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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 213

2022-06-15 06:37:08Publish Time: 666 views
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Chapter 213: Three Targets

"We meet again..." Looking at the girl in front of him, although Yun Xi knew that it was just a shell formed by mist, he still immersed himself in her dangerous and mysterious aura.

She was different from all the other Mist Souls, because she had a strong determination in her eyes, as if nothing in the world could shake her will.

Yun Xi's heart was beating fast. Unfortunately, she wasn't real. Mist Souls were just a simulation of the real people. It just reflected a part of her aura, not her whole person.

After all, his White Emperor Mask wasn't the almighty.

Where were you from? And why did you come to me?

You wanted to become a prince. Did you get your wish?

Yun Xi stretched out his hand and touched the Mist Soul.

He felt cold on his fingers. It was natural, because the Mist Soul was just an agglomeration of water. This was Mist Soul's unalterable nature, and the reason why they couldn't die.

After all, they were only an army taking the place of real people.

"What am I looking forward to..." Yun Xi couldn't help laughing for his foolish enthusiasm to a mist shape of Black Moon.

Yes, she didn't belong to him. Even though she had agreed to his proposal, Black Moon wasn't his lover.

She was like the cloud in the sky, which could be seen but could never be touched.

The time spent with her, was happy and memorable. However, she still refused to become his lover. Unlike the Starwing Knights girls, she was independent and free.

"You must be carrying a very heavy fate on your back..." Black Moon didn't tell him anything new, but Yun Xi could see it in her eyes.

Her eyes were calm and cold, so beautiful and so dangerous. She must have experienced countless fights.

He had been lured by her eyes, and his heart had been overthrown by her. He was having a sweet dream and didn't want to wake up.

"Then, let's fight together!" After realizing that the Mist Soul wasn't really her, Yun Xi immediately adjusted his attitude with his searing eyes.

Even though they couldn't be a couple, at the least, he had the Mist Soul as the proof of their love.

"Shuffle!" The Mist Soul held the black sword's blade up towards the front with an indifferent look.

Undoubtedly, under Yun Xi's permission, she had become the Mist Soul Army's commander and achieved her goal.

A black flower was blooming in Yun Xi's garden!

Yun Xi didn't know the reason, and one thing he was sure about, that they had never cooperated with each other before. But he could naturally understand the Mist Soul's thinking. As the strongest Mist Soul, she not only had a great executive ability but also could act alone as well.

"You take them to defend the south, north and western areas, and I will go to the eastern coastline, visiting the Lamia Race." Yun Xi assigned the task in an orderly manner.

Yun Que's Expansion Plan seemed to be imprudent, but it really was built on facts.

Apart from the mysterious dark elf Black Moon, who had become his Mist Soul Army's commander, the remaining three goals were all very important, even to the whole of Water God's world.

On Yun Que's list, the second, the third and the fourth person all had the same identity: the Water God's High Priestess.

It wasn't because of their influence in the world. The sequence was decided based on their power.

The Lamia Queen was the queen of sea demons and the oldest hero ranked being in the Water God's world. Undoubtedly, she was the strongest one amongst the three High Priestesses, so she could be recorded as the second on Yun Que's list.

The Mermaid Queen was the third, and the Caelian Queen, the highest ranking human in the Water God's world, was the fourth.

Yes, Yun Que had already written them on the list a long time ago. To her plan, the power from the three High Priestesses was indispensable.

"Since you're so good at deceiving girls into marrying you, then try your best to capture the three High Priestesses' hearts with the fastest possible speed. Remember, they are very important to my plan. No matter whether they have married or not, you must let them join your Mist Soul Army!"

Looking at Yun Que's familiar handwriting on the business plan, Yun Xi twisted his mouth.

Yun Que, you really misunderstand me! I have never beguiled any girl into marrying me!

But... Yun Que was also right. If he wanted to defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword, then he needed to strengthen his Mist Soul Army to its and his limit. For this, the three High Priestesses were really necessary.

"Three hero ranked High Priestesses. With them, my Mist Soul Army can finally become fully operational. But... I don't know any of them. How can I propose to them?" Looking at the scarce information Yun Que had collected for him, Yun Xi had no ideas in his mind.

The three High Priestesses were too exalted. Naturally, Yun Que couldn't find sufficient information about them by any ordinary method.

Now, Yun Xi was reading the Lamia Queen's information again and again.

"The Lamia Queen is the leader of the Lamia Race. She is thousands of years old and has had hundreds of descendants. She is the strongest Lamia in the Lamia Race's history."

"Marriage status: unknown, because no one has witnessed any male Lamias."

"Her dating experience should be very rich, after all, she has hundreds of descendants."

"Anyway, go ahead and have faith in yourself! No matter whether she is a queen or a wife, it shouldn't be a problem to you!"