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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 363

2022-06-15 07:03:39Publish Time: 722 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 363: The Swing Style

"The third style?" Wiping away the sweat on his forehead, Yun Xi felt that his body had been exhausted. Practicing the Treasure Ship Style a thousand times was already his limit, it wasn't possible to study any new style now.

"There are seven basic styles in the Battle God Genre, and it'd be better to master them as soon as possible. You have great talent, but to learn the third style you must have a strong will too." Looking at Yun Xi, Casina also considered whether it was too early to teach him the third style.

In the past, her best disciple learned the third style after practicing the Treasure Ship Style a week.

"Can I become strong after learning the third style?" Yun Xi took a deep breath and looked at Casina seriously.

In order to have a wonderful future, in order to escape away from his four ex-girlfriends, he pursued powers.

Even though the stars had pointed out a road for him, which could let him become stronger and stronger as long as he kept experiencing the trial worlds.

However, it wasn't enough. He had a strong sense of crisis in his heart. Therefore, even though his body had groaned with pain, he still wanted to try it now.

"Yes, the third style can greatly help you improve your physique, but it's really a harsh trial for you. Because there isn't an upper limit when talking about its difficulty." A mysterious smile appeared on the corners of Casina's mouth.

It was really rare to find such an enterprising disciple.

Most people with great talents were proud and arrogant, including her previous disciples, they couldn't understand the meaning of doing basic training.

Now, she found a new pleasure in her life, that was to cultivate this new disciple and wait for him to grow up. Then one day, he would be able to challenge his predecessors, her previous disciples whose fame had spread far and wide.

"I will do it!" Yun Xi ground his teeth. Regardless that his body was protesting with aching pain, he stood up steadily.

After the limit practice in the valley, his soul had been reborn. His body was improved, and his will too.

He believed that he could accomplish Casina's special training, even though it was obviously much more difficult and dangerous.

"Ok, then let's start. I can tell you, none of your previous predecessors accomplished the third style perfectly." Casina looked at her poor disciple, who was trying to challenge the third style without even knowing anything about it.

Even his predecessors, her disciples who had reached the hero rank didn't want to remember the experience of practicing this again!

"May I ask the name of the third style?" Yun Xi raised his hand. He suddenly had an ominous presentiment.

"I named it 'the Swing Style'." Casina smiled with expectation. She gently stretched out her hand and pulled out a thread from her ear.

"Gee?" Yun Xi looked at the thread in surprise. Undoubtedly, it was the same thread that hung down from the floating ship.

Can the thread be just a strand of her hair?

"Shuffle!" Before he reacted, the thread had bound his waist.

"Listen, the Swing Style follows the rule of the ring of all things. You need to experience the limit of 'softness' in the endless circular rings."

"And remember, it will be a test to your physique. Before you lose consciousness, it won't stop."

Before Yun Xi understood the meaning of it, his body had been thrown out.

"Puff!" In the violent wind, he lost the control of his body, flying in the air like a kite.

And this was just the beginning of his hell!

"Shuffle!" The boundary between sky and earth became nebulous in his eyes. His stomach twisted, because he was experiencing a terrible acceleration that ordinary people could never withstand.

Spinning around the Sands of Time, he started to "practice" the "Swing Style", which really should be called "endless circling motion".

At first, he could still move his hands and legs, trying to adjust the balance of his body.

Then, he ground his teeth, trying to preserve bearing.

Soon afterwards, he felt dazzled and saw illusions in his sight.

The name "Swing Style" deceived him, although it looked really like swinging in the air.

However, when it was swinging on a strand of hair, spinning around a ship that was suspended in the sky that was thousands of metres high, it wasn't enjoyable at all.

Moreover, it was accelerating!

In the tenth round, Yun Xi thought that he had seen the world of the afterlife, where he was surrounded by countless golden stars.

"Well... well... he’s created a new record..." Looking at him, Casina praised.

Her best disciple before could only hold on seven rounds. He had experienced ten rounds and was still up and running.

It seemed that he hadn't reached his limit.

Well, why don't we challenge a higher threshold? Casina snapped, then the floating ship moved bit by bit, flying to the sky above.

From thousands of metres high to tens of thousands of metres high, the "Swing Style" didn't have a limit. If she wanted, she could even let the ship fly out of the atmosphere, making him experience the "Planet Swinging".

Of course, he was still a mortal, he couldn't breathe after leaving the atmosphere, so she didn't really consider this alluring idea seriously.

"Arrrghhh!" Although his eyes were bleary, he still immediately felt the increase in the speed. His stomach turned flips, and his mind finally went blank in the 18th rounds.

"Hum... very well, a new record!" Taking him aboard, Casina kicked his body and murmured with satisfaction.

The next second, her god weapon, gravel-like lights diffused from the sword "the Sands of Time" and fell onto Yun Xi's body.