Sanctuary of Wind. Till his time ran out, he didn't put down a chess piece.

Because the "thread" in his mind had broken.