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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 344

2022-06-15 07:01:07Publish Time: 777 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 344: Awakening

"Gee?" Yun Xi thought that it was a delusion when he first heard the sound.

Other people were still immersed in the incredible battles just now, they wondered how could this girl be so arbitrary.

"Dong!" When the second echo came through his heart, he realized that it couldn't be a delusion.

Something very huge, very old was resonating with his heart!

"Dong!" When the third sound echoed, he couldn't help but look around nervously.

He couldn't tell if it was good or bad, because it seemed that only he heard the sounds.

The sounds were close, because his heart pounded heavily when resonating with the sounds.

The sounds were distant, because they were the last traces of the "Wonder" after such an overwhelming time had elapsed.

"Dong!" When the fourth sound appeared, Hua Huo suddenly looked around and pressed her hand on her chest with a surprised look.

In the sky above the White Lotus Sword Palace, a colorful light spread around and slowly shrank, leaving a circle of spiral burr like light in the sky.

The spiral burr was violet and red, looking like a door leading to another with.

Two small lights were floating under the spiral burr hand to hand. They were the future masters of this sword domain, White Lotus and Red Lotus.

Apparently, they had also heard the "sound", and they clearly knew what the sound meant.

In fact, the twin witches were the guardians of the projection of the secret treasure. It was the biggest secret of the witches, which was inherited from generation to generation.

They didn't know the reason, but they knew the sleeping, old secret treasure suddenly showed a part of its "existence" just now.

No, it wasn't the "existence" of the projection, but the "existence" of the real White Lotus Secret Treasure. In the surprised eyes of the disciples, they couldn't stop their minds from linking this miracle with the announcement Hua Huo just said.

The patterns on the twin witches' clothes were suddenly activated, turning into an intangible chain locking the twin witches together.

The twin witches were back to back and hand to hand, their eyes vacuously looked to the front as if they were being possessed by some old spirit.

"The time is coming."

"The witches of destiny, announce it!"

"The great one will revive in this era!"

Red Lotus opened her eyes and stretched out her hand to the void.

"The sorrow is softly swaying, and the memory is in an infinite loop."

White Lotus opened her eyes and sang.

"The sleeping sorrow is going to wake up, turning into pale tears and sad groan."

The chain linking the twin witches became a thread and spread out to the sky, intertwining together with the spiral burr.

"Your confusion."

"Your missing."

"Your memory."

"You soul."

"They are here. They are here!"

"However..." Their faces suddenly turned to be indifferent.

"Only the phantom of the past is waiting for you. They can't say, they can't hear, they can't meet you, and they will be eternal."

"Only when you walk through the river of time, accomplishing the wish of the person who won't be forgiven, you can find the truth of everything."

"Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, only the soul will be immortal, but you won't recognize it... he is everywhere..."

"Dong!" When the twin witches finished their prediction, suddenly, all people's hearts had a heavy pounding.

A huge figure emerged out of the sky behind the twin witches, then one light after another appeared inside it and dropped to the ground, flying into everyone's body.

They were the purest lights being washed by the river of time. Everyone heard the sound after the lights flew into their bodies, and they realized that something suddenly appeared inside their souls.

They found no words to describe how wonderful this "Wonder" was. The stronger they were, the more value they could feel from the "Wonder".

"The White Lotus Secret Treasure!" Hua Huo was the first person who realized what this meant.

It was the blessing from the White Lotus Secret Treasure. In legend, it was a rare treasure even to hero ranked beings, not to mention to ordinary people.

Originally, only the top ten disciples could obtain this blessing after being recognized by the projection of the secret treasure, but now, everyone in the sword tip area just enjoyed this benefit.

It was a blessing that could increase one's understanding about everything for ten days. Originally, it was a core secret of the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Hua Huo's family knew this secret a long time ago, so they picked up and moved house to this remote sword domain from their original home in the Western God's Domain.

Her bloodline was so perfect that she didn't need any object to enhance her physique. Only this secret treasure, which could increase her understanding was the best to her.

Apparently, the amount of the blessing was amazing, but they were just a small part of the real effect of the secret treasure.

Probably it would only increase everyone's understanding for one day. For example, Hua Yue felt that her mind suddenly became clear and efficient after hearing the sound. She suddenly understood the several sword skills that were troubling her.

Even though it could only last for one day, which was just one tenth of the effect of the projection, but it was producing an effect on all beings in this area.

Not only humans, but even dogs and cats also got benefits from it. Some dogs' and cats' eyes suddenly became fresh and vivacious, it was the sign that their brains were developing wisdom.

It was just a tiny part of the real power of the secret treasure. Perhaps only Yun Hai the Sword Master knew the full effect of the real White Lotus Secret Treasure.

"Oh, you didn't disappoint me! You are mine, the White Lotus Secret Treasure!"

Feeling the refreshing ideas that were popping out of her mind, Hua Huo looked at the disappearing spiral burr in high spirit.

This day, many people, many beings' lives were changed.

This day, many beings looked up at the sky, feeling the power of the legendary secret treasure with their own bodies.

"Well, well, well, there is really going to be trouble." Casina whispered, as if she had witnessed the coming rainstorm caused by this emergency.

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