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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 337

2022-06-15 07:00:11Publish Time: 708 views
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Chapter 337: The Legend of Seven Towers

"Bang! Bang!" For a reason Yun Xi didn't know, his heart pounded fast when he saw the Sky Tower and Star Bridge.

Why? He didn't think that he had seen them before, but he felt like he did see them in the past.

The lines on the tower and the clouds around the tower were just inorganic materials. Although it was a Wonder that connected different worlds and couldn’t be alive, he could hear a special breathing from it.

The breathing was old and long, filled with a trace of time, which made him feel as if it was even older than this world.

"How do you feel about it? Did you get shocked?" Casina walked to Yun Xi's side.

"My teacher, the Sky Tower... what is it?" He had a strong feeling that there was a connection between himself and the tower at the peak of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain.

"Well... I only know a few tales..."

"It's said that long, long ago, an unknown person built the first Sky Tower for some reason. It was a beautiful, vibrant green tower."

"However, some people felt that it was a pity that only one Sky Tower existed in this universe, and it was unfair, so they forced the person to build a second tower. It's said that it was a magnificent tower guarded by dragons."

"After that, the third, the fourth... a total of seven towers were built in that era. The Sky Towers now are all the seven towers' projections. For example, the Sky Tower in front of us is the projection of the Sky Tower of Sky Sword God’s Domain."

"As for who built the seven towers and for what purpose... no one now knows." Casina shrugged her shoulders. It was a legend above legends, which happened even before her tribe formed.

Everything had been buried under the surface of the long river of history. Perhaps only the masters of the seven towers knew who built the towers.

"By the way, it's still unclear which of the seven towers is the first tower, and people have fought for making this clear many rounds. From ancient times to the present, the battle of the seven towers is still going on."

Due to a reason Yun Xi didn't understand, a drop of sweat dripped to the ground from his forehead.

He had a really bad feeling about the battle of the seven towers.

"What's the rank of the original, of our Sky Tower?" He knew it wasn't wise to ask this, but he couldn't stop his curiosity.

"Well, the sixth. There are many elements when determining the rank of a Sky Tower and they will be re-ranked every one hundred years." Casina said embarrassedly, "However, it wasn't because we are weak. I never lost a game in Battle God's Championship Contest and I earned a lot of points for our tower."

"However, we lost a lot of points in other things in the last 1000 years."

"5000 years ago, our tower was often in the top 3 and sometimes was the number one."

"The reason why the rank of our tower has dropped to the sixth is complicated. The main reason is the god's domains attached to other towers developed a lot of special careers, which greatly increased the score of their towers."

Yun Xi listened to Casina's words but was not fully understanding. He looked at the Sky Tower and quietly remembered this in his heart.

It seemed that the rank of a tower didn't only depend on the fighting capacity it had, it had relationships with a lot of other factors.

However, why did the masters of the seven towers fight for the rank of their towers? Does it mean anything?

It's hard to understand.

Why did the "Sky Tower" of Eastern God's Domain drop to the second last?

Besides, apart from the "God Tower" of Western God's Domain and the "Dragon Tower" of Dragon God's Domain, where are the remaining four towers? Why didn't I hear anything about them?

As the Wonders of the entire universe, shouldn't they all be famous?

Without any noise, although the speed of "The Sands of Time" was extremely fast, it flew in quiet, as if it wasn't having a high-speed descent in the sky.

Standing on the floor, Yun Xi didn't feel any change in the gravity. The floating ship smoothly landed on the core area of the White Lotus Sword Palace. Immediately, one light bridge after another fell down to the ship, forming corridors for the passengers.

"Go on and enjoy your new life here, but don't forget to come to my room this night!"

Casina patted on Yun Xi's shoulders and stretched out herself after that. She straightly ignored the greeting part of the Sword Palace and went back to her room.

Looking at his teacher who was going to have a short doze, Yun Xi smiled bitterly.

My teacher is really willful!

Perhaps this is her right as a strong being.

"Mei, let's jump down!" Hua Huo was unhappy with the fact that her "Mei" was exclusively possessed by Casina and she couldn't do anything about it. Finally, Casina left and she found this opportunity, so she pulled his hand quickly.

"Jump down from this place?" Yun Xi was confused.

Aren't there light bridges? They are long but definitely safe.

"Yes, let's jump down here!" Hua Huo laughed. She had decided to do this before they set out.

Isn't it good to do daring and interesting things with my lover?

"One, two, three!" Before he could complain, she had jumped down from the 1000 meters height while holding his hand tightly.

"Whoooa!" Yun Xi screamed in the air. Hua Huo, can't you be a gentle girl?!

"My Little Xi is the best!" Hua Huo laughed in the air and forgot everything unhappy before.

In the sensation of asphyxia due to the high speed descent, there were only him and her in the world. This was a big big world, but in the range of one meter, this was their own private space for two lovers.

No matter whether it is the Battle God Casina or the Water God Hydra, none of them could tear us apart!

Let the endless blue sky be our witness, he and I will never part!