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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 296

2022-06-15 06:52:48Publish Time: 710 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 296: Rigidness and Flexibleness

What's wrong?

What happened?

Why was her attack's frequency and effect so different from the data I just recorded?

"Demon Whale Bombards" was the reproduction of the sand sea overlord's majesty, but this kick was as cold as a sharp knife.

After abandoning the dragon scale armour and transforming her body into the flexible new structure, her body was as fragile as a frozen bean curd under this different attack.

A spider's web could withstand nearly all prey's struggle, even if the prey was ten times heavier than the spider. However, the web would be cut open easily by scissors. In a similar manner, Yun Xi's attack broke Shaya's defense easily.

Casina's martial arts wasn't as simple as Shaya has thought!

"Demon Whale Bombards" could crash the enemy who had hard shell and soft internal parts. When it was an enemy who had flexible body, Casina would change her attack to "God Wind Feet", which contained strong tear strength.

Her feet could cut open a wound on the enemy's body like a knife, then tear open the body as long as it was still made of flesh and blood.

Casina, the Battle God had met a lot of enemies from different god's domains, but she was still the winner of all the championships. No matter whether it was the giant whose defense was even stronger than a dragon, or the elemental spirit who theoretically couldn't be hurt by a physical attack, none of them could defeat her.

After so many victories, the "Tournament of Fighters from all God's Domains" even changed its name to "Battle God's Championship Contest". She finally became a living legend!

Shaya Longnis' Adaptation Changes were just some jokes in the face of Casina’s omnipotent martial arts.

When Shaya used the martial arts she wasn't familiar with, she had become more "full of flaws" in Casina's eyes.

Shaya's green body emitted out a painful groan. She changed her physique again, created dozens of terrifying meatballs and detonated them.

Since I can't parry your attacks, I’ll give up dodging them!

Attack against attack.

Answer blows with blows.

An eye for an eye!

Let the world turn into hell! Let flesh and blood fly in all directions!

Yun Xi smiled again. Looking at Shaya, Casina's will saw through Shaya's immature character again.

"All Range Attack" seemed to be powerful, but when the goal was just a small human and not an army nor a giant dragon, 99% of the power would be wasted hitting the air.

If Shaya was beating a weaker being, her "All Range Attack" would be effective, but in the eyes of the current Yun Xi, who had Hydra's physical power and Casina's mental strength, it was undoubtedly a waste.

Yun Xi didn't even need to draw back nor to defend himself, he just took a deep breath.

The world paused at this moment.

No, wasn't something really happening? It wasn't possible. It was just because Yun Xi concentrated his attention on one point. When he stopped to think other things, one instant had become an eternity in his mind.

This was the supreme realm of all swordsmen and fighters. This was Casina's realm!

Yun Xi's thinking was thousands of times faster than usual. He divided one second into 1000 milliseconds, then used one millisecond to observe the environment around him.

Shaya's body was turning into countless meatballs and detonating in the air, covering all the areas around her.

If there is no gap, I will create a gap myself!

Even if it seemed that the meatballs were detonating at the same time, there were still rules to follow.

Look for rules, find the rules and then destroy the rules!

Get to the root of the matter, the ultimate goal of all martial arts was so simple.

Using one's strongest part to attack the enemy's weakest part.

Overlaying, shocking, piercing... all skills of using strength were for this goal.

The human body was far weaker than a dragon's body and elemental creature's body, but human beings had wisdom, so they could inherit and develop martial arts from generation to generation, finally making it become a technique that could shake all of the god's domains.

Shaya Longnis thought that she could imitate Yun Xi's attack by reproducing his attacks frequency, speed and route. She was totally wrong.

In some sense, she wasn't fighting against an individual but the crystal of wisdom of all mankind.

One millisecond later, Yun Xi had stridden across the field of detonated meatballs and stood in front of Shaya again.

His fingers closed together like a sharp knife, his arm waved in the air like a nimble water bird dancing on the surface of the water.

It was another new style which was totally different to "Demon Whale Bombards". If "Demon Whale Bombards" was the acme of "rigidness", then "the Dance of the Water Bird" was the acme of "flexibleness".

The fist of rigidness could make the skies fall and the earth open up.

The fist of flexibleness was as gentle and gorgeous as a white crane spreading its wings.

The attack of "the Dance of the Water Bird" wasn't world-shaking like "Demon Whale Bombards". Yun Xi's fingers softly scraped through Shaya's neck, like a man that was stroking his lover's neck, the next moment, Shaya's head dropped to the ground.

"Arrghhh!" Shaya's mind fell into a mess. Compared to the attack before, this attack was even more weird. She even preferred to call it "a disaster"!

A large series of erroneous data appeared in her Sky Sword, it even made the Sky Sword crash.

Recording the data... error!

Analyzing the goal's property… error!

Changing the form... failed!


Recording again...

Shaya Longnis...

Opening the Multiple Evolving Mode!

"It's over." Yun Xi looked at Shaya with disappointment.

As a Sky Sword, Shaya Longnis had too many weaknesses. She had the potential to be a new "Deicide Sky Sword", but before she actually did it, "potential" was just "potential".

At present, Shaya Longnis was still too immature.

"I will kill you! I will eat you using the most brutal way! I will eat your every part, from your fingers to your toes!" Shaya cried.

Even when Hydra stole her most valuable treasure, she didn't cry!