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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 24

2022-06-14 03:52:23Publish Time: 1,459 views
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Chapter 24: Different Worlds

As Yun Xi expected, with Ashen's command, the green hippo's attack methods had become more flexible.

If the green hippo he met in the trial was controlled by Ashen, it would've been impossible to kill it via his unformed breathing method.

"Hippo, hold your head and rush!"

The green hippo shaded its eyes with its hands as it followed Ashen's command. Rushing at Yun Xi, it didn't even look ahead.

It wasn't the hippo's max speed.

Maybe other people would be cheated, but Yun Xi obviously knew the green hippo's explosive force.

Ashen would never know how to kill the green hippo, the hell of a hundred plus deaths Yun Xi had to face.

The green hippo preserved its speed, which also meant that it had found how Yun Xi dodged its attack through rolling. If Yun Xi rolled without thinking again, the green hippo's thunderclap would be waiting for him.

So, he decided to not run away!

Yun Xi wasn't that young boy who first met the green hippo; who didn't know how to brandish his sword anymore.

The seed from his childhood sweetheart had completely changed his destiny.

"I got you!" Yun Xi actively darted toward the green hippo. Under Ashen's surprised eyes, he straightly passed by the hippo.

Just at that moment, he passed by the green hippo, and by leveraging the hippo's strength and impact as he used the wood chopper, he drew a great laceration along the green hippo's lateral thigh.

"Howwwl!" For the first time ever, the green hippo howled violently. This time, the wood chopper caused a deep wound on the hippo's body; which was three times deeper than that one it caused the first time. A lot of blood flew out as it was sprayed on the road.

"Why?! How are you able to do this?!" Ashen yelled with frustration. He didn't believe the sight he witnessed.

His green hippo was a terrible monster who once battled on a battlefield for three days and nights, killing thousands of people. But now, it wasn't even able to catch the edges of Yun Xi's clothes.

The most irritating point was that Yun Xi's speed wasn't fast; he was even a little slower than the hippo. No matter how Ashen looked at Yun Xi, Yun Xi was just a 1st Ranked Swordsman.

If a 1st-ranked Swordsman fought against a 3rd-ranked Green Hippo - the Killing Monster - should he not be killed at the first moment?

How could he dodge the green hippo's attack at the crucial moments and also deal a deadly blow to his green hippo in the most appropriate time, from the most unlikely angle?

If the green hippo didn't have its famous iron-like skin, perhaps his attack would have cut off the green hippo's leg.

"This is... Hua Huo's power." Yun Xi himself didn't even have the thought that his attack was as perfect as nature itself.

If he only practiced on his own, he would never have such a wonderful skill.

In the real world, the fight between the green hippo and himself was worse than the dilemma he faced in the trial.

Not simply because the green hippo was controlled by Ashen, but the more important fact was the difference between the two weapons he used.

In the star trial, though the iron sword he found aside the bonfire was ugly in its appearance, it had a magic-like property that made it never get worn. Its blade would never get bent no matter how many times he cut the green hippo's body.

But in reality, as the only weapon he could hurt the green hippo with, the wood chopper he found in the cave had slightly bent after attacking the green hippo twice.

However, the two attacks gave him a victory far beyond the victory he achieved in the trial.

Everything was due to Hua Huo's Seed.

He had only mastered 20% of Hua Huo's sword skill, so naturally, he couldn't be compared to Hua Huo.

However, compared to the green hippo, even if Yun Xi had only 20% of Hua Huo's sword skill, he didn't think that he would lose.

The world in Hua Huo's eyes was completely different to the world in Yun Xi's eyes.

The rhythm of breathing, the abrasion of the weapon, the premonition of enemy's sprint, the trace of attack, and Ashen's exasperated mental state.

Observing and feeling every detail, then attacking to obtain victory.

It was just a 3rd-ranked Hippo. Even if it had Ashen's help, and though he had only a wood chopper which wasn't even able to be used ten times, the hippo was still not a huge threat.

"Hoo... Ha..." Clearly, Yun Xi was in a fierce battle, but by running the special breathing method his spirit had naturally raised to the highest state.

As the proverb goes, "Do one's utmost even when dealing with a minor problem". He would do his best to kill the hippo!

Mercy? There wasn't such a thing.

Between life and death, everyone who hesitated to show mercy was already dead.

"Three times." After adjusting his breathing smoothly, Yun Xi lifted three of his fingers to Ashen. It was also the last order he gave his body.

Three attacks. If he didn't kill the green hippo after that, he would never be able to hurt the iron-skinned 3rd-ranked monster.

"Wahahaha, who do you think you are?"

"Even Hua Huo taught you how to roll and escape, but you want to beat down my hippo with three attacks? Even Hua Huo herself wouldn't be able to do that!" Ashen looked at Yun Xi as if he was looking at a clown.

As a disciple of the Celestial Palace, he naturally had found what Yun Xi had found.

The wood chopper, which was already a little blunt, was the key to determining who was the last winner.

Fortunately, this kid didn't have a decent weapon. Otherwise, perhaps he would have already been killed. Ashen wiped away the sweat from his forehead and announced his victory in his mind.

"If I were Hua Huo, I would need to brandish the wood chopper just one time..." Yun Xi looked at Ashen with pity. If Hua Huo were here, she would teach him what was the right way for a fool to survive in the world.

Even if there were ten green hippos attacking Hua Huo together, they would have no future but to be killed by Hua Huo one by one.

Though Ashen was known as the best genius of the village in the decade (since Hua Huo was an exception), however, he was still that frog sitting in the hole, thinking it owned the entire world.

Hua Huo's talent had already gone beyond Ashen's imagination. He didn't understand what realm Hua Huo had reached.

Through all of Yun Xi's experience, Hua Huo was the only genius who was able to master a God's Sword Skill. Even the sleeping beauty, whose power was able to shake the heaven and earth, and burst the void didn't have such an ability.

"Hippo, Big Wheel Sprint!" Ashen reached out with his left hand, then his right hand tightly held his left wrist, starting the siamese juggling.

This was a secret art from the Celestial Palace. It could temporarily combine two different creatures' energies and spirits.


The green hippo curled up its four limbs, rolling itself into a huge ball-like shape. Afterward, it suddenly jumped up. Its body turned into a green wheel-like shape and rushed towards Yun Xi.

As Yun Xi expected, it had a new skill!

Seeing the green hippo use a new killing skill which it never used in the trial, a cold light flashed through Yun Xi's eyes.