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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 198

2022-06-15 06:35:08Publish Time: 760 views
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Chapter 198: Yun Que's Decision

Yun Que felt as if her outlook had collapsed at this moment. She was born a part of the Dark Elf Race, a race that wasn't accepted by other elves and even the whole world. In order to obtain a powerful force, she had paid a lot.

Her talent wasn't great. In order to obtain the things geniuses could obtain easily, she had to practice much harder, exceed her limits, and challenge her limits between life and death.

For the justice she wanted to defend, her hands had been stained with blood. She had lost her innocence and kindness since a long time ago. The facts had proved that innocence and kindness couldn't save anything. In order to save more people, she had to fall into the darkness first, then eliminate her enemies with her bloodstained hands.

Only the victor could seize the future. With this belief, she had crossed endless bloody battlefields as her longbow became stained with blood. Only survival was her prime essence. Only the one living would be entitled to obtain victory.

If one wanted to become strong, one must pay for it. "Equivalent exchange" had always been her principle, until she met "that man". This man was loved by the whole world, was blessed by the god. His talent was far beyond her imagination, as bright as the sun. His existence had overturned all her common senses.

For the first time in her life, she started to wonder whether her principle was absolutely right. How could anybody in the world outdo others so easily? Undoubtedly, this man was shameless, salacious, and absurd, however, he actually had such great talent.

He could become stronger and stronger as long as he could marry as many girls as he wanted? It was so absurd that she couldn't even feel jealous.

"May I re-confirm it? You’re not kidding me?" Yun Que's eagle-like sharp eyes looked around, observing all the Mist Soul girls around Yun Xi.

Their appearances were consistent with the data.

Their body shapes were consistent with the data.

Their numbers were consistent with the data.

Undoubtedly, they were consistent with the hundred and seven brides in the village. Her observation was absolutely right, which made her grind her teeth.

His ability is too powerful! What kind of blessing has the mask, "White Emperor" cast onto you? Are you the god's son?

"Sigh... in fact, I don't want it, but... that’s what happened..." Yun Xi sighed.

Yes, this ability wasn't his choice, but the only method the great stars had arranged for him. The Water God's Mask, "White Emperor", and his "Mist Soul Army", were all from the special Side Quest Four, "To love, Starchild!". It seemed that it was the key to accomplishing Water God's quest. It seemed that the great stars were using this method to teach him how to love.

However, from the sleeping beauty in the Dark Forest to the princess in the tall tower, then to the three-figure fiances... Yun Xi had been completely taken by surprise.

By the way, what "love" was in the great stars' minds? Yun Xi felt that it was totally different from the common sense in the human world.

"Humph, you've had no cure!" Yun Que ground her teeth, staring at Yun Xi as if she was an abandoned dog in the wild and Yun Xi was a pampered dog in a warm house.

We’re not similar! Yun Que confirmed this point in her heart again.

Perhaps he was the so-called "chosen one", so that he could live such an easy life and obtain girls' hearts so easily. He had accomplished 107 proposals and hadn't even failed once? It was ironic!

Yun Que felt that her heart ached sharply when she just stood beside Yun Xi.

We are class enemies! How can a man in the sun, a man like you, understand the people in the darkness? To survive, we have to be ignoble and wary, and don't even dare to waste a trace of a resource. Do you know how much a loaf of 4th-ranked bread could sell for? And you just presented them to unknown girls disdainfully! It was too wasteful!

Should I catch him and lock him up? If I let him make 4th-ranked bread every day, he would be more useful to society... Unconsciously, Yun Que had the same common thoughts as the Dark Shadow Spider queen.

"However, your ability is indeed useful." Even though she felt resentment and aversion, Yun Que had to admit Yun Xi's unique talent. "You increase the number of your Mist Soul Army by having more and more brides, it's a strategically advantageous ability."

Putting aside her prejudice and dissatisfaction, Yun Que slightly deduced Yun Xi's potential and had an adrenaline-pumping conclusion.

It was a god-like ability!

From what she had seen, the Mist Soul girls had the same abilities as their prototypes. Moreover, Mist Souls wouldn't die. Even though the army had only a hundred and seven people, it was still a powerful force.

Now, she knew that the army could be expanded as long as this bastard married more and more girls. In this case, she had to make a tough decision. No matter how shameless, salacious, and unruly this man was, since he had such a god-like ability, she had to change her origin plan.

"Yun Hai, I will help you. Go and marry as many girls as you can!"