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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 210

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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 210: The 108th Bride

The moment Yun Xi kissed Black Moon’s soft lips, the Star System in his mind erupted with brilliant lights again.

His 108th bride was different from the first 107 brides, because she had become a strong hero-ranked woman.

No, it wasn't the hero ranked field power that her Water God's Mask had granted her. She was already a real hero. Especially after confirming her belief and persistence.

After walking across endless battlefields, and being stained with blood, for the justice in her heart. Black Obsidian finally achieved her dream.

Become a hero!

She had finally surpassed the limit of her flesh and blood. Stepping on the road leading to immortality.

Black Obsidian wouldn't give up hope until the very last moment and would always do her best to find the slimmest chance of survival from countless dead ends.

Black Obsidian was such a hero. Even though she had been drunk, she still didn't dream to be a princess. Compared to being a princess to be saved, she preferred to be the prince to save everyone else.

Yun Xi respected and responded to her hopes. He proposed to her, not as a prince but as a princess.

Yun Xi gently kissed her, like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. His kiss was continuous and soft, arousing the very deepest memory in Black Obsidian's heart.

She had always attempted to forget that memory, but her body had remembered it firmly. Gradually, she relaxed and opened her mouth, relinquishing to Yun Xi's probing tongue.

His tongue explored her small mouth and finally found her tongue in this lubricious world. Then, they forgot everything and drunkenly played with each other's tongue. This sweet, soft feeling was so comfortable, it was as if their bodies were melting.

"Puff..." After this fairly intense kiss, Black Moon took a deep breath and looked at Yun Xi with her drunken eyes.

"My... princess..." Black Moon said.

"If that is your wish, my prince." breathed Yun Xi.

Their genders and characters seemed to be exchanged at this moment, but they were both inebriated, so they didn't think that it was so strange.

This was the prince and the princess's dance party. Holding each other's hands, they had forgotten everything.

"More... I need more." Black Moon’s whisper was sweet and seductive.

"As you wish." Yun Xi lowered his head and kissed her again.

This was a sweet and soft kiss, and it would be a very, very long night.

The young girl had taken off her shell and exposed her most supple part, becoming a girl who dreamed to be a "prince".

And the young boy had also responded to her as the "princess", wisely offering her a sweet dream as the "prince".

Just like the fountains all over the city, this night was filled with bubbling happiness.

Yun Xi could feel the acrid taste of tequila in his mouth. It seemed like Black Moon was pouring the tequila into his mouth with her mouth. Just before Yun Xi fell into a deep sleep due to drunkenness, he vaguely heard a familiar spell.

"Trace... on..."


"Oww!" Yun Xi, feeling that his head was swollen and so painful that he couldn't even maintain the Water Mist Field around him.

"Are you awake? Congratulations, you have obtained the strongest bride." Yun Que's voice suddenly reverberated inside of Yun Xi's ears.

Yun Xi wasn't sure about if it was an illusion, but... Yun Que's voice sounded much colder today, as if he was reluctantly talking to a filthy thing.

"She... aren't you the person who introduced her to me?" Yun Xi shook his head carefully and tried to remember what happened last night.

Black Moon’s passion still remained between his lips. He still remembered her cold mouth. He would never feel tired if he were to repeat the process of making it hot again!

But, what had happened next? Yun Xi could vaguely remember that he held her in his arms, then that strange feeling appeared again. He failed to confirm if it was a dream or reality. Did we cross that last boundary, or was it just another illusion? Yun Xi didn't know, but his body felt very comfortable, as if he just tasted the most wonderful fruit last night.

"Yes... I let her walk into your tiger-like mouth and become your victim," Yun Que said reluctantly, as if he were punishing himself.

Even if it was for victory, that price was too high.

This guy didn't warn me that his brides must be willing to marry him! If I had known that earlier, I would have spent more time working out a plan... but, the result probably wouldn't change. Yun Que sighed.

Yun Hai was the sole owner of the White Emperor Mask, and so, the only one who had the potential to defeat Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword. As long as this fact didn't change, she had to sacrifice herself, no matter how unreasonable the whole event was.

Last night, she made herself drunk, so that she could deceive herself into accomplishing that "impossible quest".

Even now, she had no interest in remembering what had happened last night, and what despicable method that bastard had used to deceive her into accepting his proposal.

She had buried this memory in her deep subconsciousness.

She was drunk at that time, so she wasn't herself. She was just an innocent little girl who was drunk and cheated last night.

She couldn’t accept it, even after she found that last night, she had entered the fourth rank without any warning.

It should have been a memorable time in her life, but due to the things that happened last night, it had become an indelible blot staining her life.

Therefore, she hated this man all the more.

No one could be more contemptible than this man in this world!

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