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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 390

2022-06-15 07:07:15Publish Time: 771 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 390: The Real Sky Tower

Looking at the figure with mixed feelings, Yun Xi understood what a wide gap was between them.

However, when he looked at the figure who had stood at that place for countless years, he could only feel a word - "loneliness".

How long has she stayed in front of this door? Since when has her time been frozen?

As the Guardian of the Door, did she dream of leaving the golden seashore and take a rest?

"What's your name?" Walking to the girl, Yun Xi asked.

Even he himself didn't know why he was so bold to ask a Sky Sword's name.




The scene fell into silence. After a long while, the girl, the oldest Sky Sword looked at Yun Xi with a meaningful look.

"You... are not Casina."

"Yes, I'm my teacher's disciple."

"She gave you her mark of the Sky Tower."

"Yes, I think so."

"Then, you should get into the door."

After confirming his identity, the girl closed her eyes again.

Even though she thought that it was misbehaving to pass on the mark of the Sky Tower to others, since it was allowed by the rules of the Sky Tower, she wouldn't say anything.

"Please, tell me your name. Tell me, please!" Like a child who wanted candy, Yun Xi walked around the Sky Sword who had closed her eyes in silence.

This was his first time to be so proactive. Is it because his dream came true? Although she was standing there, he still felt that she was unreal and fantastic, as if she would disappear if she didn't tell him her name.

"You talk too much." The Sky Sword opened her eyes and held her sword.

She brandished the sword, and instantly, Yun Xi was blown into the door.

"Target disappeared." After driving Yun Xi into the door of the Sky Tower, the girl closed her eyes and continued to guard the door.

Her silver blue pony tail blew in the wind, as if nothing had happened just now.


"Whooa!" Yun Xi dropped to the ground at a high speed from the sky, and finally landed safely.

In fact, it wasn't ground but was just a stone plate like thing in the sky. If I were an ordinary person, the person would be too nervous to feel the existence of their legs.

The stone plate was connected with a tall tower in the void, which was surrounded by endless rune words.

Countless scenes of different worlds were reflected on the body of the tower.

The White Lotus Sword Domain, the Great Yuan Sword Domain, the Great Qin Sword Domain, the Great Zhou Sword Domain, the Great Han Sword Domain, the Great Tang Sword Domain, the Great Xia Sword Domain...

All the sword domains in the Sky Sword God's Domain, as long as there were projections of the Sky Tower in the domains, were all appearing on the body of the tall tower. And their reflections just occupied a small area of the tower's body.

The entire Sky Tower was connected with countless worlds, which was impossible to figure out the total. And from time to time, there would be a brand new scene of a world appearing on the tower's body, which meant that a new world just joined the web system of the Sky Tower.

This was the nature of the Sky Tower, the core connecting endless god's domains. And there were six towers who had the same function like the Sky Tower in the universe.

The seven towers were the foundation that the endless god domain world could form.

Through the star bridge system connecting the seven towers, the god domains which were over thousands of light years away could be an equal member of the same world system.

Arguably, the endless god domain world was a civilization building on the seven towers.

The Sky Tower, the God Tower, the Dragon Tower... if they didn't exist, there would only be countless small worlds scattered around the universe, the current "god domain world" would never form.

"Is this the real Sky Tower?" Looking around, Yun Xi found that he was at the lower part of the upper part of the tower, the location belonged to Sky Sword God's Domain on the Sky Tower. There were only a few god's domains nearby.

In fact, the sword-shaped sword domains only existed in the Sky Sword God's Domain, in other god’s domains, their worlds weren’t called sword domain, neither in the shape of sword. They were formed in different shapes.

Moreover, compared to other god's domains, the territory of the Sky Sword God's Domain wasn't large at all. However, it could occupy such a large area on the upper part of the Sky Tower, which proved the strong power of the Sky Swords.

Above the Sky Sword God's Domain, there was only one god's domain, which was more vast and larger. Surrounded by endless white clouds, there were countless strange beasts flying in the sky of that domain.

There was a beast who could turn into whale and roc.

Its name was Kun, who was an old fantasy creature at the same rank with Hydra.

There was a snake who flew in the Lightning Swamp with two wings, who was an old fantasy creature called Feather Snake.

There were a group of birds whose wings covered with golden lights, who were the guardians of Buddha, eating giant snakes as their foods.

In the entire Eastern God's Domain, only a god's domain had so many fantasy creatures.

"It's... the Kunlun God's Domain." Looking at the scene of the domain, Yun Xi knew it was the biggest domain and the symbol of civilization worlds, the Kunlun God's Domain.

In legend, it was the homeland of endless fantasy creatures, the strongest domain in the entire Eastern God's Domain.

Just like the Dragon God's Domain was the only overlord in the entire Northern God's Domain, the Kunlun God's Domain stood for the civilization of the entire eastern world. The master of the Kunlun God's Domain was an old god called "West Queen", the mother of all fantasy creatures.

Her identity in the Eastern God's Domain was equal to the master of the Western God's Domain, one of Yun Xi's ex-girlfriends, the god above all gods, Ionia. Her rank was even higher than the legend rank.