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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 215

2022-06-15 06:37:24Publish Time: 659 views
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Chapter 215: His Identity was Revealed

The long, screw like tail wrapped around Yun Xi's waist and felt him with curiosity, making Yun Xi find himself both tickled and annoyed.

He didn't expect that he would meet a Lamia in this situation, even though this was what he wanted.

Before he had wasted any effort, the Lamia had come to him herself in this "cordial" method, which could frighten ordinary people to death.

"Hey, big brother, you smell good. What's your race?" This Lamia was the youngest amongst all the Lamias that had arrived at Caelian.

Compared to the older Lamias, whose tails were about six or seven metres, her tail was only about three metres, therefore, she couldn't join her sisters' water ball practice, and could only play with a half a metre water ball alone.

When she was playing with the water ball, she found something strange amongst the mist on the reefs.

As the youngest, she was the last one who had seen the "Sailing Jellyfishes", who were known as the Lamia Race's great mothers. The memory about sailing jellyfishes was still vivid in her mind, so she could naturally feel the sailing jellyfish like aura emanating from the "creature" in the mist.

Of course, if the other Lamias had touched the mist, they would notice it also.

After all, sailing jellyfishes were the Lamia's great mothers, because almost all the Lamias was born with a part of the sailing jellyfish's gene. In fact, the Lamias weren't turning a blind eye to Yun Xi, but his mist had deceived all the girls' eyes.

If this young Lamia hadn’t come to the reefs to play water ball and noticed the mist due to this, Yun Xi wouldn't have been found by the Lamias even after a day.

Because his body was covered by the water mist, the young Lamia couldn't see Yun Xi's appearance with her eyes, so she coiled around him with her tail and touched his body with it.

"This is your hand, and this is your leg. Strange, you are not a deep sea octopus nor a shellfish. Who are you, big brother?" Wrapping around Yun Xi’s waist with her tail, the girl asked Yun Xi in confusion.

Deep sea races often covered their bodies in mist when they went onto land, so the young girl thought that Yun Xi could be a deep sea demon. This was also the reason why Yun Xi could cover himself in mist when he was walking on the street, because people thought that he was a deep sea demon too.

"Are you a Mermaid? But big brother, you don't have a tail!" The young Lamia remembered and couldn't think of any deep sea race that was like Yun Xi.

In order to ascertain Yun Xi's true face, she coiled Yun Xi in her tail tightly and moved herself around to face him.

"Ok, I will show myself!" Yun Xi surrendered. It seemed that he couldn't keep hiding.

Fortunately, he was going to talk to the Lamias from the beginning.

Yun Xi dispelled his Water Mist Field and showed his face to the young girl.

"Your face... I have never seen such beautiful horns..." Looking at Yun Xi's silver mask in surprise, the young Lamia could sense the special energy in the silver horns on Yun Xi's mask.

This was the first time, she was so close to the Water God's power. The god power in the horns was even heavier than the Lamia's great mothers, the "Sailing Jellyfishes".

"Big brother, you must be from one of the strongest illusory magic sea races." The young girl looked at Yun Xi with her eyes sparkling.

As the youngest Lamia, she hadn't touched anything with such a strong “Sea Demon” feeling before. It was said that there were some rare races living in the deepest seas, who had the ability to change their shapes at will.

"No, I'm not a sea demon, and they are not my horns. Look, it's just a mask." Yun Xi told the young girl to touch his silver mask.

"It's beautiful, and cold. Is it part of you?" The young Lamia licked Yun Xi's mask with her tongue, then his cheek and ear.

Compared to “coiling somebody in their tails”, which was too intimate as an etiquette, licking each other's ear was far more intimate an etiquette to Lamias.

"It was a gift from the great Water God." Yun Xi looked at the young girl. Obviously, compared to the Lamias that were playing the water ball, she was still young in both mind and body. Even so, she still had the Lamia Race's most striking features: enchanting eyes, vertical pupils and flexible body.

Coiling around Yun Xi's body with her tail, she could do it as naturally as breathing.

In close contact with the girl, Yun Xi could feel the wonderful touch of her body. Her body was so soft as if she didn't have bones, which was really disturbing to Yun Xi's mind.

"A gift from the great Water God? Big brother, can you be that man?" The young girl’s pupils contracted. Due to nervousness, her tail coiled around Yun Xi's waist tightly.

If Yun Xi was an ordinary person, he would have been squeezed to death.

Yes, the silver mask, a legendary mask which contains the great Water God's power.

Its name is the "White Emperor", and only the highest Apostle who is beloved by the Water God can hold it.

He is that Apostle!

"Yes, I'm the Apostle," Yun Xi said frankly.