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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 194

2022-06-15 06:34:36Publish Time: 718 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 194: White Emperor

So, I can actually do this?

From the silver mask on Yun Xi's face, a cold feeling spread to Yun Xi's whole body. Controlling and dominating the mist in Water God's world, these were the silver mask's original properties.

When Yun Xi had just obtained the mask, he had thought that it was an assistant-type equipment.

Mount the clouds and ride the mist, control all information in his Water Mist Field, condense mist into ice blades, control and divide the battlefield - these were the mask's properties Yun Xi had discovered by himself.

However, he had forgotten Water God's meaningful words and his Star System's prompt when he had just obtained the silver mask.

"As a god, I'm looking for a person, a person who can span time and space, becoming my lover! Hence, I give you my mask. You will become my eyes, my ears, my sword, to look for my bride! Remember, you have my mask, so you can use my power. You will become the legend! You will obtain the fake 'power of the emperor'!"

What was the "power of emperor"?

Yun Xi hadn’t understood it at that time. But now, after receiving power from his hundred and seven fiances and releasing all his power, he suddenly understood.

Emperor dominates everything.

Emperor has everything.

After wearing his Water God's Mask, he had been recognized by Water God's world as an "emperor", the emperor of Water Mist! His Water God's Mask was totally different to Yun Que's. His mask was unique because only he could control it.

The white mist in Water God's world, his silver mask, and Side Quest Three! In the blink of an eye, Yun Xi understood a lot of things.

"You have accomplished the first phase of Optional Side Quest Three: the Truth of the Mist! You have discovered your mask's real name: White Emperor. Now you are the emperor of mist, and you can control the endless mist in this world! Walking into the mist, you will meet the strongest and the most dangerous creature in the mist: Mist Demon!"

So, this mask's name was "White Emperor".

Yun Xi stroked the silver mask on his face. The four horns on the mask just became more crystal with endless mist inside them.

"It's an artifact..." Yun Que couldn't help but stroke her mask too. Since Yun Xi's mask was special and contained Water God's god power... did it mean that her mask too contained the same power?

Unfortunately, she wasn't as talented as Yun Xi. She couldn't activate her mask's true power easily.

Is it due to the gap between our talents? Water God is not supposed to play favorites. It's unfair!

"Creak!" The black red legs shivered on the queen's back, emitting a joyful sound.

She had just finished evolving!

With the help of Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's great will, she had surpassed her past self and covered all her shortages. She had recovered to... no, she had exceeded her strongest past state.

Her senses had just weaved a web covering the whole area in the range of ten kilometres. If she had had such a wide web-like sense field in the past, the whole Dark Shadow Spider Race wouldn't have faced the hopeless food shortage situation.

One green slime after another came out from the dark cave, integrating into the queen's body in order to offer her continuous life force. Although they weren't as effective as Yun Xi's fourth-ranked bread, but their numbers were greater, which had greatly increased the Dark Shadow Spider queen's combat power.

Because Yun Xi had noticed the queen's terrible power, he had broken through his limits during this dangerous period and learned his mask's real name.

Even though the power of the mask was fake, however, the mask itself was still a real artifact.

"Starwings! Attacking!" Habitually, Yun Xi commanded the Mist Soul girls.

Immediately, these Mist Soul girls formed an army unit and started to launch attacks at the Dark Shadow Spider queen. They didn't have physical bodies. However, in Yun Xi's Water Mist Field, they were faster and nimbler than real humans.

Their weapons were ice swords, which were naturally condensed and formed inside the Water Mist Field. All the swords were top class. They were these Mist Souls' exclusive weapons.

Their sword blades were seemingly crystal and fragile but contained a bit of god power inside them. In Water God's world, these ice blades could even hurt hero-ranked creature's body.

They were Yun Xi's army, the White Emperor's army: Mist Soul Army!

Inside Yun Xi's Water Mist Field, the one hundred and seven Mist Soul girls were even stronger than 10,000 real people.

"Flying Swallow Sword!"

"Flying Swallow Sword!"

"Flying Swallow Sword!"

The Mist Soul girls on the first row were taking the Starwing Knights girls as models. They brandished their swords, performing "Flying Swallow Sword" perfectly in the air.

Because their body mass was nearly zero, they could ignore the law of gravity like real flying swallows and perform Flying Swallow Sword to an extent that even made Yun Xi feel surprised.

Other Mist Souls were taking the native girls as models. They threw the ice swords in their hands at the Dark Shadow Spider queen, attacking her in the simplest method.

"Opening! My Sense Field!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen just smiled. Through her deep, black eyes, an invisible web appeared.

No, there wasn't anything like spider thread emitting out from her eyes. It was just a web of her sense, chaining the Starwing Knights girls in the air. The Dark Shadow Spider queen's web-like sense just restricted their mist bodies.

"Boom!" Three Red Lotus Arrows broke through the mist and crashed into the Dark Shadow Spider queen's body. She blocked them with her black red spider legs, sputtering sparks in the air.

Just like the Dark Shadow Spider queen's web-like sense restricted Flying Swallow Sword, Yun Que's Red Lotus Arrow also restricted the Dark Shadow Spider queen's web-like sense.