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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 268

2022-06-15 06:49:03Publish Time: 683 views
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Chapter 268: How to Strike Up a Conversation with a Dragon (1)

Are you kidding me? How can I accomplish this quest?!

Looking at the sleeping White Holy Dragon, who was also known as a legend ranked creature that could break through the void, Yun Xi thought that the stars must be making fun of him.

This quest wasn't at the same level as the other three side quests.

How could he persuade the Apostle, who crossed the void to catch him, to join his camp?

On this point, Yun Que didn't perform any better than him.

The legend ranked creature's fear pressure, even though it was just breathing in sleeping, was still almost fatal to both of them.

"About this... I have no idea." For the first time, Yun Que admitted that she could do nothing.

In front of the legend ranked dragon, no tactic would be effective.

Even if she sacrificed herself, her hero ranked attack wouldn't even be able to pierce through the White Holy Dragon's skin.

Generally, no legend ranked beings were allowed to enter a common god's domains, because they were too strong. Even if they did nothing and just came to a god's domain, their existence itself would wreak havoc to the domain.

Typhoons, thunderstorms, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions... if a god's domain was too small, it would burst open due to the legend’s strong power.

The White Holy Dragon was such a legend ranked creature! Its power was actually beyond the limit of the energy hierarchy in most god's domains!

There was no way to fight against such a strong creature!

"It's strange. Can this world accommodate two legend ranked beings?" When the initial shock wore off, this question immediately appeared in Yun Que's mind.

The Water God's world, just like its name had showed, it had already had a master, the Water God, who was undoubtedly at the legend rank.

Plus the frightening White Holy Dragon, and Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword who was trying to enter this world, this world could accommodate three legend ranked beings.

But it can't be possible!

For example, White Lotus Sword Domain was a low-level sword domain and it couldn't even let a legend ranked being enter it. It was apparent that the Water God's world wasn't larger than White Lotus Sword Domain, how could it hold so many legend ranked beings?

This world is too strange! Yun Que immediately sensed danger from it.

"Yun Que, do you understand dragon language?" Yun Xi smiled bitterly and asked Yun Que with expectation.

They had to do it.

In Yun Xi’s three side quests, this side quest was apparently very important. He must gain the sleeping White Holy Dragon's trust.

Who would expect that the Mist Demon had such a good relationship with the White Holy Dragon!

Through the clear lake, Yun Xi could clearly see that the Mist Demon was wrapping around the White Holy Dragon's body with its roots. Countless milky white light points secreted from the roots and were absorbed by the dragon's huge body.

The milky white light points were full of vitality. Apparently, the Mist Demon was helping the White Holy Dragon heal itself. They had a special relationship.

Combined with the Side Quest Two, Yun Xi confirmed that the White Holy Dragon was here for some reason. It seemed that this legend ranked creature had a friendly relation with the Water God.

But what could hurt the legend ranked White Holy Dragon so badly? Yun Xi had no clue.

"I know a little about dragon language." Yun Que wasn't bragging. She once had a battle pet, the male fiery dragon, so she did study dragon language very hard once upon a time.

Compared to human languages, dragon language was hard to understand. Human vocal cords weren't likely to pronounce dragon language very precisely, because only dragons could master this language instinctively.

Yun Que's understanding about dragon language was like a baby's understanding about human language.

She could only say very few sentences such as "Let's have dinner", "Sorry", "Thank you" and "This is a pen".

"Ok, I want to talk with the White Holy Dragon. Can you translate my words?" Yun Xi took a deep breath and walked forward.

The stars wouldn't give him a quest that was impossible to accomplish. Since the Side Quest Two existed, then there must be a method to solve it!

What change had happened to him?

Undoubtedly, it was "he has become the Water God's Apostle". Yun Xi thought that this was his only turning point.

"I will do my best." Yun Que didn't know what Yun Xi was going to do, but she appreciated his courage.

Not all people dared to open their mouths after seeing such a huge, legend ranked dragon.

Even though she had experienced countless battles, she still hadn't had any contact with any legend ranked supreme beings.

"Fine, let's go!" Yun Xi put on a bold face. He walked to the sleeping White Holy Dragon step by step as if he was walking to the execution ground.

Thick mists gushed out of the White Emperor Mask and formed a palm of one kilometer, then lightly touched the sleeping dragon's head.

As if a switch in the dragon's body was turned on, the White Holy Dragon was awakened.

It slowly opened its two giant eyes and gazed at Yun Xi and the mist palm with a confused look.

"Sorry, excuse me for bothering you."

Yun Xi apologized to the White Holy Dragon for his rude behavior.

"Hollow, good mourning!" (Hello, good morning!) Yun Que said trying her best to translate for Yun Xi.

Yun Que was beating her brains out trying to remember the dragon language she had learned. In her memory, this sentence should be "Sorry, excuse me for bothering you!" in dragon language.