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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 289

2022-06-15 06:51:52Publish Time: 674 views
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Chapter 289: The Watcher

Looking at Shaya's joyful face, Yun Xi quickly understood what a bad situation he was trapped in.

The green braids should be vibrant with the infinite lights of life, but Yun Xi could only feel undisguised greed and desire from them, as if they wanted to eat him from head to foot.

Hydra's power wasn't sufficient to fight against Shaya Longnis at this moment!

"Hydra, can't you defeat her?"

Yun Xi knew nothing about the battle of legend rank. After obtaining Hydra's power, he realized how poor his knowledge about this realm was.

"Yes, she is stronger than me at least at this moment. Can you hold on for a while? I'm preparing to dock my tail. Probably 1/3 of my body is enough to still her appetite."

"In order to absorb this world and become a god, I have consumed too much energy. It's not easy to become a god. Therefore, my most beautiful bride, hold on for a while and I will run together with you."

"I will revenge for you after my power is completely recovered. It will take me thousands of years."

Hydra readily admitted that it wasn't in a good state. Shaya Longnis just intruded into this world at its weakest period.

Like what Shaya has said, this world is doomed to be destroyed.

Hydra's plan was to protect its people first, then ran away with Yun Xi from Shaya Longnis' devil's clutches.

Revenge is a dish that should be eaten cold. As a lady fantasy creature, it didn't mind to wait ten thousand years to revenge. After its power recovered, it would look for Shaya Longnis and let her pay for her crime to this world.

"How could this have happened..." For the first time, Yun Xi found that the situation was out of his control.

Is the Water God's world doomed to be destroyed?

Am I still not qualified to be Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's rival? Don't I even have the right to have a fair fight with her?

Thousands of years. Maybe to the beings such as Hydra and Shaya Longnis, it was just a short time for sleeping or digesting food, but Yun Xi was still a human. To him, it was a long time that could let him forget a lot of important things and people.

His childhood sweethearts, the Starwing Knights girls... it was very likely that after Hydra recovered thousands of years later, none of them would be still alive. Just imagine the sense of loneliness, Yun Xi had felt a wave of emptiness and despair in his mind.

Is time the widest gap between legend ranked beings and mortals?

As a mortal, Yun Xi didn't think that Hydra's time sense could be a reference!

"No! It shouldn't be ended like this!" Yun Xi yelled and endured the crazy power of blood in his body.

This isn't the end I want to see!

This isn't the result I’m longing for!

Yun Xi wanted to see change. Change! He wished to change the misfortune of this world with his hands. He wanted to save this world!

Even though Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword had announced that she would make this world become the biggest tragedy.

Even though the master of this world, Hydra, had announced that it had planned to give up.

Yun Xi, as a man, still wanted to save this world.

You were looking for this, so you chose me, weren't you?

"Hydra, give me more power!" Yun Xi refused to accept this end. It looked as if his effort was totally meaningless in front of Shaya Longnis' power.

"No, I have given you all my power." Hydra raised its head and looked at the distant void.

In order to protect the living beings in the Water God's world, it had strained every nerve, because it was its responsibility as a god.

Therefore, Hydra couldn't grant Yun Xi more power.

Shaya Longnis would destroy this world, Hydra had seen this end from the beginning.

Due to this, it granted Yun Xi the White Emperor Mask, trying to change this misfortune.

It had said from the beginning that it was longing for change. It wanted to see the miracle created by the most beautiful bride.

It knew that it couldn't change this world's fate, but the bride it had chosen could.

Till now, Yun Xi was more excellent than it had expected, but this was still not enough.

He still had more potential and could create more miracles.

Turn "impossibility" into "possibility", making "hope" from "despair", this was the bride it was looking for.

He is the only person who can save this world.

It had staked on Yun Xi with all its chips, because he is the only person who can defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword!

"However, your power isn't enough!" Yun Xi could feel how weak Hydra was at this moment and how strong Shaya Longnis was becoming.

From the beginning, the balance of this battle had biased toward Shaya Longnis, this was what Yun Xi didn't expect.

"Yes, so you need to obtain more powers. Look with your eyes and listen with your ears! There are not only Shaya and me on this battlefield. There are more beings looking at this place and waiting for a result. Can you borrow their powers?" Hydra looked at its bride with a strange look.

"Are there other people here?"

Yun Xi was startled. He looked around this world with his consciousness, finally, he noticed the sights at the edge of this world, projecting into this world from very distant places.

Ah, there are really other people!

They have the powers at the same rank with Hydra and Shaya Longnis!

Who? Who are they?

Apart from Hydra and Shaya Longnis, are there other legend ranked beings having a hand in this battle?

Yun Xi could feel two different auras from the two sides of this world. It seemed that they had lasted for a period of time.

Wait. Why do I feel that there are something familiar in the two auras?

Oh, right, they are my seeds! They are the last two people of the Starwing Knights.

The leader of the Starwing Knights: Hua Yue.

The deputy leader of the Starwing Knights: Xiao Cao.