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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 238

2022-06-15 06:40:29Publish Time: 719 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 238: A Good News and A Bad News

"Ok, I'm done!" Finally, Yun Que finished her primary selection for the candidates of the "Expansion Plan of A Million Brides".

From the records in the library, Yun Que found something special in this world.

The first several villages she had visited before were protected by the "Mountain Lord", so they rarely encountered the Mist Tide. Due to this reason, they could live a peaceful life and she didn't see anything abnormal in these villages.

In fact, the male to female ratio was very abnormal in this world.

The birth rates of male babies and female babies were the same, however, most males couldn't grow up peacefully. In some areas, 80% of the males would die before they reached adulthood.

It looked as if this world hated males... Yun Que sighed in her heart.

Compared to males, females were far more lucky in this world. At the very least, they encountered the Mist Tide less frequently than the males.

Perhaps it was because the Water God's Power was much easier to be inherited by a female's body. Therefore, females had it much easier surviving various dangers.

So it explains why males in this world can marry a lot of brides. If they didn't do it, humans would’ve already gone extinct many centuries ago.

"However, if this situation carries on, humans will still die out sooner or later." Yun Que deduced this world's future and had a very bad calculative result.

Those beings with the Water God's power could survive the Mist Tide. Since only females could inherit the Water God's power from generation to generation and males couldn't, the situation was very disadvantageous for males.

The first "Elizabeth" was a good example. She never married during her life, but her blood was said to be "the blood that is closest to the god", and it was inherited by the females of her family. Finally, the "Elizabethan Bloodline" was born.

After that, most Caelian Queens had the "Elizabethan Bloodline" in their bodies, and the few exceptions also had strong Water God power in their bodies.

"No wonder that the three High Priestesses would agree to such a ridiculous plan." Yun Que finally understood how supreme the Water God's power was in this world.

The Water God conferred "Yun Hai" the White Emperor Mask, therefore, he carried the strongest Water God's power on his body. In order to obtain the god's power from him, probably the females in this world could forgive whatever he had wanted to do and done.

Throughout the world out there, even the most prurient emperor didn't dare to marry a million girls. However, the people in this world were happy to see it happening.

"What a... ridiculous world!" Yun Que struck the table.

"I don't like this world, I don't like this result. This is not 'justice'!"

Yun Que ground her teeth and clenched her fists.

I will make this bastard pay for his crimes sooner or later!

"Yun Que, you are here?..." Yun Xi looked at Yun Que in confusion.

He thought that Yun Que looked different today. This was the first time, Yun Que looked... so angry.

"Sorry, I just lost my temper. Oh, congratulations! You have finished capturing the three High Priestesses' hearts. You are really a 'competent scumbag'!" Yun Que looked at Yun Xi coldy and sneeringly.

Yun Xi smiled bitterly. Didn't you tell me to do this? Why are you so angry now?

In fact, the whole thing was still going well before I proposed to the three High Priestesses.

"Any news about Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword?" Yun Xi tried to move his attention to their most dangerous enemy, the Sky Sword.

Even though he had four hero ranked fiancees, he still didn't know whether he could survive any of the Sky Sword's attacks.

Sky Swords were the strongest people in the Sky Sword God's Domain. Any of them could destroy a whole world easily. If Yun Xi didn't get help from the Water God, he didn't think that he would have made it till now.

"I have a good news and a bad news. Which news do you want to listen to first?" With her hands on her chin, Yun Que looked at Yun Xi with a cold smile.

"Bad news first." Yun Xi only hoped that the bad news wasn't too desperate.

"Ok, some people had witnessed the first Golden Slime King, which means that the Sky Sword's coming has entered the third phase." Yun Que sighed. As expected, it wasn't likely to slow down the Sky Sword's coming by sweeping up the common green slimes.

Slimes weren't only living on the ground.

In the rivers, seas and caves, as long as there were water and nourishment, the low-grade monsters could always survive and produce offspring.

The only way to stop the slime race from proliferating was to find all their nests and exterminate them with a powerful army, but that was impossible!

"Then, what's the good news?" Yun Xi sighed with emotion. As expected, the Sky Sword's power was far beyond his imagination.

Thinking of this, he habitually pinched the green slime bracelet on his arm. His Water Mist Field automatically collected the slimes, condensed them and formed them into the bracelet these days. He had been used to wearing the bracelet on his arm every day.

"The good news is: we are not inferior to the Sky Sword's camp!" Yun Que smiled with pleasure.

I didn't expect there would be such a strong force in the Water God's world!

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