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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 333

2022-06-15 06:59:39Publish Time: 765 views
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Chapter 333: The Practice of the Battle God Genre

She was persistent and even much more persistent than Hydra. Yun Xi realized that Casina wouldn't change the decision she had made, no matter what his decision was.

His refusal meant nothing to this Battle God.

"But I had never learned any martial arts, the reason why I could use the Magnificence of Sky Dance before was because your will possessed my body at that time." Yun Xi was still struggling, trying to change his doomed fate.

"Everything happens for a reason. No matter whether it is your martial arts or talent, some things are doomed in this universe. What we humans can do is to find the rules of the universe and control those rules." Casina shook her head.

It wasn't just an accident.

When she explored deep inside the highest realms of the legend rank, she found a rule that all accidents were just the results of the endless necessities.

It was rare that a human could obtain the "Soft Body". Moreover, this owner of the "Soft Body" could reproduce her "Magnificence of Sky Sword" with his body memory, how could he lack any talent in martial arts!

The fact was that Yun Xi had a great talent for martial arts, which was so great that it was far beyond his own imagination.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance wasn't common martial art that could be learned by anyone. Although he had the help of the will of the Water God's world at that time, the fact that he could reproduce this skill again, had proved that he had a godlike understanding about martial arts.

In other words, although he refused to admit it, his body had told her the right answer honestly.

How can any martial artist let go of such a good disciple?

"Pa! Pa! Pa! Pa!" Before Yun Xi realized it, Casina had patted dozens of times on his body.

All her pats contained a gush of heat flow. These heat flows permeated into his body and went deep into his muscles and nerves, finally forming a special circulating system.

"Whoa! Why is my body moving uncontrollably?!"

Yun Xi's hands stretched out and pressed down on the ground. His body bent at a ninety degree angle and his legs did the split naturally.

Quickly, his body made a position like a duck sitting by the road.

"Hum, remember this position, it's the first step to start practicing your Soft Body, which is called 'Sitting Duck'." Casina explained with a show of seriousness, "Generally, only female humans can make this sitting position after practicing. If you want this position to look more beautiful, you need to increase the tenacity of your knee-joint and hip-joint."

"The basics of the Battle God Genre starts from practicing your legs instead of building your muscles."

"Sitting Duck is the basic of all basic training."

Of course, it was also the cutest, "feminine might" position, Casina decided to ignore this and said nothing.

"But... I'm a man..." In front of Casina, Yun Xi stopped pretending. He had never really regarded himself as a maid.

"I don't mind." Casina patted his shoulders with a generous attitude.

I mind it! Yun Xi almost went crazy. No one wouldn't go crazy in the face of such a "teacher"!

"Tsk! Tsk! Not bad! Not bad!" Casina ignored his words and walked around him with her naked feet, lightly kicking his body from time to time.

From her foot feelings, Casina found that Yun Xi's body was softer than when he was wearing the White Emperor Mask. Yun Xi himself didn't realize that when he wore the maid uniform, he had a quiet, gentle temperament.

This was "soft", the core of practicing the "Soft Body". Yun Xi had mastered this key point without learning.

"Keep this position for two hours, then you can start to practice the next position." Casina laid back down on the bed and picked up the wine from Hydra. It was a wine made of Hydra's virulent blood, which could kill a million people with its poisonousness.

Only the legend ranked beings like Casina, whose body had entered the Battle God realm could enjoy Hydra's poisonous wine without any worry.

After taking a sip of the wine, Casina felt a hot feeling run down along her tongue through her esophagus into her stomach. It was a gift and also a reward from Hydra.

Compared to Casina who was enjoying the wine, Yun Xi was suffering.

A gust of heat flowed one after another. The gusts shuttled back and forth in his body. He felt as if he was soaking in a lava pool, but didn't drip a drop of sweat. The uncomfortable feeling made him feel a painful torment.

He didn't only feel hot, but also felt sore and numb. He could feel that his body parts were becoming soft when the heat flows passed through.

Why does such a simple position make me feel so painful?

Two hours later, Yun Xi finally toppled down to the ground and gasped for air.

"Very good, you just created the longest record of keeping the Sitting Duck position amongst all my disciples." Although Casina was drunk, she still praised him with appreciation.

Although it was the basic of the Battle God Genre, none of her disciples could keep this position longer than one hour.

The heat flows she transferred into Yun Xi's body weren't something simple. They could help Yun Xi adjust his body breathing and were the essential factors to test his physical quality.

Yun Xi could keep the Sitting Duck position two hours as the heat flows shuttled through his body, it was really a great Soft Body talent.

It seems that my Battle God Genre finally has a qualified successor! Casina thought with joy.