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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 299

2022-06-15 06:53:12Publish Time: 634 views
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Chapter 299: Judgement

The amount is too incredible!

Putting his hands on Shaya Longnis' breasts, Yun Xi was playing the "Sky Style" of "The Magnificence Of Sky Dance". Big drops of sweat dropped to the ground from Yun Xi's face.

Even in Casina's memory, she had never seen anyone who had such a great amount of energy. The strongest enemy she had seen before didn't even have one tenth of Shaya's energy.

The life force Shaya showed now was even hundreds of times more than the life force from all the beings in this world, and this was still far from reaching her limit.

If Yun Xi didn't find the green flower as the breakthrough point, even Casina's "The Magnificence of Sky Dance" couldn't suppress Shaya's massive life force.

Fortunately, a green flower was blooming on Shaya's chest. Like driving in a light carriage on a familiar road, Yun Xi easily broke through Shaya's defense through the little flower.

Depending on the familiar handfeel, Yun Xi's hands expertly kneaded Shaya's breasts, absorbed her energy and used her energy to suppress herself. This was the most important part of "The Magnificence of Sky Dance", the starting position "Sky Style". Most of Casina's enemies couldn't even survive this starting position, they would be sealed and fall into infinity.

However, Shaya had too much energy. Even the "Sky Style" couldn't absorb so much energy.

Yun Xi had no choice and had to play the second stage of "The Magnificence of Sky Dance", the "Earth Style".

When the energy on Yun Xi's hands had reached an incredible amount, that was enough to blow out the entire Water God's world if Yun Xi lost his control, Yun Xi used the "Earth Style" without hesitation.

"Arrrghhh!" The infinite energy tide around Yun Xi started to turn into a giant light pillar. It was the sign that his energy and Shaya's energy had mixed up.

The next moment, they dropped from the sky to the earth together.

"Boom!" The sea was separated by the strong shock wave, a gully appeared several kilometres wide, thousands of kilometres long.

The bedrock of the Water God's world groaned under this super impact, infinite energy columns raised to the sky and formed the embryonic form of an incredible hurricane.

"I will absorb all your energy!" Yun Xi ground his teeth and stared at Shaya.

Success or failure will hinge on his next action!

Nine crimson snake tails stood upright behind Yun Xi, turned into nine channels and transferred Shaya’s energy to the entire world, regurgitation-feeding the dying world in this manner.

Countless flowers blossomed in the dying world. They were not the flowers Shaya released to destroy it world, but real flowers that could breed new lives to make this world become more beautiful.

The "Sky Style" absorbed Shaya's energy, and the "Earth Style" used the energy to generate flowers, which could heal an entire world.

This was Casina's godlike martial arts, "The Magnificence of Sky Dance"!

"En... ah..." Shaya's body twitched. Her face showed an abnormal red color under her mask and her green braids feebly flapped down.

The massive energy spread through the entire Water God's world and broke through the barrier between this world and the void. With the help of Casina's will, Yun Xi did the same thing the White Holy Dragon had done before.

The infinite stars shown themselves in the sky, the soft light of the stars shone on Yun Xi's body and let him feel a long lost warmth.

Oh, it's finished. Yun Xi looked at Shaya Longnis, who was lying on the ground limply. It seemed that she didn't even have the strength to move a finger again.

I have won!

After absorbing and releasing so much energy, even Casina got tired. Her will also started to fade away from Yun Xi’s body.

Casina's martial arts is really powerful!

However, Yun Xi still felt that something was wrong.

Why did the lights of these stars look so real and familiar? Have I ever seen such a starry sky in the Water God's world before?

The next moment, a cold will suddenly descended and took over the control of Yun Xi's body.

"It's over."

"The tenth Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis, you shouldn't break into White Lotus Sword Domain and release the seeds of disaster without permission."

"You shall be judged."

A silver cold longsword appeared on Yun Xi's hand and pierced through Shaya Longnis' body without mercy.

"Humph. Don't think it's over. I will be back!"

As her heart was being pierced through by the silver longsword, Shaya opened her eyes and glared at Yun Xi harshly, then her body started to shrink.

Sixteen years old, fifteen, fourteen, Shaya's terrifying aura was quickly disappearing.

Thirteen, twelve, eleven, as if time was flowing backwards, Shaya's body noticeably became smaller and smaller.

It was the ability of the silver longsword. Looking at Shaya's body shrinking, Yun Xi vaguely saw a part of the rules this sword could dominate. Even a strong being like Shaya couldn't withstand it.

"Hydra, remember, no matter where you run to, you can never hide from me! I will take back the treasure you stole from me!"

"And remember, my thing is always my thing!" For some reason, Shaya stared at Yun Xi when she said it.