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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 232

2022-06-15 06:39:41Publish Time: 684 views
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Chapter 232: That Day

She gave up on practicing the complex divine spells and reciting the head-scratching religious doctrine every day.

After becoming a member of the caravan, she only needed to learn the knowledge of trading and enjoy the days of travel.

In the caravan, no one could live an extravagant life without working hard with their own hands.

Every time they passed by a village, she would record the village's special local products in her notebook. She imagined that one day, she would bring her own caravan back to the villages and trade with the villagers just like what the current caravan had done.

It seemed that it wasn't an impossible dream. Compared to being the Queen, this future was much better in her heart.

As time went by, she had followed the caravan travelling around the world for a whole year, and learned how to buy and sell goods bit by bit.

She was a smart little girl. One year later, although she was still only nine years old, she was already able to buy and sell goods alone. Every time when the caravan stopped and rested in a city or a village, she would spread out goods to sale in her own booth.

Although she couldn't earn a lot from this, she still felt happy, because she was indeed walking forward on the road to the future that she wanted to have.

Before that day, she always believed that she could be an excellent merchant. Perhaps a few years later, she would be able to team up with the young children in the caravan and form a new caravan with them. And this was what the adults in the caravan were happy to see. They always looked at these brave young children with their warm eyes and encouraged them to do whatever they wanted to do.

At the beginning of history, there was only one caravan in the Water God's world. As time went by, the children in the caravan gradually grew up and left the caravan. They teamed up and formed new caravans one by one, because they believed that they were trying to build a better future for all of the Water God's world.

People believed that they should give the credit to the great Water God. Because the Water God was blessing all living beings in this world, so that this world could be so prosperous and vibrant.

However, the world wasn't always peaceful. Even in such a beautiful world, there were still horrible things out there.

It was a sunny morning. Elizabeth was looking at the distant sky. Pink clouds floated in the sky as if they were some shy blushing girls, and behind the clouds, the sun half exposed its red face. After a while, the clouds faded away and the sun rose, everything on the ground was basking in the bright sunlight.

"What a nice day!"

"We should set out on our journey now."

"Elizabeth, let's go!"

For some reason, as everyone was bursting with happiness, Elizabeth suddenly sensed a special feeling. Her bloodline made her uneasy, as if it was warning her that something was coming. Unfortunately, she didn't understand that warning from her bloodline at that time.

Soon after, the whole caravan embarked on the journey and slowly moved onto the safe route.

However, about two hours later, the mist around them suddenly became cold and damp.

As gusts of wind blew over the whole caravan from the mist, the sunny sky darkened as the mist became thicker and thicker.

"No! It's Mist Tide!"

"That can't be true! The Mist Tide shouldn't come at this time!"

"Run, run! Just leave the goods here. Run as fast as you can!"

Why is everyone so scared? Why is everyone's face turning pale?

Unfortunately, the mist had surrounded the unlucky caravan. After a few seconds, the huge Mist Tide had swallowed the whole caravan.

"No! I don't want to die!"

"God, please save us! At least, please save my child!"

"The great Water God, help us!"

The people reverently prayed, however, it couldn't save them.

Mist Tide was one of the most dangerous natural disasters in the Water God's world. If the fertile land and the sweet fountains were the god's blessing the world, then the unpredictable Mist Tide was all the world's nightmare.

No one knew what would happen to the people who were involved in the Mist Tide, because no one had ever returned from it.

That day, after witnessing what happened in the Mist Tide, for the first time, Elizabeth realized how feeble and naive she was.

The uncles and aunts, who had been considered to be her families, froze and was swallowed in front of her by the mist. An unknown horrible monster came with the Mist Tide and ate the people of the caravan one by one in front of her.

Her friends, the boys and girls who had promised that they would form a new caravan and work around the world with her, cried and struggled in the monster's paws. However, their struggle was meaningless. The monster slowly and ruthlessly ate Elizabeth's friends, breaking all her dreams about her future.

"Elizabeth, if you can be the Queen, I believe that you will be a good Queen."

"Elizabeth, the Queen is very special."

"Elizabeth, you are beloved by the god."

The monster didn't eat Elizabeth. Although it stared at her with a great greed, but it sensed a very special aura from her, which made it hesitate for a very long while and finally left reluctantly.

At that moment, Elizabeth finally understood what the Queen's bloodline meant. Even if she had only a little part of the first Queen's bloodline, she was still special.

Maybe this was the reason why the monster was scared away.

She finally understood how feeble and naive she was.

After losing everything, she returned to her family. When she picked up the divine spell book again, she cried and blamed herself because she didn't study hard in the past.

If I had mastered the strong divinity spells in the book, I could’ve defeated the monster in the mist and changed my whole caravan's miserable fate!

After that, she matured overnight. She realized the importance of her bloodline and the fate she would carry on her back.

This world wasn't as wonderful as she thought before. There were monsters in the mist and demons in people’s nightmare. This world also had its dark side.