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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 354

2022-06-15 07:02:27Publish Time: 680 views
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Chapter 354: The Aura of the Evil God

"It's still alive... what a strong life..." Yun Xi stepped one foot on the belly of the Black Demon Dog, who was still struggling fiercely although one of the twin swords had pierced through its heart, where the "core", the weak point of it was.

The core of the Black Demon Dog could move freely inside its body. It wouldn't be fixed to any certain place but move around inside the deepest parts of its body, such as under the heart or on its tail. Very rare Black Demon Dogs who had confidence in themselves would expose their cores on their foreheads.

However, it doesn't matter where it is. As long as I tore this ugly, dirty beast to ribbons, there was no way the core could still exist.

The core of the Black Demon Dog was actually a ball of dirty flesh and black blood. Common weapons couldn't harm it, because they would be quickly eroded by its black blood, which was learned by humans through countless lessons written in blood.

"Ga... woof..." The Black Demon Dog stared at Yun Xi fiercely, regardless that its core had been pierced through and a great amount of black blood was flowing out of the wound.

Especially when it saw Mei'er was snuggling up next to Yun Xi's feet, tears of blood filled its eyes.

"Hum? It's..." Yun Xi looked at it in confusion.

"What a strong grievance... this Black Demon Dog isn't simple..." Kingfisher also saw the flaming aura of hatred from the black dog's battered body.

It looked as if its most important lover was being stolen in front of it and it couldn't do anything.

"Zii! Zii!" Suddenly, a great amount of black mist roared out of the black dog's body. The air blast was so strong that Yun Xi had to step back.

Most parts of the Black Demon Dog's battered body were swallowed by the black mist, and only its heart was still pounding in the air.

All the black mists gathered together around the black heart, forming a weird rune.

"It can be stronger?" Yun Xi's eyes stared at it with interest and pleasure.

Common Demons couldn't have such strong power. Maybe it was really a "big fish".

You’d better let me enjoy a satisfying battle!

"This feeling... is it an evil god rank?" Kingfisher's eyes became serious. "Evil god rank" was too strong for this small sword domain. The Demons at this rank could even destroy an entire god's domain.

How could a lower-level Black Demon Dog have such a strong power? Moreover, the seal still existed, it was impossible for evil god ranked Demons to pass through it.

The seal is the strongest seal of humans, dragons and elves. Can it have really become weakened?

"I don't care who you are, just let me kill you!" Yun Xi held the twin swords and made a posture.

It was the starting position of the Killing Princess' Dance of Revenge and Blood!

"Boom!" The Black Demon Dog sensed danger. The mist suddenly spread and countless runes appeared, dragging the heart into the darkness.

The Dark Skyfall dispelled and the sunlight shone onto the street again. The people on the street looked around in confusion and didn't know why they suddenly wanted to hide in their rooms just now.

"The Power of the Magician Demon. Yes, it's an evil god ranked power." Kingfisher walked to Yun Xi, just like what he did when he followed the Killing Princess in the old days.

"Gee... oh... what did I do?" Yun Xi suddenly woke up and gazed at the twin swords in his hands in surprise.

I was myself, but not myself just now!

When he brandished his swords, he understood all the weak points of the Black Demon Dog, but it couldn't be a knowledge that he knew himsel

"Little princess, enjoy your peaceful life. May it be long." Kingfisher looked at him with his gentle eyes.

Since she inherited the Killing Princess' heritage, she would face the same fate sooner or later.

The Killing Princess' life was a legend, but also a tragedy.

She was once the most favorite princess, but she finally entered the non-human realm.

Even Kingfisher had followed her many years, he had never really gone deep into her heart.

Only she herself knew what a heavy load and misfortune she was carrying.

Kingfisher had a complex feeling about Yun Xi.

He looked for the characters of the Killing Princess from her, but also wanted her to keep her innocence.

"Treasure your peaceful life now, because you are doomed to be on the battlefield one day."

"But don't worry, when that day comes, I will come to you again and become your most loyal advisor."

"Now, it's time to say good bye, my little princess”, said Kingfisher.

Then turned around and walked away with Kite and Williams, only leaving his back to the girls on the street who were looking at him with longing.

"His words are strange." Yun Xi shook his head and forgot about this. He picked up Mei'er and stroked its quivering body, asking it what happened.

"Whoa! Master! That big dog is terrible! It's a bad dog!" Mei'er cried.

Fifteen minutes ago.

In the alley not far away from where Yun Xi was.

"Hum... humm... this should be this place!" Mei'er walked gently on the street. Its golden fur reflected the bright light of the sun, making it look like a prideful princess.

In the deepest side of the remote alley, there was a big figure. It was a big dog that was as strong as a bull, whose size could scare ordinary people into crying.

At this moment, Mei'er felt an unusual aura from this big dog's body.