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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 286

2022-06-15 06:51:28Publish Time: 694 views
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Chapter 286: Shaya's Recipes

"Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!" The whole world was trembling. If it wasn't for Yun Xi's four World Towers, this world would’ve been torn into countless pieces under his furious attacks of blood colored lights.

Attack! Attack! Attack!

Yun Xi didn't have any idea of "defense" in his mind.

Yes, this was Hydra's tactic before it became a god, launching a life and death battle at its enemy with its infinite life force.

Even a dragon couldn't defeat Hydra in a protracted battle!

As a descendant of the Earth Goddess, Hydra was the strongest and the most ferocious nine headed monster!

It never considered what its enemy was. Once it attacked, it wouldn't stop till it won!

"Oh, oh, oh, oh... he really is worthy to be my bride!" Hydra looked at Yun Xi's furious attacks with a happy look.

Yun Xi had released Hydra's power of blood in his body. He didn't need any tactic at this moment, and he didn't have such a thing in his mind at this moment.

Cover everything!

Smash everything!

Swallow everything!

Fierce, crazy, unscrupulous, and violent... this was Hydra's real character!

Even though it had become a god and wouldn't fight as it used to, but looking at Yun Xi's current appearance, Hydra still couldn't help but smile.

Hum, as a lady fantasy creature, this is my style of battle and love!

He is really a perfect bride! So wonderful!

Keep dancing my bride. Showing your most gorgeous posture of dancing, beating the Sky Sword till she showed her original shape!

Endless sea of blood rolled up and swept through the sky and earth, drowning the Sky Sword from the sky to the water. Yun Xi controlled his nine snake tails, blocking the space around the Sky Sword.

The nine snake tails' battle instinct had all been activated. They hissed and danced in the air, emitting a power that could smash a world.

As Hydra's power of blood revived, a second green gem appeared on Yun Xi's White Emperor Mask.

"Two of nine avatar..." Hydra looked at Yun Xi feeling confused.

Why? I didn't grant Yun Xi that power, yet he still opened "that mode", the mode he shouldn't be able to open at this time.

"Forever fifteen years old!" Being drowned into the sea of blood, Shaya Longnis finally couldn’t retain her composure.

It wasn't her style to be beaten by someone and not strike back.

Since "he" had broken the "boundary" and used that power that had exceeded the "limit", she wouldn't restrict her power either.

Her arms and legs became slightly longer again and her hair become more crystal. Shaya Longnis' human form became one year older than before.

Do not look down upon this "one year", it was a promotion to a great realm! From 13 to 14 years old, a girl was still an ignorant adolescent. But from 14 to 15 years old, it meant that the girl had stridden across a "boundary".

A sword appeared in Shaya Longnis' hand.

Sky Sword was the highest title in Sky Sword God's Domain. It wasn't just because they were powerful, but also because all Sky Sword’s had a sword that was qualified to be called "Sky Sword".

Otherwise, no matter how strong they were, they couldn't be called a "Sky Sword".

Concretely speaking, the sword in Shaya's hand wasn't the real Sky Sword. It was just a prototype.

The sword blade was made of countless green beads, and the sword handle was a jellyfish with a lot of tentacles, emitting a weird and distorted aura when Yun Xi looked at it carefully.

"Take this!" Shaya Longnis drew her sword and brandished it toward Yun Xi.

"Ka!" The three snake tails on the left of Yun Xi's face blocked the sword automatically, then were torn and shattered, turning into countless blood colored particles in the air.

Yun Xi's mind didn't even notice the sword's attack. The snake tails just reacted and blocked the sword instinctively.

"Hum? You only have the power from Hydra?" Shaya Longnis quickly found out the truth.

Yun Xi was already qualified to fight against her and had just obtained the "qualification" to fight her. If he had to only rely on Hydra's combat instinct, he wouldn't have any possibility of defeating her.

Hydra could revive countless times, but the Sky Sword wasn't inferior to Hydra. Shaya Longnis had a similar talent.

Hydra swallowed a world and waited for thousands of years, absorbed this world bit by bit and became the only supreme god in this world.

Shaya Longnis didn't think that she could be as patient as Hydra. After all, slime and nine headed snake were two different races. She could swallow and absorb her enemy at a very fast speed.

"Three headed dragon! Simulation!" A golden dragon's projection appeared behind Shaya Longnis' mask. It wasn't a common dragon but a mutated three headed golden dragon.

The three headed golden dragon's power wasn't inferior to Shaya Longnis, but was badly hurt in a battle with another horrible monster. Seizing the opportunity, Shaya Longnis swallowed it and simulated 100% of its form.

"It's Quito... you always said you wanted to eat it, and you finally ate it..." Hydra looked at the three headed golden dragon simulation in surprise.

"Humph. I have said, I can eat anything I want to eat. Even if it was a dragon!" Shaya Longnis' eyes looked dangerous. To her who had eaten her lover, it was a natural thing to let the thing she likes become a part of herself.

As the strongest slime, she gradually became picky after tasting more and more things.

After becoming adult, she didn't often eat things, unless it was the enemy she wanted to eliminate or the person she loved.

The former was the three headed golden dragon, who once disdained her and beat her up.

The latter was the human girl, Shaya Longnis, who the original slime liked but couldn't obtain her love.

It was ridiculous to judge a non-human like her with the moralities of humans. She never cared about other people's views, and always lived arbitrarily.

Now, she felt the impulse to eat something again.