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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 284

2022-06-15 06:51:12Publish Time: 673 views
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Chapter 284: For the World

One million Mist Souls divided into four teams while holding white bricks in their hands, building four beautiful white towers at the four corners of the world with a speed unimaginable.

The World Towers were the cardinal points of the world, and the iconic buildings of god's garden, which meant that only god could build this building.

The first World Tower stood tall and upright on the east coast of the Water God's world, the place the sun rises. Countless star-spangled runes were engraved on the white tower, protecting this world gently and steadily.

The second World Tower stood tall and upright in the southern desert of the Water God's world. The tower body reared high into the sky, reflecting the warm sunlight.

The third World Tower stood tall and upright on the western boundary, where the sun sets.

The last World Tower stood tall and upright on the ice covered ground. White ice crystals floated in the air and danced around the tall tower.

The four World Towers combined together, protecting the Water God's world from being destroyed. The countdown of this world was stopped, and the world rules stopped collapsing.

"Gee... this power..." This time, even the master of this world, Hydra also looked at Yun Xi in surprise. Its nine heads watched Yun Xi creating the miracle.

Although Yun Xi had obtained his source of power from this world…, how could a mortal know how to make this wonder that only existed in the age of mythology?

Apparently, the four World Towers belong to the realm of gods!

"You... what are you??" Shaya Longnis was also shocked. She had only heard about the World Tower in ancient mythology, but never really saw any of them.

"Probably... I'm just an unlucky man..." Yun Xi also didn't know that his one million brides could build the four World Towers.

Originally, he thought that the Water God's Opera House was the strongest wonder he could build.

He knew nothing about the four World Towers and the runes that were engraved on the towers.

If he didn't see the one million Mist Souls make the four towers with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe that they were the product of his labour.

"Humph. It doesn't matter whatever you are." Shaya Longnis took a glance at the green slime bracelet on Yun Xi's arm, her face slightly blushed under the mask. "You won't be able to change the fate of this world! I will turn this world into the biggest tragedy!"

Yun Xi raised his head, looking at the legendary Sky Sword, the being who had the title he longed and adored in the past.

The world won't move around anyone. Therefore, people have to make decisions even if they don't want to.

To be a Sky Sword's enemy is equal to being "the world's enemy" in the minds of the people of Sky Sword God's Domain. Yun Xi knew it clearly.

But for this world that he wanted to protect, for the warm world where lived his one million brides, he chose to challenge the Sky Sword!

Just realizing this point, his breathing had accelerated and his heartbeat became faster than any other time.

"If... if this is your wish..." Yun Xi habitually rubbed and pinched the green slime gem bracelet on his arm. He said, "If so, I will defeat you."

"Ha ha ha ha, pretentious human, you know nothing about the real power! You think after obtaining the power from Hydra and the source of this world, you are already entitled to say this to me? Let me teach you what 'Sky Sword' means!"

Shaya Longnis raised the corners of her lips. She wasn't irritated, but felt interested as if she just saw a very interesting thing.

"Really?" Yun Xi adjusted his mood. Shaya Longnis is a Sky Sword. No matter how arrogant she was, he wouldn’t take her for granted.

He was just a hero ranked... well, a hero ranked Baker. Indeed, he wasn't entitled to announce that he would defeat a Sky Sword.

However, he wasn't alone.

Even though the White Emperor Mask just conferred him the fake power of the emperor, he still had infinite possibilities.

Shaya Longnis wouldn't know that she wasn't going to fight against "Yun Xi", but the rules of the stars.

Yun Xi took a glance at the quest list in his system. He had accomplished all quests, apart from one quest:

To love, Starchild!

Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone!

Due to this quest, Yun Xi met Lu Lu, the Starwing Knights girls, then came to the Caelian City and married one million girls there.

Now, this quest was also the source giving him the guts to challenge Shaya Longnis.

One a legend ranked power can fight against another legend ranked power.

Who can pose a threat to Shaya Longnis in the Water God's world?

Yes, I'm the person!

Combining all the quests together, Yun Xi understood why the stars sent him into this world and assigned these strange quests to him.

The secret was exposed.

Everything was for this moment.

The stars wanted to see this happen!

"Hydra!" Yun Xi took a deep breath. He knew the words he was going to say would change this world.

The change started from this second, this instant!

When water flows, a channel is formed. The stars carefully prepared this ceremony for Yun Xi, and now, comes the time to accomplish it.

The stars didn't force Yun Xi, but guided him in silence. Finally, he came to this stage himself, and would determine this world's future with his own free will.

"Hydra, the Water God, are you willing to marry me?"

Oh, he said the magical words! He said the words that would change this world!

"Of course, my cute bride. In the name of Hydra, the Water God, I'm willing to be your partner!"

"For better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love, honor, and cherish! I will be with you forever!"