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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 312

2022-06-15 06:54:56Publish Time: 659 views
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Chapter 312: The Mermaid Girls Like NTR(2)


"I shouldn't kiss you?"

"I mistook you for my fiancee?"

Every word the prince said made a heavy blow to the Mermaid's heart, who just prepared to continue her journey of death.

If having to describe her mood, it was like a lost shipmaster who just found a new continent when he had given up hope.

This man, He? Didn't? Like? Me?

After obtaining her kiss, the Mermaid that was born in the most beautiful race, his first word was "sorry".

There was really someone in this world that wouldn't be charmed with Mermaid's beauty! This prince still loved his fiancee with all his heart and soul!

Undoubtedly, the Mermaid Race was the most beautiful race in this world, they could capture people's hearts simply by using their sweet singing voice. There were barely people who could resist their voices.

Ordinary people's hearts would be captured by their voices even before seeing their real appearances.

"Do you like your fiancee?" The Mermaid asked with a strong, strange emotion rose in her heart.

"Yes, she is my childhood sweetheart, the girl of my best love."

"Although it was just a political marriage at the beginning, but I gradually really fell in love with her."

"Even though she is just a delicate heiress who can't even live alone without servants and has a lot of weaknesses, but to me, she is the most perfect girl in the entire universe for me." The prince said in a shameful tone.

In his eyes, the Mermaid was undoubtedly the most beautiful female he had ever seen. Unfortunately, he had had the girl he liked, and he had decided to take his responsibility as the heir of the king. So he wouldn't hesitate to marry his childhood sweetheart, the "useless" aristocratic miss.

If he didn't meet his fiancee, his heart would probably be captured by the Mermaid in front of him, because her beauty was so exceptional, that it could shake any mortal's will.

Fortunately, he wasn't an ordinary person. He was a knight that had the potential to reach the hero rank. Therefore, he could hardly control his heart from being moved by her charm.

His heart had been filled with another girl, so there was already no room for a second person.

"Your childhood sweetheart is the most perfect girl in the entire universe for you..." Listening to the prince's heartfelt words, the Mermaid's eyes brightened up with a strange look on her face.

Yes, she had found it. She had found the fountain of emotion that could moisten her dried heart again.

How long ago did she last have this feeling? She felt as if she just returned to the moment when she first opened her eyes looking at this beautiful world in front of her foster mother, the sailing jellyfish.

She vaguely realized that this sudden emotion could change the fate of the entire Mermaid Race.

The Mermaids were natural winners that had obtained everything from the beginning.

Food, wealth, power! Nothing was hard to obtain for the daughters of the sea.

Is there still something the Mermaids couldn't obtain?

Yes, there was! The Mermaid Race hadn't realized this in the past, but she just saw it, felt it and touched it!

It was a human's heart. To be precise, it was love, which was more beautiful than gems, purer than pearls and more valuable than agates.

Love was the most adorable treasure they hadn't obtained, and the prince in front of her had such a treasure, which granted him the power to refuse the Mermaid's charm.

If she fell in love with this prince, what will happen?

The Mermaid thought and did it.

Because Mermaids all produced the next generation with the sailing jellyfishes, most Mermaids didn't even think of falling in love with the beings of other races.

In this story, the Mermaid was the first, and the first Mermaid who experienced the pain of love.

The prince deserved to be a knight that had the potential to reach the hero rank. He loved his fiancee and never betrayed his love.

The aristocratic miss was protected and loved by him like a flower in a greenhouse till the end of her life.

As for the Mermaid, after saving the prince, she turned her tail into human legs using a secret magic and walked to the human kingdom. Her exceeding beauty made countless men go crazy, but no one could go into her heart.

Her goal was clear from the beginning to the extent that everyone knew.

For that goal, she went to the royal palace and became the queen's best friend. Yes, the prince had ascended the throne and married the aristocratic miss at that time.

She helped the king develop the kingdom, making his kingdom strong and prosperous.

Everyone thought that the beautiful and virtuous Mermaid should couple up with the king, and they didn't believe that anyone would refuse her love.

Unfortunately, the heroic king was an upright knight, he was still deeply in love with his wife and refused the Mermaid's proposal over and over again.

During his life, his love to his wife never shook.

After the king and the queen lived out their happy life, the Mermaid stood in front of their grave in silence.

Yes, when all was said and done, the Mermaid had fallen in love with the couple, not just the king.

She came with evil in her heart, trying to break up the couple, but was finally forgiven by both of the king and the queen and became their best friend.

Maybe it was a tragedy in the eyes of other people, because she had paid almost everything but still grasped nothing in her empty hands.

Only the Mermaid herself knew what a treasure she had obtained from the two people who loved each other.

It was the most everlasting and valuable treasure in this world.

"To love, to look for the people who deserve your love, then fall in love like a flying moth darts into the fire."

"Don't mind, will it succeed or fail, or rather to say, a sad love that will never bear the fruit of happiness is better. It can let us grow up."

"We don't lack happiness and sunshine, but we do lack sadness and tear."

"If you can have a bitter love that can make you cry, then your heart will never dry out."

"Only NTR is immortal in this world!"

Oh, my ancestor, your words are right! Holding her shoulders in her arms, the Mermaid Queen smiled looking at the White Emperor and the Lamia Queen.

She was feeling the acid, bitter and painful love in her heart.

Undoubtedly, this love would become an eternal memory, hiding in the deepest side of her heart as her most valuable treasure.