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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 294

2022-06-15 06:52:32Publish Time: 671 views
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Chapter 294: Deadly Combos

Shaya Longnis never learned human martial arts. To he who could even swallow dragons, fighting with her arms and legs was too ridiculous.

Two hands couldn't parry four arms. Even if one's fist could break a mountain, how could it be stronger than the three headed golden dragons roar?

Because a human’s body structure had natural deficiencies, they invented the so-called "martial arts" to cover their shortcomings. Naturally, Shaya Longnis didn't think that she needed to pay attention to this combat method.

Rather than spending time studying martial arts, she preferred to eat more strong beings to absorb their abilities.

Regardless of her Sky Sword "Unknown", as long as she kept growing, she would eventually become an ultimate creature that could swallow gods.

As the strongest slime with an immortal body, she never thought that she needed to learn martial arts.

Till this moment, in front of Casina's fighting art, Shaya finally realized that she knew too little about martial arts.

"Bang!" Like a falling star dropping on the earth, Yun Xi's fists punched Shaya's head at an incredible speed and frequency.

Each of his punches would cause 99 different shock waves, straightly broke the black dragon scales on Shaya's skin and shook the internal parts of her body.

"Ga!" For a moment, Shaya Longnis' mind blanked.


Where am I?

What am I doing?

Who is this masked man in front of me?

"Boom!" Yun Xi's strength turned into shock waves and exploded inside Shaya's body.

I'm being beaten by this man?

I lost a small part of my memory due to the man’s attack?

You did well, Casina the Battle God!

"Bang!" A wide crack appeared on Shaya's dragon shaped shell. This armour, which could even block tabooed magics, was finally broken by Yun Xi's fists.

Using wisdom, humans developed their combat skills by simulating wild animals and monsters' behaviors. This was the origin of martial arts.

Temper one's body to the limit, then exceed the limit!

Shaya Longnis never got touched with this realm, so she didn't understand the gap between Casina the Battle God and the fighters she had defeated before.

Casina's attack had already exceeded human limits. Her fist could even punch a giant dragon to death!

Even though Shaya had put on the super dragon scale armour, it wouldn't work in front of Casina!

"A Hundred Demon Whales... Bombard!" After breaking Shaya's defense, Yun Xi took a deep breath. A giant demon whale projection appeared behind him.

Hydra's power of blood let him have infinite strength. No matter how strong attack Yun Xi had released, he wouldn't be exhausted now, which was really good news to Casina, since she liked to defeat her enemy with continuous attacks.

Shaya Longnis was constantly increasing her physique, trying to neutralize Casina's attack in this manner, and Yun Xi was also getting used to Casina's mental strength.

"A Hundred Demon Whales Bombard!" was the instantiation of the Battle God's will, which was a secret skill that was a hundred times stronger than "Demon Whale Bombards".

The original "Demon Whale Bombards" was just a simulation of the real Sand Sea Demon Whale. "A Hundred Demon Whales Bombard!" was the reproduction of the real Overlord Demon Whale's attack, reproducing the incredibly powerful monster’s attack using a human's body.

A Sand Sea Demon Whale was thousands of times bigger than the green hippo. When it leapt out of the sand, its huge body could even cover the sky.

The power of this attack was equal to a hundred whales' power. If converting it to green hippo, then the attack was equal to a million green hippos' strength!

Yun Xi had confidence in this attack's power. Even if it was a real meteorite, it would be totally shattered under this attack!

Long before Shaya Longnis made any reaction, her body had been punched through by Yun Xi's fist.

"Boom!" Following closely, the afterwinds tore her body into pieces. The enormous afterwinds of the punch even tore open the green web and ripped a crack in the sky.

"Hiss! Ha!" Yun Xi took a deep breath, then drew back his fist and stretched out himself.

"The warm-up exercise ends." Yun Xi smiled, then closed his eyes and started the countdown.

"Zi! Zi! Zi!" Countless mucus flew and gathered together in the air. Shaya's body turned into small green balls, flying back from all directions.

"I have to admit that I can't defeat you in close combat." Rarely, Shaya Longnis admitted her imperfection.

Casina's consecutive attacks really taught her a lesson. For the first time, she realized that she underestimated human martial arts.

Indeed, none of the fighters she met in the past could fight against her, which naturally made her think that martial arts was just a stupid combat method.

No matter how strong a human's fists and legs are, how can a human be stronger than a dragon?

She could even swallow a giant dragon. Naturally, she didn't think that she needed to pay attention to martial arts.

But now, she realized that she was wrong.

"Close combat arts" could release different powers when it was used by different people.

At least, Casina's fist could make her feel painful. Shaya’s 15 years old body didn't stand any chance in front of the Battle God.

"Therefore, I need to grow up again! Since 15 years old isn't enough, then, I will be forever 16 years old!" Shaya Longnis smiled with pleasure.

How many years have passed since the last time I used this form?

Casina the Battle God, you are stronger than I had guessed.

Therefore, in the name of Shaya Longnis, the tenth Sky Sword, I will show you my stronger form!