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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 339

2022-06-15 07:00:27Publish Time: 750 views
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Chapter 339: Challenge

"I, Hua Huo, am the strongest freshman!"

"I don't like weak people, or the people who don't know their limitations and dare to challenge me!"

"I will become the new owner of the White Lotus Secret Treasure, and that's my purpose for coming here."

After her first failure in the Water God's world, some special character was aroused inside Hua Huo's body.

Her talent was far beyond the limit of everyone. In the small town, she was the undoubted strongest genius.

Because of this, including Yun Xi, they knew just how strong she was, but no one had realized to what degree her real talent and combat power had reached.

Until they came to the Water God's world, and he had become the "White Emperor" who was blessed by the entire world and was wearing three artifacts, he finally realized just how strong her real strength could be.

Common hero ranked people couldn't even hold out against her for a few seconds in the face of her attacks. With her Sky Flying Power, she could launch a surprise attack against her enemy at any time and from any angle.

Even if she was forced into a corner, her body contained almost endless energy, and she would become stronger and stronger while being trapped in that dilemma.

She was like a hero in the fairy tales of the Western domains or an immortal in the stories of the Eastern domains. As the only person who once drove her into a tight corner, he was the only person who knew just how invincible she was!

Her future is unlimited!

Even now, her power was sufficient to beat down most beings in the White Lotus Sword Domain!

Apart from Casina and Hydra, who were at the legend rank, it was very likely that none of the other people could defeat her.

And now, she was only 16 years old. No one could predict what kind of achievements she would make in the future, because she was doomed to become the most eye catching and brightest star in the starry sky.

The small failure in the Water God's world didn't get her down. Instead, it stimulated her belief of becoming stronger to a higher degree.

At present, she stood in front of everyone, facing all eyes from disciples and tutors of the Sword Palace alike, she announced her heartfelt feelings proudly, which would definitely push her to everyone's opposite side.

The White Lotus Secret Treasure was the deepest, most secret desire in everyone's heart. Not one of the disciples of the Sword Palace didn't dream of obtaining this legendary secret treasure.

There were a lot of tales about the secret treasure. As time went by, the tales didn't reduce but increased at a stable speed.

No one knew the real look of this secret treasure, because the secret treasure in the White Lotus Sword Palace was just a projection of the original, which couldn't even be regarded as the tip of an iceberg.

However, the projection had helped hundreds of people reach the hero rank. More or less, the people who touched the projection all obtained amazing benefits.

All of them did try to find the original of the projection, but none of them had succeeded.

Over time, the White Lotus Secret Treasure not only became a symbol of White Lotus Sword Domain, but also become famous in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain.

Every time the Sword Palace started to recruit disciples, a lot of elites would come to White Lotus Sword Domain from other domains. There were even students from foreign high-level sword domains, and the reason they came here was all for the projection of the secret treasure.

At this moment, Hua Huo's words, was a challenge to the entire White Lotus Sword Palace.

Even the tutors of the Sword Palace thought that she was too pretentious.

"Is there anyone who disagrees? No problem, I accept challenges from everyone. I know there is a ring for accepting the challenge, why don't we go there?" She was already itching to beat down the disciples who were looking at her with displeasure.

There was actually a reason she chose the White Lotus Sword Palace.

Her talent was so great that she could choose all Sword Palaces at will, even if she wanted to go to the Great Xia Sword Palace, the number one Sword Palace of this god's domain, she wouldn't be refused entrance.

However, no one had found the original of the secret treasure, but everyone knew it was indeed in the White Lotus Sword Domain. To be precise, in the sword tip area of this sword domain.

Even her Sky Flying Bloodline longed for it, because it was a treasure that Yun Hai the Sword Master didn't obtain.

Only this treasure was good enough for her and could become a part of her bloodline!

"If any of you can defeat me, I will give up my pursuit of the secret treasure. Now, come on, come here, let me see how strong you are!"

"Oh, incidentally, the people who will be defeated by me must swear that they will never have designs on my Mei. I will kill anyone who doesn't keep his word!"

"Mei is mine, no one can pursue her!"

She was proud and confident, perfect and persistent. Yun Xi just witnessed a brand new side of his childhood sweetheart.

He wasn't the only person who learned something in the Water God's world. After experiencing her failure, Hua Huo was also transforming.

From the strongest genius in the small town to the strongest genius in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain, she was doomed to step on a road that no one could catch up on.

Ordinary people couldn't be compared with her, a super genius... no, she shouldn't even be called a "genius", she should be called a "monster"!

"Are you trying to make me laugh? Who are you?! How dare you challenge your predecessors?!"

"Humph, interesting. Let me see what gives you the guts to challenge us all!"

"Yes, it seems that it's the time to teach this freshman a lesson!"

"Even if you are the strongest freshman, you are just a freshman. I advise you to be more modest!"

"Let's go to the ring! I will let you know what the meaning of 'frog in the well' is. This is the White Lotus Sword Palace, not the countryside you lived in!"

"Rustic!, learn to be modest!"

The Sword Palace disciples were all provoked. They were all young geniuses and none of them were afraid of the challenge.

They didn't notice that the black-haired maid behind her was looking at them with a mournful expression of pity, as if they were a group of prisoners under sentence of death.

You guys know nothing about power.

How dare you challenge Hua Huo when she was in such an excited state? You will soon know what an unwise choice you just made!

"Very good, will you come one after another or challenge me all together?" She looked at these "predecessors" and smiled, which was really a "tiger's smile" in his eyes.

May God help you! You poor predecessors.