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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 275

2022-06-15 06:50:00Publish Time: 704 views
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Chapter 275: The Gears are Revolving

You are strong! Even though you haven't reached the hero rank, you can still defeat all hero ranked beings.

Therefore, I won't fight against you one on one.

I will make full use of all my advantages, this is the only way that can lead to victory!

No matter how strong you are, you are still human!

Yun Que found Hua Huo's biggest weakness. She was too talented and proud, so she didn't even think about partnering with the twin witches, even if they could greatly increase the winning probability of the Sky Sword's camp after joining hands with each other, she didn't do it.

One to one, or one to many. Hua Huo, in her mind, didn't know of any other options.

She was more confident than anyone and thought that she was invincible. Even if it was a whole world blocking her, she wouldn't hesitate to break through it.

Yun Que didn't know how to judge Hua Huo's character, because she couldn't imagine it. Maybe only a person like her could transcend everything.

However, Yun Que would still try to defeat Hua Huo... even if she couldn't, she would create a chance for Yun Xi!

She wasn't the main character on this battlefield. It was the emperor of the Water God's world!

"Salvo firing!" Yun Que could feel that her heart was beating rapidly.

Between life and death... this was the crisis situation she was facing.

If Hua Huo got within a range of ten metres from her, she would be killed instantly.

She wouldn't have any method to stop Hua Huo's sword at that time.

Thousands of water arrows shot at Hua Huo's blood colored shield like rain.

The Dark Elf Mist Soul launched seven attacks from seven directions on the shield, trying to find its weakness.

No, the shield didn't have any weaknesses!

The shield was activated by Hua Huo's Sky Flying Bloodline. It was really a perfect shield that could block all attacks.

The power of every water arrow shooting from the three wonders was just as strong as a hero ranked being's full attack. In just a moment, they had shot thousands of water arrows at the shield but couldn't make a pinhole on the shield.

Yun Que and the three High Priestesses' attacks only slightly reduced Hua Huo's speed.

"Why is she so strong?" Yun Que increased her speed and calculated the shield's defense. The calculation was desperate.

Hua Huo's shield had no crack, no weak point, and nearly no loss under their fierce attacks. She was literally unbeatable on the battlefield.

This isn't a battle. It is a massacre!

What kind of monster am I facing?

Yun Hai could only seal this monster, how strong is he?

Is the power from a million brides really so strong?

Thinking, thinking! Don't give up thinking, Yun Que!

You are not beloved by the god and this world like Yun Hai. You have only your thoroughly tempered ability and the mask's power of controlling blood.

Even though I'm desperate and scared, I can't give up hope!

I will fight till the last moment!

"Focus fire!" Yun Que shot out an arrow, guiding the attacks from the three wonders to shoot on a line.

Shuffle! Shuffle! Shuffle!

With the clear sounds of breaking wind, countless arrows hit on one point on the blood colored shield, creating ripples on it.

"Nothing is invincible in this world. Even if it was a dragon or a god, once they were killed, they would be dead." An emotion called "persistence" was burning inside Yun Que's eyes.

Yes, even if her enemy was a dragon or a god, when she was cornered, she would also strike back.

Imagine. Imagine me, myself as the strongest. I'm not a body of flesh and blood. I'm a weapon, the strongest sword in this world!

"Hum?" Hua Huo suddenly noticed something. The archer in red seemed to have changed. It looked like the tall archer understood something in this battle, he became lonelier and more determined.




The sounds of revolving cogwheels sounded beside Yun Que's ears.

Something hiding inside Yun Que's blood was activated under Hua Huo's pressure.

If Yun Xi had Yun Que's seed, he would notice that her information was updating.

The Eidolon Archer's Seed. It specialized in Act Alone and Snipe. It could let its owner master Spiral Arrow Skill, Double Arrows Skill, Seeker Arrow Skill, and Shocking Arrow Skill.

Special Ability One: Eagle Eye, which allows the user to snipe his enemies from four miles away by using a tailored longbow.

Special Ability Two: Heart Eye, which was learned from practice and actual combat, and could even let the user master the current situation. Even if there was only 1% possibility that could turn the tide in a battle, this ability could let its user grasp that opportunity.

Special Ability Three: God Sound Field. After walking through countless battlefields and being stained with blood, you finally opened the door of god, seeing your strongest self, lonely and powerful.

Bloodline Godly Weapon: Black Moon Bow and Black Moon Sword. The crown of sin is your glory. The bow and the sword have woven your cruel fate.

At this moment, with the sounds of cold cogwheels in her ears, Yun Que was opening her "God Sound Field".

What is behind this door? Why do I have the key? I knew nothing about it.

There were only the sustained sounds of revolving cogwheels echoing beside her ears, which was predicting a great change of her fate.