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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 341

2022-06-15 07:00:43Publish Time: 703 views
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Chapter 341: The Next!

White Lotus Badge stood for the recognition of the Sword Palace and was the pride of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. Any graduate who had this badge would be respected as a high class person in the mortal world or could use it as a "key" to open the door leading to high level sword domains.

Ice Lotus Badge stood for the highest honour of the Sword Palace. Even in high level sword domains like the Great Zhou or the Great Xia, the people holding this badge would be treated with special respect.

Even the people in far away god's domains, such as in Western God's and Dragon God's Domain, recognized the Ice Lotus Badge, because it was equal to a confirmation of the hero rank.

The basic requirement to obtain an Ice Lotus Badge was to reach the hero rank. A person under the hero rank would never be listed in the top ten list of the White Lotus Sword Domain, even if there were still vacant positions in the top ten list.

Hero ranked beings held the balance of all god's domains. There were the foundation stone and core force of the endless domains.

Most legend ranked beings, such as Casina, Shaya Longnis and Hydra were bothered to deal with political affairs. It was a general case throughout all domains.

To legend ranked beings, including gods, fantasy creatures, and humans who were even stronger than fantasy creature overlords, the laws and morals of the mortal worlds could never restrict them.

Although they lived in the same universe with all beings, their "society" indeed overrode the secular world.

Hero ranked beings were the real rulers of the mortal world, the links connecting between the mortal rank and the legend rank together with them.

Zhou Zhen's first goal was to obtain an Ice Lotus Badge. In order to accomplish this, he needed to defeat one of the current top ten disciples and got the chance to touch the projection of the secret treasure.

Therefore, he needed to practice his "mortal body" to his limit, so that he could enter the hero rank in his most consummate state.

Only in this case, he could obtain the strongest power he could have after he reached the hero rank.

To him, "Hua Huo's challenge" was a perfect touchstone for him.

"Oh, it seems that you are different from these idiots before." Hua Huo backhanded her broken sword and looked at Zhou Zhen with a faint smile.

"I felt a very familiar temperament from you. Perhaps it's because we are all the best amongst the same generation." Listening to her prideful speech, he just smiled tolerantly.

She was indeed a super genius. From the battles before, he was sure that this girl in front of him would undoubtedly obtain an Ice Lotus Badge soon.

Just like me, she is a genius above geniuses. Perhaps she never tasted the bitterness of failure before she came to the White Lotus Sword Domain.

After all, it's rare to encounter hero ranked people in the mortal world.

Just like the rule of "legend rank beings can't enter common sword domains without permission", there was also an unspoken rule that hero ranked beings couldn't enter the mortal world without permission, unless there was a valid justification.

The existence itself of legend ranked beings would cause earthquakes and seaquakes in the mortal world. Hero ranked beings wouldn't cause these problems, but they were still too dangerous for ordinary people.

All hero ranked beings had exceeded the limit of flesh and blood, they could easily abolish any state power alone. If they interfered in the politics of any mortal world, they would inevitably break the balance amongst civil authorities.

This was also the reason why the forces in the sword handle area were shocked when they knew the twin witches would hold the Entrance Examination of the Sword Palace personally.

According to the rules of the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, Sword Palaces could control the sword tip area of each sword domain, the sword blade area belonged to wild animals and other forces, and the sword handle area were the residence of ordinary people.

Hero ranked beings should stay in the sword blade area and sword tip area. Unless it was really necessary, they should never get themselves involved in the mortal world.

This was order and balance, for leaving a peaceful living area for mortals.

Till Zhou Zhen came to the Sword Palace and saw the world of the hero rank with his eyes, he finally understood how ridiculous his arrogance about his talent was.

Yes, he was a genius, but none of the boys and girls who had arrived at the Sword Palace was an ordinary person.

Even though the disciples who were regarded as reservists, who wouldn't be admitted as the formal disciples of the Sword Palace, they were all super geniuses in the cities or towns they were born in.

The top ten disciples were all far more competent than Zhou Zhen. They taught him a heavy lesson, making him understand the gap between the mortal rank and the hero rank.

"You are strong, far stronger than when I just arrived at the Sword Palace, however, you are still a mortal and your power has a limit, because even the strongest mortal rank can't defeat the weakest hero rank! So, your challenge will be ended by me!" Zhou Zhen had no doubt that he was already the strongest disciple under the hero rank. He drew out his sword, pointing it at Hua Huo.

"The name of my sword is Cold Moon, and the sword skill I will use is..."

"Boom!" She brandished her sword. The shock wave blowed Zhou Zhen into the air. Three seconds later, he dropped to the ring like a battered doll.

"Carry him out. Next!" She shrugged her shoulders and yelled again.

"Humph, Zhou Zhen was useless. It seems that I have to meet this challenge." The tenth disciple, Luo Su, who was from a middle level sword domain and had practiced in the Sword Palace three years stepped onto the ring. He was the first hero ranked disciple on the ring.

"Boom!" 2 seconds later, he was blown off into the sky and dropped to the ground, then was quickly carried out by the disciples who wasn’t surprised to see this result.

"Carry him out. Next!" Her spirit mounted as the battle progressed. Her temperament was so amazing as if she was a tyrannosaurus who just broke into a sheepfold.

"No, I don't believe this! She must be using a secret skill, which can only have a reserve of a few minutes!" The ninth disciple, Wang Qi held his standard god weapon "Steel Scale Sword" in his hand and came to the ring.

"Boom!" A big human shaped hole appeared on the ground. His standard god weapon, "Steel Scale Sword" was twisted and casually thrown at the ground.

The disciples were already numb to this. They skillfully carried Wang Qi out.

"Carry him out. Next!"

"Carry him out. Next!"

"Carry him out. Next!"

"Carry him out. Next!"

Hua Huo's morale became higher and higher. After she broke one standard god weapon after another and beat down one genius after another, the disciples around the ring, who were already speechless, looked at her in mute amazement.

Finally, "There is no next!" Yun Xi yelled at her in a low voice.

She had defeated all the top ten disciples of the White Lotus Sword Domain.