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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 365

2022-06-15 07:03:55Publish Time: 678 views
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Chapter 365: The Battle God's Gift

"Whoa, it's... amazing..." Sitting on Yun Xi's back, she poked his acupuncture points stimulating his body function and thought of the advanced practicing plan.

If the worst situation happened, and Yun Xi really had only three months of life, what could she do to change this?

The Sands of Time just predicted the target's lifetime by judging the target's life force. It was a theoretical value but not an irreversible prophecy.

In fact, most people couldn't live for 100 years, so the theoretical value would only be established in the most perfect state.

"Three months or shorter, is there any imperceptible defect in his body? No, I don't think so. His body is perfect..." Casina started to consider how she could help her disciple.

Her "soft body" had reached the acme of perfection. As a martial artist who knew the human body far better than anyone, she didn't think that Yun Xi's body had any defect.

On the contrary, his physique was the best amongst all her disciples, this was also one of the most important reasons why she wanted him to be her disciple.

"If it wasn't because of his body, then there should be another reason. Maybe there are problems about his mentality, soul or natal horoscope..." Looking at Yun Xi's sleeping face, Casina guessed.

Mentality was a basic to study magic. Casina heard that some people who had a natural autism could obtain strong mentality naturally, however, their minds were also easy to break down, because their bodies couldn't handle the burden of such a strong mind.

Soul was a mystery of the universe, just like the rules of time. Even gods couldn't interfere with it too much.

Natal horoscope was a person's fate. There were always special people or heroes appearing in the river of history, who could change their fates by exceeding many people’s expectations. For the people who had the Emperor Natal Horoscope, it was much easier to become an emperor than anyone else, and the people who had the Death Natal Horoscope were doomed to be lonely all their life.

Even Casina herself had the natal horoscope called "Battle God".

However, Casina wasn't good in these realms, therefore, she couldn't say if Yun Xi had some problem with his mentality, soul or natal horoscope. But if he didn't have any problem, how would her sword say that he could only live for three months?

Fortunately, in the long history, there were always some special geniuses who had these problems too, and there were thousands of cases about how to solve the illness of the soul.

Geniuses were valuable treasures, therefore, there were always forces who would do everything to heal them. In history, in order to help the geniuses who had the same problems, countless forces tried various methods to cure the illnesses of the soul.

Some of them didn't even mind using a forbidden skill that would sacrifice a million ordinary people.

"I think it's a problem about his soul." Casina hesitated, then put down a shell onto Yun Xi's chest.

"So, I will give you this."

"Even to me, it's a unique treasure. Don't disappoint me, my disciple."

Countless sand dropped from Casina's sword, the Sands of Time and gathered to the shell, forming a light hourglass like pattern on it.

It was Casina's "identity". In order to help Yun Xi solve the problem of his soul, she conferred unto him her "identity".

"Anyway, I don't need to go to 'that place' anymore. You should be able to find some treasures to cure your soul there. Don't waste it."


"Oh..." Yun Xi woke up. He felt that his body was relaxed and his chest felt warm. He could smell a trace of the bouquet of wine from his mouth.

He sat up and looked around, finding that he was sitting on the ground, and the floating ship was nowhere.

He heard Casina's voice beside his ears.

"My cute disciple, that's all for today. You did well. I need to leave for now, and the next training will start three days from now. Try to get used to your improved physique before that."

"Oh, and I left a gift for you. Remember to hold the shell in your hands and repeat 'Open, the Sky Tower' three times when you sleep. Something fantastic will happen after that!"

"I was planning to give you this after you entered the hero rank, but you behaved good, so I will give it to you now. Don’t feel shy to praise your generous teacher!"

"Oh, and I have erased the side effects of the practice using the Sands of Time. The next training will be much harder, please prepare yourself."

"Oh, that's really 'generous'!" Yun Xi retorted and looked at his chest.

On the white shell, there was an hourglass like pattern. Is it Casina's gift?

"Open, the Sky Tower!" sounds like a secret signal. What does it mean?

With doubts in his heart, he stood up and stealthily returned to his room in the girl's dorm.

On the way, he understood the improvements the "Swing Style" had brought for him.

"My speed is 5% faster, and my flexibility is increased 3%, or more. My bones and nerves are improved by 1%. Apart from these, nothing has been changed."

Yun Xi checked his body with a strange look.

Is it because of the talent of the "Soft Body"?

His body was already very close to the limit of ordinary humans. Even 1% was an amazing change, not to mention 5%.

The improvement in his speed and flexibility were easy to understand, but his bones and nerves were also improved by 1%. He was actually developing into a non human!