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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 303

2022-06-15 06:53:44Publish Time: 759 views
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Chapter 303: Rebuilding the World

The warm sea winds blew to the two people from sea level, they swept past the sailing jellyfishes' soft tentacles and rolled up a lot of petals into the sky.

Looking at Yun Que walking away, Yun Xi couldn't help but ask, "Will we meet again?"

Why did I ask that?

Yun Xi didn't know, but when he looked at Yun Que's lonely red figure walking toward the horizon, he suddenly had this impulse.

He suddenly felt that if he didn't say something, some relationship between them would disappear forever.

"I don't think we will have the chance." Yun Que paused for a while but didn't look back.

If she stayed in this world, she would be one of the saviours.

As long as she was still wearing the Water God's mask, she would be this world's hero, being longed for by countless people.

If she chose it, it would be the most satisfying life she ever could enjoy.

No one would doubt or hate her, because she was a saviour, just like Yun Hai.

People would mold a statue for her, and her heroic behavior of fighting against a Sky Sword together with Yun Hai, and would be remembered by the people in this world from generation to generation. She would become a legend.

"There are things I must do, so I can't cease to advance. Goodbye Yun Hai."

She didn't want to say more. Her mission and her belief were all the sins she was willing to carry on her back.

She was a princess, but she never expected to be saved by anyone.

She would change her fate with her sword and bow herself!

Looking at Yun Que's back going further away, Yun Xi felt a sense of loss.

He and the archer in red were just two different kinds of people. Even though they had communicated for a short time in their lives, their fates were destined go in different directions.

Indeed, he could sense some deep, dark fate that was carried on Yun Que's back.

In his eyes, Yun Que was always very strict and conscientious.

Was he a soldier? No, he couldn't be a common soldier.

Was he a prince? Well, he gave Yun Xi that feeling. Yun Que's hard effort even touched Yun Xi's heart.

For the first time, Yun Xi saw such a person who perfectly met all the criteria of a "hero".

Yun Que wasn't a natural hero like Hua Huo, he didn't have great talent. However, he held his weapon tightly and never regretted walking on the road of his life.

"Wish you invincibility Yun Que. Maybe someday in the future, we can meet again!" Yun Xi put his hands on his mouth, shouting at Yun Que's back.

Yun Que stopped for the last time, she still didn't look back, but just waved her hand.

We won't meet again.

You are the White Emperor that is beloved by this world.

Your fate has been linked tightly to this world.

You have everything in this world. You are the Supreme Emperor here.

You only need to take the responsibility and rebuild this world.

That is the most important thing you should do.

As for me, I will set forth on my lonely and bloody journey again.

You are the bright sun that can warm all things, you are the Emperor that can obtain countless girls' hearts and bodies.

I'm the solitary star, I briefly burned brilliantly in this world, leaving my blood colored trace behind.

I know nothing apart from battle, so I'm not at all appropriate to be a manager of a country.

The road of my life is on the battlefield.

I will remember this place, because this is the first world I have saved.

I won't stay here, because there are more people waiting for my salvation outside of here, even if I will bring them bloody storms at the same time.

Waving my hand, it's my last farewell. We will never meet each other during our lives again, Yun Hai.


"He had really gone." Yun Xi sighed after confirming that Yun Que had really left the Water God's Fantasy Island.

"What should I do next?" Looking at the blooming flowers on the ground, Yun Xi could clearly feel that the entire world was recovering.

The four World Towers were still protecting the world. Following some rules even Yun Xi himself didn't understand, the four towers opened an energy barrier, protecting the whole of the Storm Eye inside it.

Although this world had merged into White Lotus Sword Domain, the Water God's Fantasy World was still unable to enter.

Only Yun Que had left from the Water God's Fantasy Island. The Starwing Knights girls and other Sword Palace disciples were still staying on the island.

"Boom!" Before long, another change happened.

The Caelian City, which was protected and hidden by Hydra in its body before, appeared again, right under Yun Xi's feet, in the center of the island.

At the same time, Yun Xi's one million brides also returned.

This was just the start, the cities and villages that were protected by Hydra before, appeared one after another. However, their locations had been changed to adapt to the new world.

One sailing jellyfish after another flew to the cities and villages, helping the people rebuild their hometowns.

Via the sailing jellyfishes' eyes, Yun Xi could clearly see the new appearance of this world.

Circling around the Caelian City, eight islands located at the eight points, representing the eight heads of Hydra, and Caelian itself was Hydra's biggest head.

Yun Xi's four World Towers were at the four corners of this world. Taking the four World Towers and the eight islands as the world's standard lines, the sailing jellyfishes were working hard to rebuild the new map of the entire Water God's world.