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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 240

2022-06-15 06:40:45Publish Time: 684 views
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Chapter 240: The Little Rabbit in the Morning

"Dang! Dong! Ding!" The Bell of Blessing echoed in the sky above the city again.

This time, the bell wasn't ringing for anyone, but for a thing that nobody had guessed.

Apart from the three High Priestesses, Yun Que and Yun Xi, no one had ever imagined such a thing.

Yun Xi opened his eyes. He turned his head and looked at Lu Lu, the scenes from last night still hovered in his mind.

After having relationships with the three High Priestesses, his self-control had been greatly reduced. Last night, he went back to his room and found that Lu Lu was sleeping in his bed. Vaguely, he took her as one of the three Queens.

When he realized that the feet in his hands were too pure and tender, which obviously did not belong to any of the three Queens, Lu Lu was almost on the verge of tears.

However, much to her credit she didn't run away. She was frightened, but she still painstakingly kept her voice down. Her whimpering, and the warm feel of her skin had all worked together to make Yun Xi to lose his mind.

Her feet were small, but the feel was unbelievably good. Her white toenails were as cute as a row of pearls. As her two crystal like small feet shook in his hands, her body trembled as if she was a poor scared little doggy.

Her cute face was as sweet as fruit sugar, and her lips were as juicy as cherries. Yun Xi thought that he could taste them all day and would never feel bored.

The result was: Yun Xi didn't sleep all night. Although he finally stopped before taking the last step, he had done everything else apart from that.

Yun Xi clearly knew that he shouldn't taste this "fruit", but as guilt filled within his heart, he still failed to resist Lu Lu's temptation.

As for Lu Lu, when Yun Xi held her feet in his hands, she had already given up resisting and let Yun Xi taste her lips fully.

Before she had stealthily walked into Yun Xi's room, she went to the Water God temple's fountain and bathed her body in the medicinal herbal water. As the result, her skin was as smooth as silk fabrics, and also as sweet as creme brulee. The aroma of herb covered her whole body.

Yun Xi put down Lu Lu's feet and put his hands on her shoulders. His lips gently stroked Lu Lu's lips, then covered her mouth tightly.

Their tongues tangled together. Lu Lu's saliva was as sweet as honey, letting Yun Xi drunkenly suck her tongue for more.

Symbolically, Lu Lu slightly resisted him. She softly put her hands on his chest and nudged him, but her innocent clear eyes had already closed and waited for Yun Xi's next assault.

Her long eyelashes fluttered as her body struggled in Yun Xi's arms. However, how could her teeth stop Yun Xi's experienced kiss? After a few tries, Yun Xi's tongue had opened her teeth and tasted her tongue with abandon.

As her body become hotter and hotter, finally, she was lost in the great pleasure and forgot everything else. As her toes curled and straightened, her legs subconsciously kicked in the air.

"Oh, Apostle... don't please... I'm afraid..." Lu Lu entreated.

In the end, she wasn't a non-human like the Lamia Queen nor the Mermaid Queen, and she didn't have a strong will like the Caelian Queen. Before she became a member of the Starwing Knights, she was just an ordinary girl.

If she didn't go to the small village and take part in the Sword Palace Examination, probably she would have married someone in her hometown.

Most female swordsmen who couldn't pass the Sword Palace Examination would marry someone sooner or later, because the fact of "failing to be selected" has proved that they didn't have a future in the path of the sword. Not everyone was as talented as Xiao Cao, who could step onto her own hero's journey with her mortal's sword.

After waking up in the Water God's world, Lu Lu became a talented pharmacist and had found her own hero's journey. But in a natural way, she was still that normal, innocent girl.

While she was really facing the most important moment in her life, she was so nervous that she could barely speak.

"Oh..." Listening to her entreaty, Yun Xi finally realized that she wasn't like any of the three High Priestesses.

She wasn't a native of this world, so she wouldn’t be charmed by the Water God's power on his body. When she agreed to his proposal, she really thought that she would be his wife forever.

No matter how many lovers he had obtained through the three High Priestesses, in Yun Xi’s heart, Lu Lu was still his first fiance. She was still that pharmacist girl who bravely responded to his proposal first.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you." Yun Xi's look, toned down as his desire had also drained away. He drew back his hands from her shoulders and put them back onto her feet.

"No... it's just... too fast. I'm not prepared yet. My Apostle, can you give me more time?" Lu Lu blushed as her feet trembled in Yun Xi's palms.

Her shy face was so cute, as if she were a little rabbit that was going to be eaten by the big bad wolf.