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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 322

2022-06-15 06:58:10Publish Time: 700 views
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Chapter 322: The Godlike Skill

Yun Xi's left hand rose up to the sky and his right hand pointed at the ground.

His body turned into the bridge connecting the sky and the earth, transferring the world's power into his own body.

Just like what he felt when Casina possessed his body, his mind entered the all seeing state again. The rules of the world turned into data flow, streaming into his hands.

This was the only godlike skill Yun Xi had ever used, and his only method to fight against his invincible childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

Without the help of Casina's will, his speed was slightly slower than before, but the energy that was gathering into his hands was more than the last time. A large proportion of the energies were Shaya Longnis' energy that hadn't been used to repair this world by the sailing jellyfishes.

Only godlike martial artists could borrow the free energy between the sky and ground easily. Even throughout the endless god's domains, the number of godlike martial artists could still be counted on fingers.

Casina was one of them.

Because Yun Xi's body still remembered the Battle God Genre Martial Arts, and he could use the energy in the entire Water God's world freely, thus he could replicate Casina's martial arts.

Oh, I see it! The time didn't disappear, but... After entering this special state, Yun Xi finally found the secret of Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword.

It was a way of exerting force that theoretically couldn't be done by a human body. When she brandished her sword, her bloodline power was also burning into full play. When ordinary people brandished their swords, it would take them three steps: accumulate strength, brandish the sword, and drawback the sword. However, because of her burning blood power, Hua Huo didn't need to accumulate strength and drawback her sword.

Therefore, Yun Xi could only see her sword's furious attacks without stopping.

That was the secret of the Sky Flying Sword, the godlike sword skill that was beyond mortal's imagination.

In this state, Hua Huo's skin was pink and white and as smooth as silk. It was the bonus of releasing her Sky Flying Bloodline, which had just adjusted her body to the most perfect state, which also meant the most beautiful state.

With the great amount of energy, Yun Xi pressed down his left hand and raised up his right hand. At that moment, the rules of the world were reversed. The rules of "Yun Xi must accumulate strength before he attacks" and "Yun Xi must adjust his body position first before launching the second attack" were cancelled. Using the "Magnificence of Sky Dance", Yun Xi did the same thing to Hua Huo.

He waved his hand and the relative position of the sky and earth was reversed.

At first, her sword was dropping from the clouds toward his head, but now, it became a sword that was flying into the sky. At the same time, Yun Xi also flew into the sky and pressed his hands on Hua Huo's chest.

The Magnificence of Sky Dance: Sky Style!

Build the bridge connecting the sky and earth!

Both of his hands tightly pressed on her breasts. Because her body temperature was extremely high at that moment, Yun Xi felt a gush of heat was rapidly spreading into his body through his hands.

"Arrrghhh!" Hua Huo's mind descended into chaos. Her body instantly twisted when she felt the temperature of Yun Xi's hands, and the blood power in her body also immediately intensified into a frenzy.

Arguably, when Yun Xi's hands pressed on her chest, she had been defeated at that moment.

At that critical time, her Sky Flying Bloodline took over the control of her body automatically and forcibly made the burning blood power in her body cool down.

Unfortunately, it couldn't change the fact that Hua Huo had been caught by Yun Xi's Magnificence of Sky Dance, just like what happened to Shaya Longnis before.

For the first time in his life, Yun Xi clearly felt the soft handfeel of Hua Huo's chest. His body still followed the running mode of Casina's martial arts, flying into the sky holding Hua Huo in his arms.

Sky Style.

A huge vortex formed by the free energy in the air appeared and surrounded them.

When they flew up to the peak point, the positions of their bodies reversed. Yun Xi was on the upper side and Hua Huo was on the under side.

Earth Style.

Again, the rules of the world were reversed. The energy that was soaring into the sky together with them, suddenly changed directions, dropping them to the ground.

The earth was like a mother that was waiting for her children, opening her arms to Yun Xi and Hua Huo.

"Boom!" With countless bright lights caused by the free energy in the air, they dropped from the sky into the sea, which was in the northeast quadrant of the Caelian City.

Extracting energy! Without hesitation, Yun Xi's body naturally absorbed the incredible amount of blood power in Hua Huo's body.

Everything was so natural and smooth. The memory about the martial arts Casina left in his body had all been remembered. Moreover, the rules of this world had been reversed to help in accelerating this process.

After a few seconds, Yun Xi had extracted all the blood power in Hua Huo's body and released them into the air.

However, Yun Xi felt that something wasn't right, because compared to the strength Hua Huo showed just now, the amount of blood power was lesser than what he estimated.

Through his hands that were pressing on Hua Huo's chest, Yun Xi could feel that Hua Huo's heartbeat was very strange.

When his hands had just touched her chest, her heartbeat was about a hundred times faster than ordinary people.

But now, her heart rate was only about 1 beat per minute. Yun Xi even believed that her heart and breathing had all stopped.

"Have I survived through this torment?"

After observing Hua Huo for a while, Yun Xi found that her breath and heartbeat gradually returned to normal, he let out a sigh of relief.

Oh, I was almost punished by Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword.

The next second, Yun Xi found that it was way too early to relax.

"I caught you." Hua Huo opened her eyes and said coldly.