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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 281

2022-06-15 06:50:48Publish Time: 702 views
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Chapter 281: Water God's Bride

"My Apostles, raise your heads. The emperor of a million brides, answer my question."

The Water God, Hydra's voice echoed around all the corners in the world.

Yun Xi and Yun Que raised their heads. They knew that the prologue of the final battle had finally started.

"Who is the most beautiful bride in this world?"

The Water God, Hydra's question, was directly related to the fate of this world.

At the same time, it was also the question which Yun Xi and Yun Que were looking for but had no answer.

"Ha ha ha ha, is this what you want to know? To wait on such a boring thing? You and I are monsters, and you have degenerated!"

The Water God just ignored Shaya Longnis’, the Sky Sword's derision. It continued asking, but it sounded more like a retrospect rather than a question.

"Who is beloved by this world? Who is the most unique person that obtained blessings from all beings and is willing to offer his life to fight for this world? Who worked hard day and night and likes this world with all his heart?"

"The god's bride isn't decided by the god or being conferred upon by a mortal king. It should be the person who wants to do something for this world and never gives up."

"Even if you are weak and don't have sharp weapons, as long as you have a strong will to protect this world, this world will choose you and love you too."

It's not me... Yun Que shook her head. She never liked this world.

She had put everything on the balance of war, and was willing to do anything for victory. For a person like her, it is impossible to obtain this world's blessing.

Therefore, even though it was too absurd and incredible, the so-called "bride", the Water God's most beloved person... could only be that "person" from the beginning!

Yun Que looked at "Yun Hai" up and down. So, is he the so called "bride"?

If so, it explained everything.

It wasn’t because he had great talent and luck. He was blessed by the god and the whole world simply because the Water God had chosen him as its bride!

Beside Yun Xi's ears, he heard the star system's beep sound, which meant that he had accomplished the final quest. It was a blessing from the world, it was a gift from the stars.

"The trial world's name: Water God's Fantasy Island."

"Your final quest: Water God's bride!"

"You have accomplished 100% of this quest. The footsteps of the world's changes are echoing between the heaven and the earth. Grasp the flower in your hand and confer the most beautiful bride to the god!"

"Putting on your princess dress, become the unique Water God's bride!"

"The Hidden Quest: God's Dream."

"The world will play the last melody for you, because you are the chosen one. Step on your stage and go fight against the Sky Sword!"

"The most beautiful bride, hold your sword and put on your princess dress and dance for the god!"

The god was looking at you and had remembered all your behaviors. Your tenderness, your hopefulness for this world... when you lose your heart to this world and start to think "What can I do for this world? I want to save the people in this world", you have accomplished the final quest.

When you accepted the one million brides and took the responsibility to save them all, you had become the Water God's most beautiful bride.

Yun Xi came into this world, accepted the trust from the people, integrated into and finally fell in love with this world. The whole process made him get closer and closer to the god, finally obtaining the god’s love!

Yun Xi likes this world, which means that he loves the Water God.

Because the Water God is this world!

The Water God was longing for a change in this world, and Yun Xi changed this world.

What a long, long dream! And now, it's time to wake up, because the Water God had found its bride, the person who could wake it up.

"Impossible! Impossible! Impossible!" Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's tone changed. Her outlook was toppled.

"Why is he? No, you can't have him!"

Countless green shadows appeared behind Shaya Longnis' back. She was so shocked that she couldn't perfectly control her power and some leaked out.

Apparently, the Water God's choice was really a heavy blow to her.

"Shaya, nothing is impossible. It's just because you don't want to believe and accept it. Don't hesitate, my cute Apostle, come here and become my bride. I will grant you the most beautiful dress, the most sacred blessing, and the most gorgeous stage! Right now, at this moment!"

The Water God's voice sounded pleasant. The sea was spreading frightening waves. It was the sign of the reviving of the master of the sky, earth and sea.

"Well…, can I refuse it?" Yun Xi said haltingly. He finally realized that something was wrong.

I'm a man! How can I be a bride?

By the way, what is the Water God's gender? It was still in question.

"Sorry, you can't refuse me."

Unlike the sacred aura Yun Xi felt before, after waking up from her long sleep, Hydra's character was more active.

"As a lady, since I have met the bride I love, I must marry you! This is one of the most important of the creeds my predecessor had taught me!"

"The god's wedding proposal can't be withdrawn, so... accept my gift and feel the power from a real god!"