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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 317

2022-06-15 06:57:30Publish Time: 703 views
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Chapter 317: Angry Hua Huo

This wasn't the Hua Huo that Yun Xi was familiar with!

Compared to her performance in the final battle with Shaya Longnis, Hua Huo looked far stronger and more terrible today.

The broken sword in her hand, although its shape hadn't changed, it was undoubtedly not the sword used in the battle with Yun Que. It had become a much more terrible weapon that was emitting an aura from another dimension.

On her body, the flames of rage were burning!

If she just vaguely guessed that "the man with a silver mask" may have some relationship with Yun Xi.

Then now, after jumping on the stage, she looked as if she had just obtained valid evidence, her eyes looked as if they were saying "Don't pretend, I know who you are Yun Xi!".

Yes, she had noticed the truth that no one in the Water God's world had found out. Even Yun Que didn't guess it.

The White Emperor is Yun Xi.

It was her privilege as Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart. Only she, the girl who grew up together with Yun Xi could find this truth, step by step.

After confirming it, she had no hesitation in her heart.

She didn't mind that "challenging Yun Xi was equal to challenging the whole world", because she wouldn't let Casina, the sixth Sky Sword, take her Yun Xi away at this moment!

Therefore, she jumped onto the stage.

What is broken can be reforged. Today, I will reforge your lost soul!

"I will challenge you!" With hot flames burning inside her eyes, Hua Huo said, looking at Yun Xi without blinking.

She didn't care if she would become the enemy of the whole world.

Her Sky Flying Bloodline wouldn't be bound by anything. It was a supreme bloodline of freedom and boundless possibilities.

Her childhood sweetheart was being controlled by the strange silver mask, and so he made so many mistakes. Hua Huo thought that she had an obligation to rectify this situation, making the world return to normal.

She didn't care that this mask helped Yun Xi save the world, she only knew that her Little Xi became a bad boy after putting on this mask!

Yes, this couldn't be done by Yun Xi's own will, her childhood sweetheart wouldn't marry a million girls. It was too ridiculous!

Look, once she opened her "Jealousy Radar", the entire Caelian City was covered with innumerable red points.

The number of red points was over one million and was still increasing!

Did my Little Xi do “this and that” every day with the one million girls in the past several days?

It makes me feel jealous… no, it is insufferable!

My Little Xi couldn't be such a shameless man!

Moreover, this bastard looked much older than her Little Xi. Therefore, there could be only one reason: Yun Xi's body had been possessed by the weird mask!

She would save Yun Xi from the bondage of this mask!

Even if it meant that she would be the enemy of the Sky Sword and this world!

"Well, well... I quit from this quarrel..." Casina looked across at Hua Huo and Yun Xi, then shrugged her shoulders and stepped back.

Let the two little guys deal with each other's business.

Yes, Casina wanted to see what would happen between the boy with the "Soft Body" and the girl with the Sky Flying Bloodline.

"Wait! I don't agree!"

"It's ten thousand years early for you to challenge our White Emperor!"

"Even though you are our guest, it's still too impolite!"

Immediately, Hua Huo had over a million enemies.

"Humph. It's none of your business. Go away." Hua Huo answered.

"What?! We came to him first! You are nothing!" The girls became angrier.

"This is my battlefield!" As Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, the person who spent the longest time with him, Hua Huo said confidently. Plus her Sky Flying Bloodline helped her avoid being influenced by any negative emotions, even though she was one on one million, she didn't feel any fear.

"Oh..." Yun Xi sighed. He understood Hua Huo had confirmed his real identity, but she misunderstood something, otherwise, she wouldn't be so hostile.

"The sailing jellyfishes set up an energy shield. If you want to challenge me, you need to prove your power." Yun Xi summoned dozens of sailing jellyfishes and let them set multiple life energy shields.

He knew how strong Hua Huo was. If he wasn't in the Water God's world, he had no chance of defeating Hua Huo.

Only here, on this special stage, he had an opportunity to fight against Hua Huo.

He was also curious about how strong, at this moment, he himself had become. And also where the limits of his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo, were.

Yun Xi loves Hua Huo. So far, his love hadn't faded away.

Compared to being the "White Emperor", he preferred to be the common "Yun Xi".

If I'm still Yun Xi and not the White Emperor, I couldn't refuse any request from Hua Huo!

He had never expected to be Hua Huo's enemy. Unlike the battle on the Island of Mist, he didn't have his one million brides' power at this moment, because the trial of the stars had ended. Now, he was just the White Emperor.

Maybe she had also noticed it. After all, she was Hua Huo!

"Very well, I will let you die in one piece!" Looking at the White Emperor Mask on Yun Xi's face, Hua Huo had judged it as the White Emperor's real body.

In some sense, she was right.

As long as Yun Xi was still wearing this mask, Yun Xi was the "White Emperor", the Water God's Apostle and bride.

And also, he was the enemy Hua Huo was going to defeat!