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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 278

2022-06-15 06:50:24Publish Time: 665 views
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Chapter 278: Summon

In the sky.

Countless ice crystals exploded. Yun Xi was creating Ice Rivers one after another, using the tactic he used to seal Hua Huo, he trapped Red Lotus bit by bit.

After entering her Red Lotus Avatar mode, Red Lotus' heart was filled with anger. Even the Ice Rivers couldn't stop the scorching flames around her body.

More and more flames were emitted from Red Lotus Holy Sword, turning into a column of fire stretching to the sky.

Yun Xi stepped on the clouds made of mists, making one ice mountain after another on the ground to reduce the temperature on the island.

For a moment, nearly all the mists on the island were absorbed by the ice mountains. The Island of Mist was unsheltered again.

The song of ice and fire was playing on the old island.

On the ground, Yun Que covered her eyes, because she suddenly found that time was becoming slower and slower. Even Hua Huo's fearful speed had become acceptable in her eyes.

Some unknown power was reviving in her body!

After seeing this, Hua Huo exposed a smile at the corners of her mouth.

Yes, you are doing well! Only the person who can tap their potential in battle is qualified to be my enemy!

Although the result won't change.

Because it is me who is standing in front of you!

Ice arrows, ice rivers, blood colored sword spirits, flames... countless powers were intertwining between the sky and earth on the island. Due to the battle amongst multiple hero ranked beings, the terrain of the island had even started to be changed.

In the gullies on the ground, they were filled with heaps of slime bodies!

Death, death, and death!

Even though slimes could divide into many new slimes, this ability wasn't unconditional. When slimes divided themselves, they needed to replenish their nutrients, which meant the behavior of "eating" was a precondition.

Infinite division VS Immortals. Eventually, Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army was stronger. They gained a supreme advantage on the battlefield.

When it referred to the battle, nothing is more like a bug than Yun Xi's Mist Soul Army, who wouldn't die, fear or make mistakes.

NO matter how many the number of their enemies were, as long as they were at the same rank, the Mist Soul Army could win any battle with their fearful number and their immortal ability.

A great amount of dead slimes were turning into disguising green mucus, adhering to the ground.

Finally, even the golden slime kings, who were almost invincible in the face of most attacks, started to be killed.

When the golden slime kings died, they wouldn't turn into green mucus like other slimes, instead, they turned into golden crystal columns, standing tall and upright on the ground.

These golden crystal columns were very hard. Even when the three High Priestesses attacked them together, they wouldn't break these remnants of the golden slime kings.

As the Mist Soul Army went from victory to victory, more and more golden slime kings died, and the number of the golden crystal columns also increased at a fast speed.

When Yun Xi and Yun Que noticed this and ordered the Mist Soul Army to attack the columns, it was already too late.

One, two, three... when the 108th golden slime king died, a strange wave spread in a circle throughout the Island of Mist.

"He he he he, ha ha ha ha ha!"

The Dark Shadow Spider Queen covered her mouth and drowned in laughter, as if something very funny was happening.

"Oh, I see." Yun Xi looked at the 108 nodes on the ground gloomily.

"So this is their plan..." Yun Que tapped her fingers on her mask and observed the 108 golden columns on the ground, the 108 nodes which would summon the Sky Sword.

The web in the sky was just a feint.

The 108 golden slime kings were the real tool that could summon Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword!

If everything went smoothly, these golden slime kings would create the slime mental network, gathering the power from countless slimes to create a door for the Sky Sword.

If something bad happened, these golden slime kings would sacrifice themselves, forcibly summoning the Sky Sword by using their lives.

No matter live or die, these golden slimes were always loyal to Shaya Longnis.

Therefore, when they were born in this world, the coming of the Sky Sword was already unstoppable.

"As expected, things always go the worst way." Yun Xi had already prepared to meet difficulties in the trial.

"Since we can't stop your coming, then, let me give you the warmest welcome! Turn into the Water God's Opera House!"

Under Yun Xi's control, the three wonders which were shooting arrows started to change their forms again.

The shape of the tall arrow towers became as smooth as seashells. Their streamlined shells were as beautiful as seashells too.

When the three arrow towers combined together, they became a magnificent building which looked like three shells.

This was Yun Xi's welcome gift for the supreme Sky Sword. When he was in Caelian, he had suspected that the battle with the Sky Sword was unavoidable. He read through all the records in Caelian and finally decided upon this gift. This was also the reason why he didn't summon the three High Priestesses before.

It was the wonder of three shells, the Water God's Opera House.

Its effect: Let the girls' song echo to the clouds. Let the world face its final ending.

After all, this world's fate needed to be determined by its god.

Now, it was the time for Yun Xi to show his last trump card, it was the time to face the coming terror, Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword!

In the wonder, the Water God's Opera House, the three High Priestesses' Mist Souls came on the stage at the same time. They're faces were very radiant.

The next moment, the three High Priestesses' sweet voices started to sing an old song.

It was the song of praise to the only god of this world. It was the prayer the three High Priestesses dedicated to their god for fate at the end of the world.