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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 369

2022-06-15 07:04:27Publish Time: 740 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 369: The Holy Beetle

Question 1: In the face of an unsuspecting prey, what should I do?

This was a big problem in the eyes of the 16 year old energetic young boy.

Question 2: In the face of the girl who trusts me and wants me to help her, should I turn a blind eye at this time?

This was the question in the eyes of the "maid" who served these girls.

If he chose the "standard answer" for the first question, he would become a "beast".

If he chose the "right answer" of the second question, he would be an excellent maid.

"Whoa! It shouldn't be so hard to make a choice!"

I must become an upright gentleman! In his mind, the avatar of his desire and the avatar of his honesty were having a heavy fight.

"Ah!" Suddenly, Hua Yue exclaimed and this broke the balance of the battle in his heart.

"Go! Go! Go!" His desire turned into a black devil, yelling at him with excitement.

"How can you call yourself a man if you draw back at this time?!"

"Let's go and see what is happening." His honesty turned into the appearance of the Killing Princess and said straightly.

Is there any other choice? Yun Xi felt that he just walked up to an important crossroad in his life.

"You don't have any choice! It's impolite to turn a blind eye to such a beautiful girl!" The devil said in his heart.

"Be quick!" The Killing Princess gazed at him with an indifferent look.

Why isn't there an option that can let me be a person of integrity? Yun Xi sighed and walked to Hua Yue's back in a sad mood.

"What's wrong?" His fingers softly touched her tender skin. After being possessed by the Sky Sword in the Water God's world, Hua Yue's temperament had become much more leisurely and confident, and the handfeel of her skin was much more smoothly. If she announced that her identity was a princess from the Western God's Domain, no one would doubt her words.

"It's a bug. A bug just flew into my clothes." Hua Yue's shoulder shivered, looking like she was enduring something.

She wouldn't show such an expression in front of others.

As the inheritor of the old White Golden Rose Bloodline, she was raised as a noble since her childhood.

She was as proud as a princess, and as confident as a prince. Her character was totally different from Hua Huo, looking more like an unattainable flower than anyone.

Only in front of "Mei", she didn't mind exposing the effeminacy of her heart.

Just like the most beautiful white golden rose in the garden, she was emitting the most colorful light of her life.

It wasn't a skill she had learned, but was a talent she was born with. Her instinct made her hear the footsteps of Yun Xi, then her hand lightly trembled and the clothes half dropped from her body.

Why did that happen?

It must be the miracle called "fate".

"A bug?" Yun Xi's body became stiff. It was really a big problem for both of them.

"Eh. I feel that it just dropped into my dress. Mei, help me." Hua Yue's hands covered her "big rabbits" on her chest and showed her back to him.

"Ok... ok..." Yun Xi was so embarrassed that he wanted to cry. Why don't know any magic that can drive away bugs?

Stretching out his hands, he searched for the bug. His fingers touched her snow white skin, feeling the softness he didn't really dare to imagine where it was from.

Sitting half naked, Hua Yue closed her eyes shyly, just like a rose that was waiting to be picked.

"I found it!" Being tormented by a sense of guilt, he finally caught the restless bug and drew back his hands from Hua Yue's dress.

Oh, it's really a ferocious beetle! How did it fly into the girl's dorm? From the six golden spots on its shell, it should be a beetle.

"Thank you, Mei. Let it go." Looking at the struggling beetle in Yun Xi's hand, she said with mercy.

"Ok." Looking at the strange bug in confusion, he opened the window and threw it out.

"Recently, I always feel that my chest becomes tight." After the minor episode, Hua Yue naturally started to chat with Yun Xi.

Since he even touched her skin, it wouldn't be a problem to help her button her band. Even he himself felt surprised that he got used to it so easily.

"Is this the problem, having a pair of big breasts?" He tried his best not to look at her breasts through the mirror.

"Yes, it troubles me every day, but I can't solve it. When I study sword skill, they are really a pair of burdens. It's not easy to adjust the balance of my body with them." Hua Yue kneaded her big white rabbits with emotion.

"I see. But, you must have drunk a lot of papaya milk so that they could become so big." Yun Xi said, judging her recipes as a hero ranked Baker.

"You know it well, Mei. At any rate, it's important to ensure nutrition. Milk and papaya all taste good." Hua Yue said with a sweet smile, talking about the topics of girls with him.


After Yun Xi left the room, Hua Yue pushed open the window and looked at the beetle, who was staying on a leaf without moving.

"The Holy Beetle is expensive, but it's worth the price!" Hua Yue whistled. Immediately, the beetle flew to her and hid in her clothes.

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